10 Body Language Techniques to Make You Succeed in Business

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Every good businessperson knows that what you say is not always as important as how you say it.

Even when you are not speaking, you are still communicating, even if you are not aware of it.

By becoming aware of your body language and what you are saying with it, you can begin to control it and put forward the impression that will most help you in your business.

By using these techniques you will save yourself time – and give yourself a better chance at success. 

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  • Thank you, Julian — these are some great tips. I think that eye contact (#10) is just so important in and outside of business. When people don’t look at you when you’re talking to them, it can give you the impression that they don’t care about you’re saying or that they just lack confidence.

  • Great post Julian! I have selected it as part of my Rainmaker ‘Fab Five’ blog picks of the week (http://www.maximizepossibility.com/employee_retention/2011/03/the-rainmaker-fab-five-blog-picks-of-the-week-2.html) to share with my readers.

    Be well!

  • jt

    Wow,while we’re doing the whole Machievelli thing we might as well just burn their huts,steal their cattle and rape their women to really establish our dominance,yeah?

    How about just being real and transparent and treat others as you would like to be treated? If people smell someone playing power trip games like this they inwardly say,’Oh,Its THAT guy….’

  • Thanks so much Julian. I wrote about speech habilities a pair of weeks ago (http://lachachapaka.com/elblog/2011/04/05/como-mantener-una-conversacion/) I told eye contact is important if you want to say/sell because you show your confidence by your eyes, but I let the “Eyes level” behind…. and that’s a good point. I think I’m gonna re-write my article because of yours.
    Thanks so much…again!!!

  • Thank you. Excellent lkst of recommendations.

  • Not a bad write up. Its important to point out that dealing with other cultures in different countries plays an important role in understanding their business etiquette also if trying to win business.
    If you are running a sales training day, enter the room last, it will show authority and you get a better response than if you are standing in the room waiting for the sales reps to come in.

  • Some amazing tips and something I’m sure I will put into good use today :-)

  • As a woman in the field of business, I live by the tips you have listed. It’s really true that ‘what you say has never been as important as how you say it.’ To be successful, it is always important to have confidence. Eye contact, good posture, and everything else will follow.

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