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  • Countries by Nominal GDP

    This Single Map Shows The Breakdown In Worldwide Economies

    A new map generated by HowMuch.net provides a fascinating single view look at the economies of the world. The map, which mashes together countries from all over the world, examines the gross percentage of the economy each country’s GDP consumes. Keep in mind that the map focuses on nominal Gross Domestic Product, which is not adjusted for […]

  • GDP Growth by State In 2014

    This Map Shows How Much Each State Grew Its GDP Last Year

    A new report released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on Wednesday shows how each state grew its GDP in 2014. The map demonstrates how U.S. growth keeps shifting further West, specifically in the Southwest where a growth rate of 4.3 percent was experienced. In Texas, residents helped the state’s GDP grow by 5.2 percent, […]

  • US Map States and GDP

    This Map Shows Which States Have The Same GDP As Entire Countries

    The United States has an enormous GDP. Sometimes it is easy to forget just how big spending in the USA has become. To highlight the wealth found in the United States, American Enterprise Institute’s Mark Perry created a map that shows which states have the same GDP as entire countries. America’s $16.7 trillion economy is huge […]

  • GDP Grew 3.5% During Q3. What Does That Really Mean?

    The Commerce Department today said the economy grew at 3.5% during the third quarter of this year. This is the first time that gross domestic product (GDP) has been positive since Q2 2008. It is also the fastest rate of growth since Q3 2007. According to Forbes: Growth was driven by consumption, exports, federal government […]