25 Hottest Women of Business: 1-10

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10. Marissa Mayer


Business Accomplishments: High-level management at Google.

Marissa Mayer was one of the first 20 employees at Google, so she has obviously been influential in steering the company towards its massive success and market share dominance. She currently serves as Google’s VP of Search Product and User Experience and de facto spokesperson. Her job is to verify whether Google products are ready for user release. Early on, Melissa used to date Google co-founder Larry Page, but has since moved on to other pastures. She is free for the looking for everyone.

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10. Marissa Mayer

  • skh

    Uhm, wow…
    Babes with brains. There’s nothing sexier.
    Thanks for the write up, not to mention the photos!

  • “Business Accomplishments: Her brand. She can basically sell anything she wants at this point.”

    And that put her into business woman?
    I wouldn’t say so.

  • BT

    Sorry, you missed the hottest of them all!!
    Erin Burnett, of MSNBC… See her on the cover of maxum!

  • Mac

    I have to disagree with most of these women as being hot. The final five are right good starting with Tyra, but come on… where is Erin Burnett from CNBC’s Street Signs? She’s top 10 material for sure!

  • Nicholas

    A pretty good list, however the inclusion of some people on the list taints it and makes it look ridiculous. Most of the women definitely deserved to be there, but many don’t. The criteria for this list should be that the women are both hot and highly successful businesswomen, without the latter, the list becomes nearly meaningless and its pretty easy to find hot women in business.

    I was perplexed to see all the famous femmes of the gaming community listed here. Never did I once connect Morgan Webb, Jessica Chobot or Jade Raymond with women in business. No offence to those women, I think they’re great at what they do. They just do not strike me as having much business acumen.

    The female celebrities such as Tyra Banks and Beyonce Knowles that were chosen were highly appropriate though. We all know there are many hot female celebrities, but not all of them know how to leverage their names as brands and to build business empires. However, as talented as Tina Fey is, she again does not strike me much as a business-woman. She is great at what she does and is probably one of the funniest women on TV right now, however what smart moves has she made regarding business?

    A waste to see a few entries discredit the list.

  • anon

    That’s not Jade Raymond.

  • gfhfh

    how can you leave ivanka trump out

  • George

    i take it these are not in order of hotness!

  • confused

    This list was sorted by… ?

  • Andrea

    As a woman in business I couldn’t help but click on this link, but sadly, most of these women have just banked off their looks or had a massive head start in the industry through family connections.

    At least Sara Blakeley is a self-made woman.. how about re-doing the list with similar stories?

  • Me

    not fair! where’s Ivanka Trump??

  • charles

    It seems strange that being a web celebrity and hosting a web video show is somehow a huge business accomplishment. There are many other businesses that have larger social and economic impacts on the world; and that are run by intelligent and beautiful women. I think that whoever worked on creating this list needs to understand that there is more going on in the world and that having a whole bunch of twitter followers and a web video show is not that important. This list tells us quite a bit about the maturity level of its author(s.)

  • Blade

    Yummm @ #10

  • Where’s Ivanka Trump? She’s hotter than more than a few of these girls…

  • zzz

    Having a top 25 hottest man list would be just as idiotic as this shallow drivel. Just having a job does not mean you are “in business” and being a tart on the internet is hardly the measure of success in business.

  • Synekal

    Is that a picture of Jade Raymond? It doesn’t look anything like her. It looks more like Jessica Chobot.

  • Mata Muerte

    No Becki Quick? For shame, for shame!

  • charlie

    where is gisele?

  • anon

    lmaoo chobot twiceee sweeeet she is gorgeous thoooo :p, jade is actually hot too tho.

  • Aaaaaaa

    What the hell. We have a different concept of hotness I believe. Marissa Mayer on a better spot than Jameson? We’re talking about hotness and not business accomplishment.

  • Heyyyyy now! Why am I not on that list? waaaaa! I am going to have to step up my game!

  • Alan

    First of all this entire idea is trite. Second of all…who the heck is Sara Blakely? Seriously? Ahead of Tyra Banks? Ahead of Heidi Klum? Carmen Wong not even in the top 15? Is this a beauty contest or … what? I guess you guys couldn’t stand to have a woman of color in first place? Is that it?

  • Paul Sharpe

    wtf is a horse doing as number1!

  • Alan Wake

    where is ivanka trump?

  • How about Megan Kelly?

    She is hot!

  • Cash

    Arianna Huffington? Are you kidding me? The only kind of play that sack of bones is getting these days is the kind you have to pay up front for. Successful business woman, sure, but a babe? You people frighten me.

  • Bill

    Dude…no Ivanka??? Come on, man! Some of these women aren’t even business women. Some of them don’t even look like a woman!!!

  • Alex

    No Ivanka Trump? That’s ashame.

  • Not impressed. Most of these women are here for their charm and personality (read: boobs) and not their business acumen.