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  • google analytics

    Navigating the New World of Google Analytics 4

    If you’re a marketer and responsible for the analytics of your website, it’s time to get ready to upgrade. Google analytics is going to sunset the current product. Grow your knowledge about Google Analytics 4 in the infographic below: Source: InfoTrust

  • financial war

    Financial War: Russia Excluded From Global Banking?

    Modern day warfare consists of more than drones and advanced weaponry. As we see the Russia / Ukraine conflict unfolding, Russia is being excluded by many global financial markets such as the SWIFT routing system. Learn more about how sanctions against Russia are contributing a significant financial impact to the world economy in the visual […]

  • inflation and car insurance

    How Inflation and Car Insurance is Impacting Customers

    Inflation, the Russia / Ukraine conflict, and a multitude of other complex factors has been impacting the bottom line of household budgets across the nation. Being prepared and thinking methodically about how, where, and how efficient one drives can make a big difference at the pump and when it comes to car insurance. See more […]

  • How Buy Now Pay Later Makes the Unexpected Affordable

    Buy now pay later has become an important tool since the pandemic, especially for unexpected expenses in healthcare. Learn more about how you can benefit from buy now pay later (BNPL) in the infographic below from Opy: Source:

  • carbon emissions

    Cutting Carbon Emissions in The Financial Services Industry

    During Earth week, we think about how we can do better in the business world in order to keep make the world a more sustainable place. The financial services industry consists of a heavy load of computing when you consider the costs of every financial transaction, credit card processing, and credit check. Equifax and Google […]

  • health insurance

    Top Health Insurance for College Students in 2022

    For college students, health insurance isn’t a luxury. It’s a requirement. Unfortunately, it’s also challenging to navigate and even difficult to find the right policy. If you’re like most college students, you want the best plan possible that still meets the requirements of your school.  It may be tempting to keep your current coverage if […]

  • stressed and not sleeping

    How to Improve Your Sleep

    Given the state of the world, many of us find ourselves stressed out and unable to sleep. Take a closer look at how you can improve the time that you are asleep as well as greater ease of getting to bed with tips in the visual deep dive below: Source: PizunaLinens

  • screen time

    What Unlimited Screen Time Does to Your Mind

    The global pandemic has been a lonely and trying time for many and it’s been difficult to keep up as we were before. It has allowed for poor habits to creep in, such as unhealthy amounts of screen time. Learn more about the harmful impact of unlimited screen time does to your mind, especially if […]

  • gun liability insurance

    Gun Liability Insurance: Should You Get It?

    When we think about insurance, we typically think about the basic kind of insurance protections whether it is health, car, life, or some level of homeowners / renters insurance. However, there is a relatively newcomer on the block and that is gun liability insurance. Learn more about whether or not you would be a good […]

  • outdoor exploration

    Why It’s Time to Explore the Outdoors and Prevent Burnout

    Burnout has become a very real reality for many throughout this pandemic which is especially exacerbated by too much screen time and not enough time off. Take a breath, and explore the wonderous world around you. Learn more about how exploring the outdoors can become a pastime and experience enjoyed by all in the visual […]

  • cookieless data tracking

    What is Cookieless Tracking and How Will it Change Your Strategy

    In today’s world of greater scrutiny towards big tech, it is important to stay ahead of the game in terms of your analytics strategy when it comes to cookieless tracking in your data collection. What is cookieless tracking? Learn more about these new trends in the visual deep dive below: Source: InfoTrust