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  • Google Android secrets revealed by Oracle

    Oracle reveals Google Android secrets in court

    Oracle last week began sharing closely guarded Google Android secrets in court. According to the company, Android has earned $31 billion in sales and $22 billion in profit for Google since 2008. Those numbers were revealed by Oracle’s attorney Annette Hurst said in a U.S. District Court hearing in San Francisco on January 14, according […]

  • Google Maps for Android

    Google Maps for Android is rolling out predictive suggestions

    Google is rolling out new predictive functionality with Google Maps for Android. When in Driving Mode, the app will offer addresses for home, work, or recently searched locations as potential destinations. Driving Mode is entirely proactive, showing a map with traffic statuses on nearby roads, and offering various routes to expected destinations. Users still have the […]

  • Google and Samsung Promise More Android Security Updates

    Google And Samsung Are Pushing Out Faster Security Updates

    Google and Samsung have begun to push out faster security updates following mounting concerns that the Google Android platform is easily susceptible to attacks from hackers. Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and Nexus 10 phones and tablets will now see weekly security updates. In a Google blog post the company […]

  • The Google G1 Smartphone: Will it Beat the iPhone?

    Yesterday, Google unveiled the much-anticipated G1 Smartphone, based on the company’s Linux-based Android platform. The phone, slated to compete with the iPhone and the Blackberry, will be released on October 22nd of this year, at a bargain price of $179. It works on an operating system called Android, making it available for use on any […]