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  • American Eagle

    Severe turbulence sends American Eagle crew to the hospital

    Two cabin crew members were hospitalized after severe turbulence aboard an American Eagle flight send a beverage cart crashing into the jet’s ceiling. Flight 3358 was en route from Dallas-Fort Worth to Memphis, Tennessee, when it was diverted to Little Rock, Arkansas, on Wednesday. According to one witness, the beverage cart flew into the air […]

  • Dubai International Airport Passenger Fees

    Dubai Airports charging a fee to fly through them because of oil crash

    Officials in Dubai have found a new way to raise money during the oil crash. Fliers passing through Dubai Airports will pay a 35 Emirati dirham (about $10) fee starting on June 30. Children under two, cabin crew, and transit passengers leaving on the same flight will be exempt from the fee. The measure was approved […]

  • US airlines ready to fly flights to Cuba

    US airlines sign up to deliver Cuba flights

    All of the major US airlines have signed up to fly flights to Cuba. American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue have submitted applications to the US government requesting the right to fly commercial flights to the communist led country. The government will allow 20 daily round-trip flights between the US and Havana and […]

  • The cheapest time to purchase airline tickets

    The cheapest time to buy a plane ticket has been revealed

    If you are planning a trip well in advanced of your departure date you could save a lot of money by booking 54 days in advance. A new report from CheapAir.com analyzed about three million itineraries from 2015 to determine the best time to book a flight. This is not an exact science. Ticket prices […]

  • American Airlines and Gogo lawsuit

    Gogo shares rebound after American Airlines drops lawsuit

    American Airlines has dropped its lawsuit against in-flight WiFi provider Gogo, and the company’s shares jumped nearly 10% on Monday. The lawsuit filed by American Airlines included 200 of its aircraft. Gogo and American have a contract through 2018, however, the airline is hoping to receive an upgrade from its current 3G connections. Under terms […]

  • Gogo possibly being dropped by American Airlines

    Gogo shares just fell off a cliff after American Airlines filed a lawsuit

    American Airlines has just filed a lawsuit to terminate its contract with in-flight internet service provider Gogo. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, American Airlines wants to either terminate or renegotiate its agreement if the airline is able to find a better internet service with another provider. Shares at Gogo plummeted by nearly 40% on news […]

  • Airbnb hosting illegal rentals in NYC and hiding the numbers

    Airbnb allegedly manipulated numbers to hide illegal hosts in NYC

    Airbnb was reportedly hiding certain rental numbers in New York City to conceal the fact that “illegal hosts” were using the platform to reap huge financial benefits. The report by Inside Airbnb alleges that the sharing-economy poster child purged problematic listings ahead of its public release of New York City listing data on November 17 […]

  • United Airlines

    Airlines allowing staff to opt-out of flights to Zika infected areas

    Staff members aboard Delta and United Airlines flights have been given the option to opt-out of flights to Latin American and the Caribbean. Those areas have come under intense scrutiny following the spread of the Zika virus and its effects on unborn children. UNITED AIRLINES United said Wednesday that it was giving pregnant flight attendants […]

  • US Passport

    Renew your Passport ASAP to avoid upcoming delays

    In the next three years 49 million US passports will expire. Government officials are warning anyone who needs a new passport to submit their request before the bulk of those expirations arrive through 2018. The flood of new requests is expected after a US law went into effect in 2007 that requires US citizens to […]

  • Airlines offering Zika Virus Refunds

    Airlines are offering refunds for Zika virus outbreak areas

    Airlines are starting to offer refunds to passengers who were preparing to travel to countries in central and south America where the Zika virus outbreak has taken hold. The relatively new mosquito-borne virus is connected with a neurological disorder that results in babies being born with abnormally small heads. There is currently no medical treatment […]