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  • Volkswagen Sausages

    Volkswagen is selling more sausages than vehicles

    Volkswagen is known for its German engineering and top-selling vehicles, but the company sells another product that is even more popular by volume — sausages. The automaker sold more than 7.2 million sausages in 2015, compared to worldwide car sales of 5.82 million. The company manufacturers its popular Currywurst inside a car plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. […]

  • Volkswagen sales increased in January 2016

    Volkswagen reports a return to sales growth in January

    What emissions scandal? Within three months of coming under international scrutiny for lying to its customers, Volkswagen is reporting a return to sales growth. Volkswagen group said sales increases in January thanks to strong demand in China, where the company posted its best month ever. Deliveries at the 12-brand group, including luxury division Audi and […]

  • Volkswagen compensation for US customers

    Volkswagen will offer generous compensation to US customers

    Volkswagen is preparing to offer a generous compensation package to the nearly 600,000 US owners of diesel vehicles whose emissions are over the legal limit. The head of the company’s claims fund, Kenneth Feinberg, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, that the company is still decided on cash, car buy-backs, repairs, or replacement cars. Feinberg is no […]

  • VW buy back program

    Volkswagen might buy back some emissions cheating diesel cars

    Volkswagen has not yet gained approval for any potential fixes for its emissions-cheating diesel cars, and now the company may be forced to buy back some of those vehicles. The German automaker has officially rejected demands by lawmakers and vehicle owners that it should repurchase cars with software designed to trick emissions tests. However, recent statements […]

  • Matthias Mueller and VW CEO Job - Safe for now

    VW’s executive committee says there is nobody better than CEO Mueller

    Volkswagen Chief Executive Matthias Mueller has a secure job for the time being. The company’s executive committee met this week and discussed the CEO’s attempts to clean up the diesel-emissions scandal. “We discussed many issues at VW yesterday, not only Mr Mueller. We are very conscious that there is no alternative. The question does not arise,” […]

  • more trouble at Volkswagen

    The Porsche and Piech families are standing in support of VW’s CEO

    The Porsche-Piech families are standing in full support of Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller, despite criticism that he is not doing enough to handle the company’s emissions cheating crisis. Matthias Mueller waited until last week to make his first US appearance since the scandal erupted in September, a fact that hasn’t sat well with US officials and […]

  • Volkswagen lawsuit

    Volkswagen CEO to meet with high-level US officials next week

    Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller is preparing to meet with high-ranking US officials next week. Mueller personally requested the company’s highest level talks with US officials since the German automaker admitted to using software to evade emissions requirements in 580,000 US vehicles. The meeting arrives a week after the US Justice Department filed a civil suit against […]