How Big Tech is Helping Fight Coronavirus

Big Tech Fighting Coronavirus

As the world is making its way through the coronavirus pandemic everyone is chipping in to help out and that includes the BIG FIVE Tech companies.

Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple have all contributed millions to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Big Tech Coronavirus

Here is how much each company has pledged so far:

  • Google (Alphabet) $856.5 million
  • Facebook $248 million
  • Amazon $98.5 million
  • Microsoft $27.5 million
  • Apple $22 million

The BIG 5 tech companies are pledging $1.25 billion in relief funding, most of it in the US.

Where is the Money Going?

Small Businesses

Small businesses will receive grants and ad credits from Google, Facebook, and Amazon. This, along with small business loans provided by the CARES Act will help some businesses remain operational through and post-coronavirus pandemic.

Google will contribute $575 million, Facebook $100 million and Amazon $6.5 million to help small businesses, giving them a total of $681.5 million in coronavirus relief.


Big Tech will contribute $335 million to healthcare for COVID-19 research and frontline support. This funding can provide the necessary PPE (personal protection equipment) for healthcare workers and facilities that are currently in low supply or have already run out.

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Google will contribute $270 million to healthcare, Facebook $25 million, Amazon $20 million and Microsoft $20 million.

Relief Efforts

The money earmarked from Big Tech to relief efforts will be spent on public safety and non-profit donations.

Google will contribute $5 million to relief efforts, Facebook $20 million, Amazon $72 million, Microsoft $1 million, and Apple $15 million for a total of $113 million.

Media and News Outlets

Big Tech is providing $109.5 million for some well-needed fact-checking of the news and to provide grants to local news stations.

Many small news stations are on the verge of going under and some certainly will not make it through. Relief funding will be a welcome sight for those who are continuing to struggle through the pandemic.

Google will contribute $6.5 million to news and media and $103 million will come from Facebook. 

China Specific Relief

Two Big Tech companies in the US have also set aside $13.5 million for China-specific relief. 

Microsoft is sending $6.5 million and Apple is sending $7 million to China, where COVID-19 is thought to have originated.