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  • future of school

    What Will the Future of School Look Like?

    Given the state of the world’s uncertainty, pandemic variants, mask mandates, and school closings, the pandemic has forced us to take a hard look at the state of education. Perhaps now is an excellent time to reevaluate how school can be reimagined as a community, more at the pace of the individual student, and a […]

  • weight loss

    Weight Loss for the Long Term

    All too often, many people treat the symptoms of weight loss with fad diets and ignore the root causes. Furthermore, few medical professionals have enough training on the subject and hesitate on providing prescriptions that could do a world of good. Learn more about treating weight loss as a lifestyle for the long term in […]

  • Best Student Credit Cards

    Best Student Credit Cards

    Students often leave college ill-equipped to manage their finances responsibly and effectively. They aren’t taught how compounding interest works for them, that a 10% interest rate is a terrible deal, or why their credit score shouldn’t be ignored. If only they had one of the best student credit cards, they could be light-years ahead of […]

  • Personal Finance Glossary

    Personal finance is an important thing to understand, but too many people learn about it as they go along and through trial and error. It can be tricky to try to decipher some of the words and phrases commonly used when talking about finances, but by taking the time to learn more about financial terms, […]

  • The Comprehensive List of Coronavirus Resources (300+)

    Here from the “wrong side of the curve” it’s starting to look like the world’s inaugural Coronavirus season may last for a number of months. Coronavirus has already influenced many, many aspects of our lives and has introduced the notion that we’re experiencing a once-in a lifetime scale event. Nearly everyone on the planet is […]

  • The 30 Most Important Twitter Influencers in Business for 2020

    Business has been transformed by social media. In fact, it’s safe to say that thanks to social media, all business is marketing to some degree. Today’s business leaders (i.e., top business influencers) have many platforms from which to speak or to author significant narratives that speak to the importance of social media influencers in business. […]

  • Dorm Room Jobs

    10 simple businesses you can start from your dorm room

    Facebook, Dell, Napster. What do those three businesses have in common? They all started in college dorm rooms. While most college students are not going to start the next Facebook in their door rooms, they can pick up some decent spending cash and even pay for their tuition, room & board, and other college expenses, […]

  • Obama student loan forgiveness for people with permanent disabilities

    President Obama is forgiving student loans for 400,000 people

    The Obama administration is working to forgive the student loan debt for 400,000 Americans with permanent disabilities. The move will help safeguard those individuals’ Social Security payments. The Education Department on Tuesday announced a new process to better identify hundreds of thousands of borrowers who are eligible to apply for the already existing federal loan-forgiveness […]