How 4chans /b/ board got crippled


Recently, 4chan pwnd Time Magazine’s poll to identify the World’s Most Influential Person. The online community dominated that poll and made the founder of 4chan, moot A.K.A. Christopher Poole the winner. That’s not surprising. 4chan is known for pwning everything it can get its hands on.

But this last week 4chan got a little of it’s own medicine when it’s infamous /b/ board got crippled (that’s Internet slang for “it stopped working right”). For over a week, the 4chan /b/ board was down. The question is why?

Here’s the scoop straight from our anonymous source’s mouth:

Spammers posted pics with a link saying “See nude girls here?” – The link led to a zip file that was an autoexecutable virus. Allegedly the autoexecutable was a virus based on Virtumonde. The altered virus was able to create a MASSIVE botnet capable of DDosing the board. So in essence, the people who brought down /b/ turned out to be /b/ itself. To many people got infected with the virus that is DDosing that board.


4chan users got tricked into downloading a virus which turned around and attacked the server that the 4chan /b/ board forum runs on. The way to fix the problem is for 4chan users to clean up and get rid of the virus.

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  • DorkWad

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    You can never truly be Anonymous if you use windows. When micro-soft owns the software on your computer they know exactly who you are.

  • anonymous

    The translation was worse than the original description. You suck.

  • Robert Paulson

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  • matt stairs

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  • Where can I download this “virus”? It seems more like a cure for cancer than anything harmful…

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    Ecclesiastes 1-:9-10

    9 What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

    10 Is there anything of which one can say,
    “Look! This is something new”?
    It was here already, long ago;
    it was here before our time.

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  • Odd that they would fall for such an obvious ploy.

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  • anonymouse

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  • jw

    It’s interesting that the author of this article chose to use the word “pwned” in what should be an article of serious integrity. When you choose to abuse low-level slang, and then cite another piece of slang erroneously (“crippled”), you lose all credibility.

    But thanks for playing.

  • Jack

    Not really odd, because of the time magazine thing the board was flooded with newfags that were desperate to “see nude girls” , thus, getting a virus and ruining everything.

    Oldfags are smart, newfags are new, new to internet, new to everything also retarded.

  • LOL

    lol that whole article is a lie it was actually ddosed by people not the users reporter owned in another trick

  • brodawg

    /b/ being down is nothing new. This happens every two months or so. It’s not like anon is saying “oh my I see the error of my ways now.” durr.

  • Dave Davies Davidson

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  • don’t u guys know? 4chan was full of hackers on steroids, no way they were that stupid…
    but in all honesty, this article is bullshit. any references? or evidence, for that matter?
    m00t knows what happened, he just doesn’t want to talk about it right now

  • anonymous

    >Odd that they would fall for such an obvious ploy.

    That’s because voting moot to the top brought a lot of new users to /b/ – ones who have never been off of Google, AOL, YouTube, Facebook, and Myspace. The definition of cancer. People have been posting those links for ages, but only in recent weeks has it had any effect. So in essence, /b/ killed /b/, but in an extremely indirect manner. However, once /b/’s come back from the dead, only the loyal, intelligent users will return, so the major cancer will have cut itself out.

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    That’s weird..

    I don’t think that
    a) enough people would be silly enough to run an exe from an ad.
    b) even if some did fall for it, it wouldn’t be enough to bring the site down with a DoS attack.

    Theres probably more to it.

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    /b/ deserves what it got… it’s just part of the great purge!

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    If you are unsure, say “it is” in place of “it’s”. If it doesn’t make sense, use the possessive “its”.

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    “newfags got tricked

    only morons would fall for that”

    Yes, that says it all.

    I know as an irrefutable fact that absolutely no one on /b/ except completely fucking retarded people would click anything remotely close to that.

    It’s the newfags that have no idea what they’re doing, let alone what a DDoS attack is, that would click that.

  • The End

    This was all of our fault. Fox News and Time Magazine must have worked together to take down our site because one of their employees siezed a thread which threatened to run a DDoS against Fox. Fox came up with a plan to create a surge of “newfags” to the site so that it would be shutdown due to bandwith usage. Obviously their original plan failed, so they formulated a plan to get /b/ to buttfuck itself. /b/ is dead forever, the cancer was there from
    the beginning. 4chan is no longer an outlet for another /b/, a so called “promised land” must be built, with things such as passing a quiz about the old /b/ and obscure Internet memes a requirement to enter. There is no such thing as a fully open imageboard! We must forget our boundaries and work together to revive the old /b/. We can’t be held by titles such as “underage”. All smart internet users must band together and work together to show the world the true face and fucking power that is ANONYMOUS. We are legion. We do not forget. And by hell, well never forgive them for what they’ve done!

  • The End

    And in a way, /b/ became it’s own personal army. A personal army that killed itself.

  • anonymous

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  • I am proud to say that I have no clue what a b board is.

  • Rick

    wtf? /b/ didn’t “pwn” the Time poll, it just voted en masse. No different to what Colbert and Stewart were doing (albeit less effectively).

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