The Unemployed States of America

Although pace of mass layoffs in the U.S. has slowed, there are an average of six unemployed Americans for each job opening. Long-term unemployment is the grim reality for 5.8 million workers who have been idle for more than six months. Here is a graphic look at The Unemployed States of America.

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  • Those 3 states with the lowest unemployment rate are the northern most states for the NAFTA highway. They aren’t doing it in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas because Texas won’t let ’em mess with them.

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    These stats are rather harrowing – I have been working as an HR strategist for 20 years and have never seen it so bad – and worse that people are getting hopeless. I would be interested to see how these numbers correlate with morale and general happiness.

    I will say that my job seekers that employ personal branding strategies are going to have a significant advantage over the other five people seeking those jobs – the old ways of looking or a job just don’t suffice; it is so challenging out there – Good Luck!

  • I think that while the percentages are terrifying the patient and hopeful person who keeps the best foot forward will get the job. I wake up everyday thankful for my life and for the many opportunities out there that I may be able to get. I know it is difficult but perseverance and hope is the food for the soul right now. Keep the good vibes out there and good vibes will come back.


  • Zoe

    Liked the graphic…but I want to throw some optimism in…there ARE jobs out there, on there are over 3 million job offers listed…so don’t give up! Just remember that your job search is a job in itself and it takes a while to make progress!