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15 of the Most Weird and WTF Museums

Museums are normally full of dusty old bones and the belongings of rich people that somehow managed to not get stolen. But before you plunk down twenty bucks to see the Pope’s bathrobe or Julius Caesar’s toilet brush, try some of the more strange and bizarre museums that exist. Much like the History Channel, the amount of actual history is pretty low, but its much more entertaining.

The Pez Museum

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Oh, sure, rich guys like Eugene P. Snickers and Baron Von $100,000 Bar may have gotten candies named after them, but how many candies actually have a rich enough history to support a museum? Answer: None. But it turns out, Pez has a museum anyway. Technically, it’s dedicated to the dispensers, but who cares? You’ll probably be so jacked up on sugar when you visit, you won’t even remember the tour.

The Devil’s Rope Museum

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Dedicated to all things barbed wire, the Devil’s Rope Museum is located in McLean, Texas. Situated in a remodeled brassier factory, the museum boasts 12,000 square feet of space. And don’t even think about breaking in, because even the exhibits themselves are painful to pick up. Sadly, no word yet if Pamela Anderson has gotten her own space there.

The Museum of Bad Art

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Housing “Art too bad to be ignored”, the Museum of Bad Art is located in the Boston Area. Horrible artists from around the world slave night and day to fill its walls with paintings more terrible than Vin Diesel’s acting and Mandy Moore’s singing.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame

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Initially thought to be a bust, the Burlesque Hall of Fame hasn’t yet been stripped of its assets. But seriously, it’s got tons of boobies and who doesn’t want to see that? It gives hope to those of use attempting to raise money for the “Webcam Girl Hall of Fame.”

The International UFO Museum and Research Center

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Located in Roswell, New Mexico (where else?), the museum is a magnet for abductees, conspiracy kooks and anyone else wanting to get an alien T-shirt with one of those Close Encounters guys on it.

Museum of Witchcraft

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No, this museum isn’t dedicated to your ex-wife or your former mother-in-law (well, maybe the mother-in-law), but it is dedicated to practicing witches and their history. Visit it or you’re likely to be turned into a newt.

The Circus World Museum

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Rumor has it, a group of carnies won this museum in a crooked dice game, but it’s never been confirmed. What is known is that if you love the smell of elephant feces, like to look at human deformities and aren’t afraid of clowns, this is the museum for you.

A United Airlines flight attendant just cost the company a bunch of money

Currywurst Museum

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People in Germany love their curried sausage so much, they’ve actually opened a museum dedicated to it. Let’s face it, German cuisine has to celebrate what little good stuff it has. It was probably Sgt. Shultz’s favorite cultural center during the war.

The Parasite Museum

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Leave it to the Japanese to make everything weirder. Located in Tokyo, the Parasite Museum is dedicated to those tiny riders that invade your blood stream, intestine or whatever. Just make sure you wash anything thoroughly if you shop at the gift shop. You don’t want to take any exhibits home with you.

The Dog Collar Museum

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Located in Leeds Castle in England, the Dog Collar Museum is dedicated to all things dog collar. London has a lot of museums, the tourist spill over has to go somewhere. How bad is your vacation if you actually stop at a place that even your dog would hate?

The Mutter Museum

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If you didn’t get enough sideshow freaks at the circus museum, get yourself to Philadelphia and check out all the medical oddities at the Mutter Museum. Equally disgusting as the Parasite Museum and twice as depressing as the Orphan Museum.

The Paris Sewers Museum

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Can’t get enough of floating poo or Phantom of the Opera? Now there’s a place you can go! Actually the poo is gone and the phantom is too old to run around the sewers, but you can visit the museum. It’ll probably be a great respite from the angry French people there.

The Torture Museum

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Finally! A place Dick Cheney can visit and be part of an exhibit. Located in San Gimignano, Italy, the Torture Museum preserves the golden era of thumbscrews and sticking hot pokers up the bun. The only real torture is waiting in line to get in or having to put up with the locals endless babble about soccer. (Sorry, football.)

The Spam Museum

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Dedicated to that ham-like substance, the museum is like one giant commercial for Hormel Foods. And who wouldn’t want to be trapped in a commercial?! If you need something to do in Austin, Minnesota (and believe us, you do) stop on by. If you’re lucky, the tour guide won’t make you eat any.

The Phallus Museum

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Perhaps the museum’s Icelandic location is an indication that the people of Iceland have way too much free time. The Phallus Museum is full of dicks and we don’t mean the staff. You’ll make so many Anthony Weiner jokes by the time you get to the end of the tour, even you won’t think it’s funny anymore.

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