Carrie Morris

  • The 30 Most Important Twitter Influencers in Business for 2020

    Business has been transformed by social media. In fact, it’s safe to say that thanks to social media, all business is marketing to some degree. Today’s business leaders (i.e., top business influencers) have many platforms from which to speak or to author significant narratives that speak to the importance of social media influencers in business. […]

  • Boom or Bust: Will the CBD Oil Industry Keep Flying High as a Business?

    Almost from the time that the CBD boom started, skeptics began pointing to the end of the boom/bust cycle on the horizon. It’s a fad. It’s a scam. It’s snake oil. It’s a pyramid scheme. And that’s even without fears that the federal government will crack down, that banks will refuse to participate, that family […]

  • The 20 Best Online Businesses to Start in 2020

    Working from home is a huge perk for many people, but what are the best online business to start today? Sometimes, a person is a stay-at-home parent who wants to earn money for his or her family on the side. Other times, a person just enjoys the convenience of working from home. One way to […]