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  • color psychology

    How is Color Psychology Used in Marketing?

    When we look in the world around us, a variety of color combinations can be found everywhere. This is also true when it comes to marketing and branding your company. Learn how the psychology of color in marketing is used properly in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of LUXURYSOCALREALTY: Source:LUXURYSOCALREALTY

  • finding a perfect audience

    Finding a Perfect Audience Using Social Media Advertising

    Your audience is out there, waiting to discover you. The question is: do you know how and where to find them? Instead of jumping head first into spending far too much in social media ads, learn more about the preferences and sensitivities of your target audience. Learn more about finding a perfect audience in the […]

  • industrial marketing

    What is Industrial Marketing?

    There is a specific niche found within business to business (B2B) marketing, and that is the specialized area of industrial marketing. What is industrial marketing? A type of marketing to those that manufacture much of what is found in the world. Learn more about this specialized market along with how to influence its highly sophisticated […]

  • Small-Business SEO Company

    The Best SEO Companies for Your Small Business

    Your business has a website — now what? It’s time for SEO.  SEO will fine-tune your site, driving traffic to your business through search engines like Google. When it comes to the internet, traffic means customers, and customers mean sales.  What is SEO and how does it work? Trust us, there’s a lot to know […]

  • Marketing Education: Branding and Design

    Visual identity is defined as how a brand appears and includes a company logo and colors associated with the company. Branding is a company or individual’s persona, including how people view the company or individual and any associated products or services. Branding and the visual identity of companies and products surround everyone. Branding is evident […]