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  • 10 Ways Manipulative Marketing Tactics Sell You Things You Don’t Really Need

    America is a consumerist society, and an endless number of brands and products are constantly competing for your time and money — even in people who don’t necessarily need what they’re selling. Here are ten ways manipulative marketing tactics convince consumers to purchase products or services that are not only frivolous, but often useless as […]

  • 10 Failed Ad Campaigns That Actually Drove Away Customers

    Advertising is key; each year, brands spend incredible amounts of money on research and development to find out what makes their target audience tick and then trying to capitalize on that in fresh, unique and edgy ways. But attempts to appear cutting edge often cross the line, leaving unhappy customers walking away from a brand […]

  • 10 Businesses Capitalizing on Memes – And Making a Killing

    Memes are the lifeblood of internet humor; defined as “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture,” memes are typically internet inside jokes which take the web by storm and are the subject for hundreds of photoshopped images captioned with themed jokes and humorous phrases. But memes are more […]

  • 10 Businesses Caught Lying

    Everyone knows that marketing is a deceitful business, but most would be surprised to find out just how manipulative companies can be about their products. Whether it’s cigarettes, food, or even government employed background checks, no one can be trusted entirely; regulations and industry standards are in place for a reason, and a company’s ethics […]

  • 10 Products that Take the Fun Out of Everyday Life

      Share Technology tends to make our lives easier and better.  What would life be like if we had to wash our own dishes and clothes by hand like damn savages?  Are we going to give up the Internet and go back to Victoria’s Secret catalogs and lingerie ads?  What would we do without the […]

  • 5 Ways Infomercials Convince you to Buy Useless Crap

      Share Infomercials are the bane of every hoarder’s existence, but are dangerous to everyone. They bombard us with images of crap we really don’t need, but somehow seem to convince plenty of us non-hoarders to pay for stuff that immediately goes into storage or out at the garage sale. What sorcery is this? How […]

  • 10 Huge Branding Mistakes

    Share In today’s wacky world of advertising and rampant consumerism, a company must forever be changing in order to stay cutting edge. Attention spans grow shorter everyday, no thanks to the visual rape we are incessantly faced with; a constant barrage of billboards, taxi ads, commercials, YouTube commercials, popups on every website, and even plastered […]

  • Advertising Budgets of the Top 200 Brands

    With marketing & advertising becoming more and more of a need to succeed, this infographic by our friends at MarketingDegree.net provides an industry-by-industry look at where the leading U.S Brands are spending their dollars. Image courtesy of Ad Age Embed this Infographic on Your Site: Source: Marketing Degree