Sell (Selling)

Selling refers to process through which one convinces the customer to purchase a product or service. It is closely linked to marketing and advertising, although these are not necessarily synonymous. Sales are a vital part of any company.

Salespeople are responsible for bringing in clients and closing deals with them. Many are aggressive and focused on “capturing” a sale. Salespeople usually need to have specific knowledge and skills in order to effectively and efficiently facilitate the exchange of products or services and money.

There are different kinds of sales strategies. For instance, direct selling is a method used through which products are distributed directly to consumers, and without the need for a fixed site. Tupperware parties and door-to-door offers are examples direct selling. The advantage of this method is that the customer gets the products immediately. The customer also benefits from explanations and promotions presented by the seller early in the transaction.

On the other hand, under consultative selling, the seller and client enter into a dialogue first, in which the salesperson acts as a consultant. The salesperson helps the client identify his needs before offering options to address these.

Another selling strategy, among many others, is cold calling. Under this, the customer does not expect to be contacted by the salesperson, but receives a call, typically by phone. This is the strategy used by telemarketers. This may not always be very effective, especially since this type of selling has earned some notoriety for being disruptive, due to the fact the call is unexpected and may interrupt regular activities.