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  • Oil Drilling and 7 Year Low Oil Prices

    Oil Prices Tumble To A 7-Year Low

    The price per barrel of oil is at its lowest level since the start of the 2008 recession. Oil tumbled by 6% on Monday to just $37.50 a barrel. Oil peaked at $108 per barrel in June 2014 before starting its massive slide in value. The Dow dropped by 117 points on Monday as companies such as Exxon […]

  • Costco Is Amazon Proof

    Investors Say Costco Is ‘Amazon Proof’ And This Is Why

    Costco stock is rising after a strong November led analysts to declare the company to be “Amazon-proof.” Deutsche Bank’s Paul Trussell upgraded Costco’s rating from hold to buy and then raised his target from $152 to $200. November same-store sales were flat at the company, beating estimates of a 0.9% decline. When gas and foreign exchange were excluded […]

  • Oil Supply Levels to remain high in 2016

    Oil Surplus To Continue In 2016

    Global oil markets will remain oversupplied in 2016 as demand growth slows and Iranian exports begin to recover following lifted sanctions. That’s the message being delivered by the International Energy Agency. Supplies will decline outside of OPEC in 2016 but demand growth will ease as analysts predicte a weaker outlook for the world economy. The […]

  • The Unquenchable Thirst: Taxing America’s Oil Addiction

    In the U.S., our dependence on oil not only makes for wealthy oil companies, it also supports our federal, state and local governments. Gas taxes add up quickly and some areas of the country are taxed more heavily than others. However, one surprising thing holds true: The government profits even more from our oil addiction than the super-rich oil companies do.