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  • Mark Zuckerberg personal wealth

    Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth just passed the Koch brothers

    Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now richer than the Koch brothers. Zuckerberg’s wealth increased by $6 billion Thursday after Facebook reported a stellar quarter with record revenue. That increase in stock price grew Zuckerberg’s fortune to $47.5 billion or No. 6 on Bloomberg’s list of the wealthiest people in the world. Zuckerberg surged past […]

  • Xerox is splitting up on the urging of Carl Icahn

    Xerox is splitting up into two companies

    Xerox has announced that it is splitting up into two companies. The first company will focus on document management. The company will help customers with printing services, payment processing, and paper digitization. That was an $11 billion business for Xerox in 2015. The second company will help customers outsource key business processes, including HR, customer […]

  • Steph Curry and Under Armour Shares

    Stephen Curry sends Under Armour shares soaring

    Golden State Warriors MVP Steph Curry is arguably the best player in the NBA right now and his sudden celebrity has sent shares of Under Armour soaring. Under Armour’s Curry line of basketball sneakers led by the Curry name now account for 15% of the company’s overall revenue. The Curry One sneaker debuted last February […]

  • Whole Foods Market downturn

    Whole Foods shoppers are turning on the brand

    Whole Foods shares dipped 5% on Monday as analyst’s downgraded the company to “underperform.” Shares at the company rebounded slightly on Tuesday but are still trading down 15% on the year as they approach a 52-week low. Kelly Bania of BMO Capital Markets slashed her rating and price target for Whole Foods after a survey […]

  • Martin Shkreli

    Martin Shkreli clashes with lawmakers ahead of congressional hearing

    Former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli went to war with congress on Thursday as lawmakers warned he could be prosecuted for contempt if he does not appear next week for a hearing about drug prices. One of Shkreli’s lawyers informed the US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform of his intent not to answer questions […]

  • Small business owner

    50 small business ideas you can start on your own

    If you want to start a small business but you don’t have large cash flow, there are still many great opportunities available. These jobs can be side businesses to start, but they may eventually replace your entire income. A small business on the side was once a novel idea, but it has become more mainstream with […]

  • How Much Do Digital Creatives Make?

    (credit) There are a lot of new job titles out there these days thanks to the digital revolution.  Even if you know what they mean and the tasks they do, you may not always know the value of the services they provide.  Even if you knew you needed a “Digital Marketing Manager” or a “Social […]

  • What Happens When Big Data Meets the Healthcare Industry

    Big data has impacted every industry, and healthcare is no exception. In the case of healthcare, it’s not just about saving money, it’s also about saving lives. It’s estimated that the amount of data created in just two days in 2015 will surpass the total amount of data created from the beginning of history until […]

  • Overcoming the Biggest Business Risks in History

    Playing the odds is a tricky game, especially when there’s a lot on the line. Some of the biggest wins (and losses) were all because someone decided to take a chance and play the odds. Where would we be now if those risks were never taken? The founding fathers took a huge risk when they […]

  • Top 35 Business Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read

    Before venturing into entrepreneurship or even while you’re in the middle of it, it’s always important to take lessons from some of the great entrepreneurs before you. There are hundreds of business books on the market that each make their fresh take on how to run a successful and organized business. But very few make the grade. On […]

  • 10 Ways To Use Wearable Tech in Business

    If you’ve watched the “Star Trek: TNG” TV series with the “Captain Jean Luc Picard” character, you’re probably familiar with the Borg, a collective of multi-species cybernetic sentient beings and their “We will assimilate you” objective. The Borg had all kinds of wearable technology embedded into their bodies. In a sense, it’s possible that we […]