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  • Starbucks Tuition

    4,000 Starbucks Workers Are Now Going to College For Free

    More than 4,000 baristas are now attending college for free. One year ago Starbucks partnered with Arizona State University’s online program to cover the cost of their tuition. Full- and part-time employees who don’t yet have a bachelor’s degree are eligible. That’s about 100,000 out of its 150,000 U.S. workers. Workers are free to choose […]

  • University CFO and future of public education in America

    College CFOs Give Bleak Outlook On The Future Of Their Institutions

    Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) at half of the major universities in the United States have revealed uncertainty¬†about their institution’s financial future according to Inside Higher Ed and Gallup‚Äôs fifth annual survey of college and university business officers. In the study, nearly one-third of private non-profit CFOs believes their institutions may have to shut down in […]

  • 10 Ways College is Big Business

    Elite institutes of higher education like to brand themselves as places where students learn, grow, mature and philosophize. Oftentimes they seem above the nitty gritty of doing business, but in fact, that’s what most colleges and universities are: big businesses. There are plenty of voices out there advocating that these schools be run even more […]

  • 5 Common Myths About Getting A Business Degree

    Share Getting a business degree is often a ‘safe’ option for many high school graduates who are confused about their direction in life. It also tends to be a fallback for people who are simply after money and nothing more. There are even people who choose a business degree based on a few years of […]