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  • Iran and oil production

    Iran won’t slow production to help raise oil prices

    Iran on Wednesday said it would not restrain oil output as part of a global pact to freeze production and help prop up oil prices. The country’s officials are focused on recapturing the market share that was lost after years of US sanctions. Non-OPEC Russia and OPEC leader Saudi Arabia, have been in talks to […]

  • Iran Oil sales in Euros

    Iran wants oil payments to be made in Euros and not US dollars

    Officials in Iran are preparing to sell their oil to the world again, however, the country’s government is asking for payment in Euro’s instead of US dollars. “Our top priority is to receive cash and oil [payments] in euro,” Safar-Ali Karamati, a deputy director at the National Iranian Oil Company, told an Iran news outlet […]

  • Jeff Bezos flies Jason Rezaian home on his private jet

    Jeff Bezos flew Jason Rezaian home on his private jet

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Washington Post, personally flew to Germany this week to escort Post reporter Jason Rezaian back home to the United States. The reporter was thrown in jail by Iran in July 2014. He was released last weekend as part of a prisoner swap. Following his release he was brought […]

  • Oil Prices Sliding

    Oil prices slide to lowest point since 2003 as Iran floods market

    Oil prices have reached their lowest price since 2003 in early trading on Monday, as the market braces for a big jump in oil exports led by lifted sanctions in Iran. The UN nuclear watchdog group on Saturday said Tehran was meeting its commitments to curtail its nuclear program. Following those findings the US revoked sanctions […]

  • Iran Oil Shares

    Iran Wants Emergency OPEC Meeting To Stop Sliding Oil Prices

    Iran’s Oil Minister, Bijan Zanganeh, has called for an emergency OPEC meeting in order to stabilize collapsing oil prices. Zanganeh’s call to arms echoes a similar message sent earlier this month by officials in Algeria. Following both of those messages officials for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries said no meeting was planned. “Iran endorses […]