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  • Donald Trump and Waterboarding ISIS

    Donald Trump Would ‘Bring Back Waterboarding’ For ISIS

    Donald Trump has a warning for ISIS. If elected as the next President of the United States, Trump says he would gladly “bring back waterboarding” to squeeze intelligence out of terrorists. In an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Trump pointed to ISIS’ gruesome beheading of journalist James Foley last year to justify the return of what former […]

  • Dollar Stocks Paris

    Dollar Up, Stocks Surge Despite Paris Attacks

    Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris had little lingering effect on the world economy when markets reopened Monday, with the U.S. dollar up and global stocks surging. The dollar reached its highest point since April, trading at slightly above $1.06 per euro in Tuesday trading on European markets. While inflation remains below target levels, a stronger […]

  • Twitter and Terrorism and the FBI

    The FBI Wants Twitter To Become A Better Terrorist Fighter

    If FBI officials in Washington, D.C. have their way the executives at Twitter will do a better job of fighting terrorism. In an exclusive interview with Fox Business, officials at the bureau say Twitter “needs to do more in setting up teams to troll, monitor and review all terrorist-related tweets and content. It needs to […]

  • 10 Richest Terrorists Ever

    Terrorists often recruit followers and sell themselves to the media by portraying themselves as fighters for freedom who are defending the oppressed and battling against evil. This doesn’t do much to justify the unjustifiable – the killing of innocent men, women and children, and the terror put into the hearts of countless others, causing them […]

  • Top 5 Terrorist Ads Not to Worry About

    Rachel Ray’s Intifada Scarf is Just the Latest in a Line of Jihadist and Suicide-Promoting Ads Judge for yourself whether the rest were really that harmful… 5. Present Time: Dunkin’ Donuts features Rachel Ray in a keffiyeh scarf, which according to one blog is “worn by Muslim extremists.” Uh, hello? These things were worn long […]