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  • Why Airlines are Profitable Again

    Image source Scouring today’s business headlines, I came across headlines like British Airways Logs Biggest Gain Since Lehmann Collapse and US Airways Sees Profit for Year. It’s not like Americans have more disposable income for travel, so what gives? Fees, for one. Like banks before them, airlines have become learned in the art of pilfering […]

  • 5 Sneaky Ways to Find Dirt Cheap Airfare

    Image: PhillipC/Flickr I can be a savvy, well-dressed business traveler–when my company pays for it. But with my current small-business budget, I’d rather cram myself into a budget airliner’s T-row (you know, the one in front of the bathrooms) in livestock class than spend $20 extra on emergency row seating. Even if you have a […]