Brian Wallace

  • How Data Can Help You Choose A Better Doctor

    In the digital age we often rely on peer reviews for restaurants and other businesses. There are plenty of doctors’ offices that also end up with peer ratings, but the ratings are based on things like parking spaces, number of chairs in the waiting room, and how long the wait is. Just think about it- […]

  • Why San Antonio Is The Next Big Thing In Texas

    Businesses in San Antonio have done a lot to make their community stand out. Business leaders have worked together to form a solid plan of how to move the community forward in terms of tourism, and it is really starting to pay off. San Antonio is home to The Alamo, the most visited monument in […]

  • You’ll Be Wearing Your Next Computer

    Virtual reality is a big business, and it’s projected to reach $30 billion a year by 2020. Everyone is trying to get in on this trend now that it’s not relegated to video games and science fiction anymore. Meta is developing an AR headset that comes with 3-D software development software, aiding the race to […]

  • Books Still Matter, No Matter The Format

    It seems as though everything we do is on a computer these days. Just about everyone’s job involves a computer of some kind, and for some people sitting in front of a computer all day is all they ever do. Socializing involves computers- from social networking to text messaging. When it’s time to relax and […]

  • Why Googling Your Symptoms Is A Really Bad Idea [Infographic]

    Manipulating search engines is a big business, though if you aren’t aware you might not realize how much effort and money is put into making sure you see the search results you see. It even holds true when it comes to medical diagnoses. Marketers play off your fears to push their company’s miracle cure or […]

  • The Gig Economy Is Shaking Things Up

    Even if you aren’t familiar with the term “gig economy” chances are you’ve participated in it. If you’ve ever used Uber, AirBNB, or Etsy you are doing business directly with the person who owns the car, apartment, or goods you are in need of. Technology has created a space for regular folks to conduct business […]

  • You Don’t Have To Be In Silicon Valley To Start A Successful Business

    When you think of the next big startup, chances are you’re thinking of someplace that formed in Silicon Valley or some other tech startup hub. In reality, many of the people and companies you think of when you think of successful startups came out of the Midwest or elsewhere. While larger tech-oriented cities certainly do […]

  • How To Avoid Vishing And Smishing Attacks [Infographic]

    There’s a threat out there so serious it could bring your business to utter ruin. It’s not fire, natural disaster, or even a sluggish economy. It’s you. That’s right, you. Hackers know you are vulnerable- the weakest link, in fact- and they are counting on you or someone else in your organization to make a […]

  • Dog Hates Hugs

    Your dog hates hugs and other interesting facts [Infographic]

    It’s time to face reality: Your dog hates hugs. They’re dogs, not people, and they just don’t understand this type of physical contact in the same way you do. In a recently study, the majority of dogs being hugged by humans in photos were showing visible signs of distress. But because you don’t know what […]

  • Will This Election Cause Us To Lose Skilled Workers To Canada?

    Politics can be divisive, but no race has been so divisive as this year’s Presidential election. The mud is getting deep, and there are no signs the slinging will die down any time soon. Celebrities and regular folk alike are threatening to move to Canada- Lena Dunham is just the latest celebrity to say she’ll […]

  • Is Your Job Hard On Your Marriage? Work life balance is key

    When you chose your career path, were you thinking about which career would be best for your marriage? Statistically there are a lot of careers that can cause strain on a marriage, so knowing you are in one of those careers is half the battle. While athletes and performers are certainly more likely to get […]