Brian Wallace

  • Brain Hacking 101

    Remember those anti-drug commercials in the 1980s? “This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs. Any Questions?” Chances are just by hearing that slogan you automatically hear and egg cracking and sizzling in your imagination. This can give us great insight into how memory works and how it can be exploited.   Your […]

  • Smart Businesses Partner With Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go is still going strong, despite opinions to the contrary. It is still being rolled out in a number of markets, and players have yet to see all this game has to offer. Updates are being released regularly, but there are still some Pokemon Monsters that haven’t been released yet. This has led many […]

  • Storage For Millennials On The Go

    Millennials are the gear and gadget generation. Their kitchens are full of unitaskers they used one time and then lost interest in. It’s all about the latest, greatest, next big thing. That’s why there is a growing trend toward special millennial oriented storage devices and gadgets to help them stay organized. Millennials are always on […]

  • What’s With This Subscription Box Craze?

    Subscription Boxes Vary Widely Subscription boxes were once relegated to the realm of high-end fruit sent to your house on a monthly basis from your boss who didn’t know what else to get you for Christmas. Now there are subscription boxes for even your most basic needs- toilet paper, diapers, and razors, just to name […]

  • How To Base Your Marketing On Pokemon The Right Way

    Everyone is trying to jump on the Pokemon Go bandwagon in one way or another. There are tips and tricks published all over the internet in an attempt to get page views. But how do you jump on the Pokemon Go bandwagon in a way that is both valuable to your customer base and relevant […]

  • How The Fashion Industry Is Becoming More Sustainable

    When you think of heavily polluting industries you probably think of the oil industry, the coal industry, and agriculture. Would it surprise you to learn that fashion is the second leading polluter in the world behind the oil industry? We don’t always think of fashion as being something that pollutes, but it is an industry […]

  • What Happens When Baby Boomers Retire?

    Baby Boomers were, until the Millennial generation blew them out of the water, the largest generation in history. That translates to a huge segment of the working population that identifies as Baby Boomers. While most have already retired from the workforce, there are still about a third of Baby Boomers still working. This presents a […]

  • Using Political Buzz To Market To Your Audience

    It’s safe to say most people are already exhausted by this election cycle and we still have over two months to go. There are many people on both sides of the aisle who are passionate about politics and there have been threats from both sides about moving to Canada if their candidate doesn’t win. But […]

  • How Punch Cards And Vacuum Tubes Gave Us iPhones

    Think of how heavily dependent we are on computers. When was the last time the internet went out in your office? What happened? That’s right, nothing, because everything is so completely dependent on computers and the internet these days. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it can certainly be frustrating when there’s an outage. […]

  • New Options For Moving

    When you were in college it was no big deal to help your friends move. You threw some stuff into garbage bags, packed it into someone’s car, drove across town, and enjoyed some pizza and beer. Since then everyone has acquired quite a bit more stuff and the pizza and beer isn’t so much of […]

  • Crisis In Venezuela

    Imagine trying to do business in a place where if your costs go up you can’t charge more for your product to compensate. That’s exactly what is happening right now in Venezuela, and it has caused chaos and insecurity. There’s a black market for things like toilet paper and diapers, and most residents are struggling […]