New England College Online

New England College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Inc. The accreditation was possible because of the college’s good reviews and rankings on how it continuously aims to improve educational programs and services of both undergraduate and graduate level. The college has the mission of providing imaginative, innovative and creative approaches to students, develop one’s personal, social, physical and intellectual abilities and capabilities, and form a caring and collaborative relationship among students, faculty and every member of the school’s community.

The college is as well known for its online programs and online classes that offer a variety of online courses and online degrees which include online Master’s degrees in Accounting, Criminal Justice Leadership, Public Policy, Management Degrees in Banking and Financial Management, Healthcare Administration, Nonprofit Leadership, Operations Management, Project Management, Real Estate Management and Strategic Leadership. These programs are designed for the benefit of professionals specifically those who are already successful in their chosen careers. Tuition for online programs varies like for instance, Master of Science in Accounting costs about $607 per credit for core courses and $50 for prerequisite courses.

There are scholarships and financial aid offered by the college namely Corporate Tuition Assistance, Federal Student Aid, and Federal Student Loans. Corporate Tuition Assistance caters to the needs of their employees while Federal Student Aid aims to give benefit to eligible students through guaranteed financial assistance for education and lastly, Federal Stafford Loans, specifically the subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans, are offered to all students.