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  • Ford F-150 pickup truck

    The Ford F-150 is the safest pickup truck on the road

    The all-aluminum Ford F-150 was awarded a top safety pick award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety after receiving the best ratings in a very specifc front crash test. The F-150 beat out pickups from Toyota and General Motors. Scoring worst on the list was Fiat Chrysler’s Ram 1500 pickup. Every truck was put through […]

  • 3 Ford Recalls in one day

    Ford issues three separate recalls at one time

    Ford Motor on Thursday said it will conduct three separate safety recalls. Among those recalls is a defective engine heater that caused two fires in sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) in Canada. The three Ford recalls including 48,000 combined vehicles, the company said in a statement released on Thursday morning. Two under-the-hood fires in Lincoln MKCs caused […]

  • Donald Trump is getting Ford jobs all wrong

    Ford CEO goes on offensive against Donald Trump

    Donald Trump has repeatedly accused Ford Motor’s of moving jobs outside of the country, an attack that Ford CEO Mark Fields is taking exception with. Fields responded to Trump’s criticism in a recent interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow. Fields says Ford is committed to adding jobs in the US. In July Trump attacked Ford for […]

  • Toughest police car ever - Ford bulletproof

    Ford is now offering the world’s safest police car

    Last week the team at Ford announced that it will begin offering protection from armor piercing rifle ammunition on its Police Interceptors. It will be the first time that police cars in the US are offering protection from .30 caliber rifle rounds that conforms to the Federal Government’s Type IV standard. The new armor features two layers […]

  • Ford Fusion V6 Sport

    The 2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport has a feature that skips over potholes

    The 2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport sedan has a feature that allows it to skip over potholes while avoiding potentially hundreds and even thousands of dollars in damage. Pothole damage is expensive for urban drivers, costing them $500 a year on average, according to Ford, citing research by transportation group TRIP. The Ford Fusion V6 […]

  • Ford Motor record profit

    Ford posts a record profit thanks to US sales

    Ford posted a record profit in 2015. The company was helped along by rising US sales which offset years of losses in Europe. The No. 2 US automaker earned a pre-tax profit for the year of $10.8 billion. The company’s net income was $7.4 billion. Fourth quarter earnings were nearly double results from the year prior. […]

  • Ford testing self driving cars

    Ford Has Permission To Test Self-Driving Cars On California Roads

    Ford Motor announced on Tuesday that is has secured permission from California to begin testing self-driving cars on public roads starting in 2016. The Ford Fusion Hybrid will join a growing list of vehicles from companies ranging from Alphabet’s Google to Volkswagen in testing the popular, but still not ready for primetime, self-driving technology. Other car […]

  • Ford UAW Contract

    UAW Ratifies Contract With Ford

    The United Auto Workers union on Friday night said it had ratified a contract with Ford Motor. The company and union did not immediately disclose terms of the contract. The deal is expected to closely mirror deals made with General Motors and Fiat Chrysler. One of the most hotly debated parts of the contracts at […]

  • Ford CEO Mark Fields

    Ford CEO Mark Fields Isn’t Worried About Millennials

    Ford CEO Mark Fields believes the US car market is going to remain strong for a long time to come, and he isn’t worried about the shifting car ownership attitude of millennials. During a press event in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon, Fields said that he thinks the current economic state of the country and “physical” state […]