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  • recruit Gen Z

    How to Recruit Gen Z and Retain Them in the Workplace

    The age of Gen Z has arrived in the workforce in full force. Gen Z is coming of age that they will be a predominant generation making up a great deal of the nation’s workers. That said, is your business in tune with their needs and preferences to be ready to recruit and retain Gen […]

  • employee retention credit

    What is the Employee Retention Credit?

    During the pandemic, you probably heard about the PPP loans, but do you remember hearing about another program that could be of significant benefit to your businesses’ bottom line? It’s time to explore if your company is a fit to receive the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Make sure to check if you are eligible as […]

  • corporate learning

    How Should You Measure Corporate Learning?

    When it comes to properly training your employees, how do you know that the learning and development programs are being carried out correctly and are truly effective? It is important to measure the impact of corporate learning through measuring the ROI. Learn more in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Arist: Source: Arist

  • intelligent document processing

    What is Intelligent Document Processing?

    What is intelligent document processing and how can it assist in enhancing your business operations? Smart AI upping the game for forms and workflow is of critical importance. Learn more about how your organization can embrace this advance of artificial intelligence in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Lazarus:

  • AI and humans

    The Future of AI and Humans Working Together

    Can AI and humans work together in harmony? AI may make our lives easier, but that doesn’t mean that it can do everything on its own. Learn more about the symbiotic relationship and how it harmonizes in the visual deep dive below: Source: Academic Influence

  • return to office

    How Women are Restoring Confidence in Their Return to Office

    It isn’t easy to come back to an office after such unprecedented times of the pandemic. Many women may have lost some confidence in their professional appearance and are concerned for potential ageism issues. Learn more about how such plastic surgery techniques such as the mommy makeover may be just the very think needed in […]

  • gateway courses

    How Gateway Courses Propel Future Students and Their Success

    To many, education is not a guarantee past the k-12 cycle. People might believe that college education is unattainable and that there is no hope. That’s why gateway courses offer a glimpse into the window of future educational success – and beyond. Learn more about the impact of gateway courses in the visual narrative below: […]

  • transfer path

    Laying Out the Transfer Path to College Success

    Do you have what it takes to succeed in college these days? Perhaps you aren’t going about the standard path straight to a four year degree. Thankfully, that’s where the transfer path may be your ticket to greatness. Learn more about what opportunities lay at your doorstep in the infographic below: Source: Kentucky Student Success […]

  • Louisville real estate

    Learning About the Louisville Real Estate Economy

    It’s no secret that many Americans have been leaving historically massive population centers in New York and California, searching for more cost effective, livable locations. But where? There are lovely places to choose from in the Midwest, and Louisville, Kentucky should be a clear winner on many people’s shortlists. Given the quality of live, robust […]

  • Why small businesses can’t afford not to do social media and how to get started

    When you’re starting a small business, there is much to do, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed as things get going. However, there’s one additional thing small business owners can’t afford not to do — starting from the very earliest days of their business. Social media can be an entrepreneur’s best friend, but only for […]

  • generative AI and marketing

    How Generative AI and Marketing Will Transform

    Wherever you go, it seems like AI is there. Many have been speaking about the advent of generative AI in the forms of chatbot, such as ChatGPT. You can use ChatGPT for content ideas. Additionally, there are AI tools available in the design realm such as MidJourney. Learn more about how generative AI and marketing […]