25 Billionaires and Millionaires That Became Philanthropists

Some people feel philanthropy is only about foundations donating lots of money, but that’s only one part. Philanthropy is about people giving their time, help and care to causes they support, making the world a better place to live in. Philanthropic activities come in many forms, some people choose to contribute a huge sum of money to charity or create a park for the community. Some like to create facilities for recreation or provide scholarships for needy students. People love to hate rich people because they are often unaware of how the rich quite often use their fame and fortune for philanthropic purposes. The following is a list of 25 such outrageously rich people that understand the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility.” In no particular order:

1) Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is no stranger to humble beginnings. As a boy, he delivered newspapers and filed his first tax return at the age of 13, claiming a deduction of $35 for his bicycle. Under the tutelage of guru Benjamin Graham, Buffett studied value investing at Columbia and went to be one of the greatest business minds of our time. America’s much-loved investor and the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway ranked in second place on The World’s Billionaires of 2007.

In his late age, Buffett has made a $31 billion commitment to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that will sponsor efforts to improve education in the U.S. and health and standards of living worldwide. He has also allocated billions to autonomous family foundations like Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation and NoVo Foundation that support causes from worldwide conservation to reproductive health.

2) Donald Bren

Born and brought up in Los Angeles and then Newport Beach, California, Donald Bren obtained a degree in business administration and economics at the University of Washington where he also opted for graduate studies in the business school. He founded the Bren Company to build homes in Orange County in 1958 and worked day and night to a $4 billion valuation.

He is among the state’s most charitable philanthropists, directing his contributions so as to have a significant impact on research and education, as well as to support the conservation of species and natural habitat like the Irvine Ranch. Besides gifting $20 million to fund elementary fine arts, science and music programs at Irvine schools, he discreetly donated properties to retirement communities and schools.

3) Bernard Osher

Married but childless, Bernard Osher, a self-made millionaire, co-founded Golden West Financial in 1963 with his sister Marion and her husband, Herbert Sandler. Having already contributed over $700 million into the Bernard Osher Foundation that supports higher education, arts and integrative medicine in his native Maine and the San Francisco Bay region, Osher hopes to live long enough to be able to donate his entire fortune to similar causes.

Nearing his eighties, he operates a scholarship program for people who have crossed 50 and thanks to the Bernard Osher Foundation, the needs of older learners who always wanted to learn for personal satisfaction and joy have been met through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes across the U.S.

4) Alfred Mann

Having founded as many as 11 biomedical companies, Mann’s net worth exceeds $2.2 billion according to recent estimates. What does Mann plan to do with all that money? He hopes to put his wealth into biomedical research towards a healthier future for all of mankind.

The biotech entrepreneur has been instrumental in giving to the world some of the greatest advances in medicine like the Pacesetter pacemakers, cochlear implants, Minimed insulin pumps, Second Sight prosthetic retinas and Advanced Bionics neurostimulators. His latest efforts are being directed towards the research and development of an inhalable from of insulin, and cancer research. He works 90 hours each week and says he will give away his whole fortune to medical research and charity.

5) Michael Dell

Founder of Dell Computers, Michael attended the University of Texas with hopes of becoming a doctor. He soon deserted that goal and started selling computer equipment at the age of 19. Starting with just $1000 to his name, he created a more than $20 billion empire by the age of 40.

From 1999, his wife, Susan and he have contributed over $1.2 billion towards education and child development programs in Texas and post Hurricane Katrina, they gave $5 million to help the storm victims. They also contributed generously to micro-finance lenders in six biggest cities of India, making an effort to lift million of slum dwellers out of poverty. The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation is dedicated to making the lives of children better in the United States of America as well as internationally.

6) George Kaiser

Born in a family that had fled Nazi Germany and settled in Tulsa, the Kaiser family history isn’t one we would wish on anyone. Turning his family’s past into a motivating force, George Kaiser successfully received a bachelor’s degree and MBA from Harvard University. He then speedily took over the family owned Kaiser-Francis Oil Co. and then expanded into banking and real estate.

At the same time, through George Kaiser Family Foundation, he fights child poverty and serves as benefactor to the over 5,000 Jewish people in Oklahoma. Most often contributing quietly and without fanfare, Kaiser supports causes like public health campaigns and social services that help lessen poverty and improve living conditions for the average person. His Tulsa-based foundation has contributed in millions of dollars to improve and develop the economy in the local community. Kaiser says he plans to give more “until I die with one dollar left, assuming I can get the timing just right.”

7) Ruth Lilly

Ruth Lilly is the only living heir to the Eli Lilly fortune started out by Colonel Eli Lilly, her great-great grandfather. In November 2002 Lilly pledged $100 million worth of stock to the Poetry Foundation, a small nonprofit organization in Chicago that publishes Poetry Magazine, and another gift as large the Arts in Washington. From 1986 every year a living U.S. poet has been awarded the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize of $100,000 for extraordinary accomplishments throughout his life. Lilly also supports health education, health care, historic preservation and youth programs.

8 ) Michael Bloomberg

The 108th Mayor of the New York City, Bloomberg was taught as very early the value of working hard and public responsibility. He went to John Hopkins University, paying his fees through loans and working as a parking lot attendant in summer, going on to earn an MBA from Harvard Business School and opening Bloomberg LP in 1981. Usually an anonymous donor, Bloomberg contributes around $140 million every year towards education, public health, arts and social services in New York. He has contributed to the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation and has already bought a townhouse for the foundation he wants to setup on the Upper East Side.

9) Veronica Atkins

Among the wealthiest women in the country, Mrs. Atkins, wife of the former Robert C. Atkins, is also said to be one of its most charitable, and has been featured among the top few philanthropists by Newsweek, BusinessWeek and the New York Times. Despite a traumatic childhood in which she fled Russia, she still supports a few Russian orphanages. When her husband, Dr. Robert Atkins passed away in 2003, she vowed to carry on with his mission to prevent disease and manage good health. She renamed her late husband’s private charity to the Dr. Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Foundation to show her dedication and increased the gifted professorships to eight hoping to see more results towards wiping out diabetes and obesity.

10) Jeff Skoll

Jeff Skoll was the founding president and second employee of eBay, the internet auction firm. With a fortune estimated to be more than $5 billion, he is known for using his wealth for charitable purposes and to setup Participant Productions, his autonomous movie production company. Skoll has setup a center for social entrepreneurship at the Oxford University where he holds a world forum every year on how to use good principles in business for the betterment of society.

He has also given the charitable Skoll Foundation $250 million worth of eBay stock, which the foundation uses to make grants of over $30 million per year. Skoll’s largest contribution has been $7.5 million to gift the first Canadian double degree program to gifted students; they earn Bachelors in Engineering and MBA in An 80-month program at the Toronto University.

11) Ted Turner

CNN founder Turner has not only gained success in cable television, but in real estate: Owning several ranches in America has made him the biggest single landowner in the U.S. Besides staying actively involved in his fast expanding Ted’s Montana Grill chain of restaurants, Turner devotes his time to making the world a safer, better place to live in.

He has pledged $1 billion to the UN and supports Nuclear Threat Initiative and Better World Fund foundations that he created to reduce nuclear weapons and make people aware of the UN’s programs. His other philanthropic interests include Turner Foundation, Capital Planet Foundation and the Turner Endangered Species Fund.

12) Bernard Marcus

Born to Jewish-Russian parents who immigrated to Newark, Bernard wished to become a doctor but settled for a pharmacy degree due to financial constraints and worked for his father, a cabinet-maker. Bernard Marcus co-founded Home Depot with Arthur Blank in 1978.

Through the Marcus Foundation, he funded the $290 million aquarium in his hometown of Atlanta. He founded and funded the Marcus Institute, a well-known center providing complete services to children having developmental disabilities. The foundation has no endowment but gets funding every year from Marcus, who wants to give away his fortune while he is still living.

13) Robert Meyerhoff

After graduating as a civil engineer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Robert Meyerhoff joined the family construction business that he later left to setup Henderson-Webb, managing property and construction. With his wife, he developed an exceptional collection of post-World War II art worth $300 million that they have willed to the National Gallery of Art in Washington after his death.

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Though the Meyerhoffs have contributed widely to education, the most noteworthy of all is the Meyerhoff Scholars Program created in 1988 at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County funding science and math scholarships to black students.

14) Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has made considerable donations to human services and health related organizations. He setup the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation in 1986 through which he grants about $30 million each year. A student of Washington State University, he donated to its music school. He donated even more to the University of Washington for a new library and a center for visual arts named after each parent. He is also a top contributor at $14 million of the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering. His $100-million brain science institute will help sort out neurological disorders. The foundation also funds art and culture events, health, youth, community development and human services.

15) Thomas Monaghan

Entrepreneur Tom Monaghan founded the Domino’s Pizza chain in 1960. Thirty-eight years later and millions of dollars later, he sold it and gradually started devoting his time and money to Catholic philanthropy and political causes. His Vatican visit to see the Pope deepened his faith and he soon setup Ave Maria Radio, the Ave Maria List pro-life political action committee and the Thomas More Law Center, a law firm aimed at defending Christians’ rights in public interest.

His foundation also fights poverty in South and Central America. His private Ave Maria Foundation finances Catholic education, community projects, Catholic media and other Catholic charities which include a school in Michigan and the $250-million Ave Maria University centered on Catholic values and having a capacity of 6,000 students.

16) Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

An American businessman,T. Boone Pickens chairs the BP Capital Management hedge fund and has has been a well-known takeover operator since the 1980s. A football fan, he has donated $165 million to the athletics department of Oklahoma State University; the amount invested in the hedge fund is estimated to cross $300 million.

He has generously donated to the American Red Cross and the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and is a volunteer for Meals on Wheels. Pickens has been financing the Stillwater campus of Oklahoma State University (OSU), his alma mater. This year Pickens gave $100 million dollars towards academics at the OSU. He has already donated over $700 million to charity.

17) J. K. Rowling

Named by Forbes as the first person to become a billionaire (in U.S. dollars) by writing books, this British children’s writer setup the Volant Charitable Trust, to help women and children fight poverty and social discrimination. It has a yearly budget of £5.1 million. The fund also donates to organizations that help children, single parent families and multiple sclerosis research.

She is president of One Parent Families, a nonprofit in the U.K. that educates, supports and advocates for single parents. A single parent, she has been among the organization’s main ambassadors and supporters from 2000. Rowling thinks that when one receives a lot more than one requires, one has a moral responsibility to do the wise thing with it and donate intelligently.

18) Oprah Winfrey

Chairman of Harpo Productions, Oprah Winfrey is an American television host and media magnate. The Oprah Winfrey Show, her talk show that has garnered international acclaim and won several Emmy awards, is rated at the top in television history. She is an Academy Award-nominated actress, a magazine publisher and a book critic.

Every year, Winfrey personally gives about $50 million to educate children, women, and families. She recently opened a youth center in her Mississippi hometown. She enhances her power of giving through her public charity, Oprah’s Angel Network, through which audience members get funded scholarships, women’s shelters and youth centers. She is among America’s top 50 most generous philanthropists, having contributed an approximate $303 million.

19) George Soros

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary and immigrated to England in 1947, at the age of 17. After working as a restaurant waiter and a railroad porter, he graduated from the London School of Economics.

A global financier, George Soros founded and chairs a network of foundations that encourage the formation of open democratic societies based on market economies, the rule of law, transparent and accountable governance, respect for human rights and freedom of the press. He has been an active philanthropist since 1979, when he gave funds to assist black students attend University of Cape Town in apartheid South Africa.

Soros has donated over $6 billion, out of which $742 million has been directed to projects within the U.S.

20) Johns Hopkins

A wealthy entrepreneur and abolitionist from 19th century Baltimore, Hopkins is famous for the philanthropic creation of institutions that carry his name. Johns Hopkins died on Christmas Eve of 1873 leaving no heirs and $7 million, most of it in Baltimore & Ohio Railroad stock to setup his institutions. At the time this was the biggest single contribution made to educational institutions ever.

As per his request, the Johns Hopkins Colored Children Orphan Asylum was setup first in 1895 followed by Johns Hopkins University, the Johns Hopkins Press (longest running American academic press), Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in 1889, and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1893.

21) Paul Newman

In a career spanning 45 years, Newman’s face can be instantly recognized, due to his motion pictures and his natural foods brand. He has become a successful businessman like his father, having established his own food company along with writer friend A. E. Hotchner. Newman turned into a champion race car driver and is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person in history to win the Rolex 24-hour endurance race. Over the last several years he has donated over $90 million to charity turning himself into a generous philanthropist.

22) Andrew Carnegie

Born in a poor Scottish family that immigrated to the U.S., Carnegie became an influential and leading businessman in the American steel industry. His is a real “rags to riches” story. He is remembered today as an industrialist, millionaire, and philanthropist.

Carnegie believed that the wealthy have a compulsion to return to society, so he gave away most of his fortune to causes like peace and education. He retired in 1901 at age 66 as the world’s richest man. In 1902 he setup the Carnegie Institution to sponsor scientific research and pension fund for teachers by donating $10 million. He also donated $125 million to a foundation called the Carnegie Corporation to help colleges and schools.

23) Percy Ross

Born to poor immigrants from Latvia and Russia, Ross made a fortune producing plastic film and trash bags. After giving away over 1,000 bicycles at a children’s holiday party at the Minneapolis Convention Center in the late 1970s, Ross came up with the idea of doling out cash to his syndicated column readers.

$30 million and 17 years later, he closed his wallet saying he felt richer than before having achieved his goal and given it all away. Through his column he raised money for organ transplants, helped pay for recreational centers and gave away dollars with his simple wisdom.

24) Larry Stewart

A millionaire, Stewart became known as Secret Santa for roaming the streets come December and giving money to people. Stewart, who gave $1.3 million over 26 years was in the spotlight when he exposed himself as Secret Santa a few months before he succumbed to esophageal cancer, hoping to inspire others. His giving commenced in 1979 when he was at a drive-in restaurant feeling sorry for himself for being fired from his job just before Christmas, the second time in a row. It was cold and he felt sorry for the carhop who didn’t have a warm enough jacket, making just nickels and dimes. After that he often handed out $100 bills. He also contributed to community causes in Kansas City and hometown Bruce.

25) Roy M. Huffington

Houston businessman, Huffington began his career as a geologist for the Humble Oil Company and later served as an ambassador to Austria. He founded his own oil and gas firm and setup the Huffington Foundation that has given millions to Texas academic institutions and charities. He was also chairman of the New York-based Asia Society in the 1980s for over seven years.

With his wife, Phyllis, he setup the Huffington Center on Aging in 1988 at the Baylor College of Medicine that does research and delivers health care to tackle the needs of the aging making it one of the best centers on aging world-wide. He was a guiding member of the Baylor College of Medicine Board of Trustees for 20 years.

And Finally: Bill and Melinda Gates

Having already covered philanthropist colleagues Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, and Paul Allen, how could we forget Bill Gates? Though he is still widely known as a ruthless businessman and a technology industry visionary, his legacy will be a very different one. Much like Rockefeller before him, Bill Gates has all but retired from the life that brought him fame and fortune and has decided to dedicate his life along with his wife, to helping the billions of less fortunate people.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest transparently operated private foundation in the world and has an endowment of almost $40 billion.

  • Tax write-off

    Tax write-off, only a fool wouldn’t be a philanthropists if he/she was rich.

    Tell em’ to skip the Tax-write off, then we can all be proud, otherwise, it’s BS.

  • i agree with lots of methods,i myself like to start a small business but i lack money in this area. with assistance i would return benifets.thats my great responsibilitie. thanks.

  • barbara dill

    I have the same question you get probably 1000K a day. How do I approach someone for a grant? I have tried before but with no success. Every time I’ve tried they want money up front to proceed so I go no further. I don’t believe an actual grant opportunity would request money before proceeding. I’m in a tough spot right now. I’ve lost my job, found out three weeks ago I havae breast cancer and my home is in dire need of a roof, insulation & windows. All of this can be verified to you if need be. Please respond. I need your help! Thank you, Barbara

  • My wife and I have a small manufacturing business in Nebraska that we started from our kitchen table and built it up to 23 employees at one point. In 2002 we had a fire and lost 100% to the ground. With a small insurance check and loans and a very small building we come back. In 2005 we moved to a larger facility and landed a huge account which turned into about 75% of our sales. Overnight we went from 3 to 23 employees and lots of over head. In 2006 we lost this account due to shipping cost and they found a supplier in their back yard. We got stacked with huge debt and taxes. Plain and simple, our management skills didn’t keep up with the loss. March of 2007 our oldest son 22 years old just finished college was killed in a car accident. At this point its very difficult to focus. The finacial strain is hard on the family with 2 boys in high school.
    We have a great business that just needs some help. We have great product lines and huge potential to give back to our community. Can someone lead me into the right direction.


  • HM Chanza

    I believe that the best assistance is the one that goes to destitute and helpless people who most often can never pay back. Hpowever it is also possible to set up revolving funds where intelligent poor people can get educated and commit themselves to pay back for the benfit of yet other poor people. Such benevolent fund could be managed by trustees and grow through repayments and contributions from successful people. A starting point is to assist those with experience and capability to earn money while working as parallel efforts to gratuitous donations made to destitute people. I fit in with the intellectual lot and hopefully expect your assistnce

  • I read all of this smiling. I am a single mother, very poor, and never feeling richer. Yes, I am struggling and desperate…yet never so full of wealth. I have read the stories of these wealthy people and wish I had more history on them. Did they sit at a table at 9:30 one morning with coffee in hand broke and smiling with a dream? I live each day blessed and do my best to bless others as i have been blessed. This is not a difficult task. I do not have money to just write a check or build the ranch I so desire so that many can be helped in ways that only a few would understand. Yet I believe that I will be used in many ways until the time comes that I can devote much more money to the people I need to help. One day that will come. Right now I have time…something these people have very little of. I am sure many of them do use the tax write off, however, I believe more that most of them know how much they receive by giving. As I said before, the dream was there and the desire to help others at the same time. I believe they had a smile and a vision. It wasn’t all about them. There was more to it than that. If there wasn’t then they’d be bitter, lonely, and unable to write those checks. They are getting more than a tax break…they live knowing they have done something beautiful. A blessing I get daily and hope to obtain on a greater scale someday. I am only a small ranch away from that dream, and I know someday that dream will be a reality. Even if I have to wait another 10 years. They didn’t sit on their butts and wait for their blessings, neither will I. I just hope the bitterness and resentments some of you show will go away as you help others on their journey. There is a beauty in it that cannot be defined. These people know that and I see it on smaller scales every day. I bet it feels good to them as well.

  • Patricia Shadoin-Ford

    As Mayor I am trying to find ways to provide better health and attract business to our small town. After discovering one case of HepC I decided that a sewer system in a neccessary requirement. So, not for myself but for our children, elderly and disabled, please lead me to any one or group of people who can assist us in obtaining a sewer system to eleminate the standing water danger in Stasburg,MO.

    We do not want a hand out but a hand up. Many want to start home businesses and create a few jobs but with the sewer growth is nearly impossible.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Patricia L. Shadoin-Ford, Mayor

  • M.E

    As an owner of a small business, times are tough and I can not find working capital anywhere. It seems like Washington have it wrong. Instead of helping Wall Street, what about bailing out small business like me. Wall Street ask for 750 Billion all I need to continue my small business is $100K to stay alive. Many times I just wanted to give up, but giving up is not a choice. My children are depending on me. While they fight in Washington I’m about to loose everything I own. Now face with lying off employees. loosing my home, business………. sitting up on Thanksgiving early morning(1:00A.M) because I cannot sleep, so many thoughts running though my mind, feeling all along.

  • Darlene Taylor

    I couldn’t help but notice out of all the philanthropists that gave money only 1 actually gave assistance directly to individuals Percy Ross.all the rest donate to other foundations that have hugely overpaid CEO’s and the little guy like me never see any help.In the past 3 months my hubby lost his job,I lost my health and can’t work my last pay check was for $47.00 which was supposed to some how pay rent,utilities,buy medicine, fix a broken car.I have been turned down everywhere for help. often with no reason given.in less than a week I will be homeless,Hubby has looked everywhere for a job.and to make matters worse my mom is now on her deathbed with lung cancer.If I could have one thing for christmas it would be a job for my hubby where at least we could pay our basic bills.where are these so called foundations of charitable giving for people like me?ooh I know………..we don’t count there is no help for us.so its off to the streets for us .in fact even so called family turned their backs on us and told us oh well there is a tent city you might be able to live in.

  • For ten years I have worked very hard to become a part of the policial arena.

    In 2010, I wish to become the winner as one of the Judges of the Orphans Court in Baltimore City.

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    The Judge of the Orphans Court -Is the office that determines who will be the executor over a will, determines if a will is authenic, and ensures probate (if applicable).

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    Presently, I am completing my training as a mediator, divorce and child custody.

    A small part of my resume is on my websight http://www.RamonaMoore.com

    Thank you,

    Ramona Baker

  • Marie Danielson

    After reading steeveelynn’s response I feel inspired to know there are others out there who, through the current economic times, still are as optimistic as I am. I proudly work for one of the nonprofits that are being given such a bad wrap in the comments above. (The NP I work for has a budget over $20,000,000 and serves over 60,000 people each year in need -and the Executive Director makes less than $100,000 a year, FYI) I know times are very difficult for many (We are serving 200 more families a month at our food shelf than the same month last year) But those of you looking for help should know there is help out there for you. In most areas United Way should have a local 211 hotline that provides you with many available services you may need. I wish you all the best of luck in the near future and hope the sun begins to shine a little brighter on all of you!

  • Jim Davis

    After reading al of the posted responses I too am inspired. I am scowering the internet looking an individual with the with the vision and drive of an entrepreneur, just like the individuals that are listed above. How many times have you seen something ether on the internet or on television and said why didn’t I could of thougt of that? This is exactly what has happened to me. The difference is I have researched and inverstgated and even put my idea into pratice and it works. My problem is the individual that was my financial backer out of “spite” pulled all of the funding. The amount of funding was only $28,000.00. Anyone that might be interested in more information on this cutting edge business involving evidence destruction please call 937-925-2595. I can produce a business plan that has the business all spelled out. I am a retired detective and with certifications in evidence collection and retention so my knowledge of this business is something that I know a great deal about. If getting in on the ground floor of a business with a rapid groth potential please contact me either by the number alerady listed or at jmpsdav@sbcglobal.net

  • michael

    If I were well off I would find nothing more fulfilling than helping those less fortunate. I am not, but I commend those of you who are and choose to help those who need assistance in helping themselves, a cycle of life this world desperately needs.

  • Having gone through the list of the 25 billionaires and millioners in the USA I came to the conclusion that the USA has very good people from whose examples the other rich people in other parts of the world should follow.Hard work also pays .

  • eric

    i appreciate the good works of the american philantropists but how do i get financial help from any of them to complete my education. i am a second year nursing student. othewise i would have to drop out some few months to come. please help me out. thank you.

  • chris

    Huh? This morning i recieved via UPS first class a check for 3,500 dollars us. I will not go into detail as to how important it was to recieve this money. I did my research and found out it was a fraud. Water mark and all. I have been working on my faith as we all should in some manner and thought like any good optimist….could this be?

    After a few hours of not sulking, but playing baseball with a friend my thought returned to how much i really needed exactly 3-4 grand. (It’s for the sake of better parenting)I then thought maybe there are really rich people who would like to help if the cause is legit.
    Well, it would seem there are. Yes, i can come up with 3-4 grand in 5 months or so,but it is a time sensitive issue.
    If you would like to know more and I will be on guard as i am sure anyone should be……..clarsen73@gmail.com

  • laura

    I and my deaf boyfriend both work parttime jobs and because of my failing health I have applied for disability but u have to be unemployed for a year before u can recieve it and i can’t afford to quit my job for a year, i couldnt pay my rent or utilities,i checked with public housing they are not taking any new applications at this time, i did however get food assistance which i am very grateful for.if there is any assistance you can give it would be greatly appreciated. thank you and god bless

  • Darlene Taylor

    am writing because I am in serious need of care for my medical condition.My story began it’s downward spiral in Aug 2008 and continued downhill to this very moment.I had a seemingly innocuous job related injury occur while working for a Wal*Mart neighborhood market in Arizona.I could not know at that time the course of events to come would end up with the loss of my,home,income,mother and total physical disability and that the daily struggle just to keep my heart beating would begin.I went to my supervisor on Aug 12 and reported a shoulder injury that had occurred in the course of my job as a cashier. she then took me to the Dr. who put me on restricted duty which lessened my hours at work.My husband then lost his job after a verbal altercation with the store manager. he promised that he would get a “new ” job with in a week .of course the economy collapsed at that point leaving us with one part time paycheck .I then began to suffer from chest pain and was forced to go to the hospital tests showed that my heart had severely diminished blood flow to the front of the heart during periods of physical activity.an angiogram failed to show the reason for this loss.I was released from the hospital only to be readmitted and the ultimate out come was a total thyroidectomy. during surgery complications arose and the parathyroid was damaged. I then was released from the hospital and my mother called to inform me she had been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and given 6 months to live.In the meantime I was faced with huge medical bills,no paycheck,no insurance and no help from anyone.so I filed for SSI,bankruptcy and was evicted from my apartment for non payment of rent.I came back to California to be close to my my dying mother. sadly she died 2 days after I arrived in hemet so I had just enough time to say goodbye.after running out of money we landed in the car. and continued to wait for the decision from SSI which I now know was a denial ,I have filed for reconsideration as I desperately need the medical insurance and the medicine .I have no insurance and can not obtain the medicine I need to stay alive without seeing a dr. nor can I afford the medicine. S please I need help through the government denials as I have daily chest pain from a heart that is barely beating and I am getting weaker every day.The only thing I know of that can change things for me is somehow ,someway getting to see a dr.I am currently homeless ,and no one will help me. my health worsens daily.

    Darlene Taylor

  • Your help will me in saving NATURE OF EARTH[INDIA].

  • I have read all of the above request and replies. I don’t think that this is a site to request help from any of the above mentioned people, I don’t even think any of the above people have even read this page to begin with.

    Yes most of us, who are in the poor working class, or as it can be right now, not working and losing or lost our homes and so forth, we do need help.

    Unfortunatly, I don’t see any of them helping any of us any time soon, since they really don’t help individuals to begin with.

    Yes, I to have recieved the $3500.00 fake check (still have it)and have also sent out more than 100 letters to all sorts of foundations seeking help to get a fresh start, Nothing, but in the mean time we get further and further behind only being able to pay some and not all the bills each month. Going without medical attention or not being able to go to the dentist to get that cracked tooth fixed, or to get the much needed glasses to see better with or even putting off buying the medication that we need.

    Bottom line they made their money how every they made it and they don’t like nor will they even consider helping a person or a family in need, that will only happen if you become a charity or another country.

    If I sound down on them I’m not I’m just facing so much loss and sadness that I don’t see anyone coming to help anytime soon. Oh by the way I have really tried almost everything legal that is, including visualization of what I need and besides a big major headach that didn’t work either.

    So it boils down to becoming homeless and doing whatever you can to survive, I learned that the hard way growing up in childcare center’s and foster homes. No one is gong to help you, you have to keep trying to find your own way, then maybe one day you will come up with something that might make you rich, too and then you can be like Mr. P.Ross {may he rest in peasce} and help a lot of real people with real issues, so that they can have a brighter tomorrow and better nigths sleep knowing that they will have a bed of their own and not the ground to sleep on.

    Just don’t give up people, don’t give up, I know it’s hard I live it every day. I was the single mother, I lost a child, I have a child doing his second tour of duty. I know the pain and am feeling it all the time. It’s bill time do you have enough to pay the creditor’s heck no!! I’m talking every day bill’s, we don’t and can’t live beyound our needs, never have. Company’s don’t pay according to the economy, so if you get behind you might as well forget about catching up without help. It’s next to impossible. Yes it can be done but with help from somewhere. Question is help from where? Well people try to stay above water and pray alot cause only God can make it work out for us. Another person lost in the distant ocean of invisibilty.

  • Darlene Taylor

    While none of the rich nd powerful will read here let alone help anyone here is true.emailing the well off does not work either even when its not a personal request but rather a broader based request like fill up a local food bank with food and essentials.food pantries here are totally empty.those are also ignored I sent an email to Oprah’s show and she never responded

  • mara

    You People here If only you knew I feel your Pain. You are asking for help an it is like know one is listening to you. Iam sure that If knowbody gave them a chance they would not be were they are today.Just a Glimmer of hope If they just acknowledge you,something.I’am sure they have been were we are today somebody finally heard them.ButIf I had My way I would help each and everyone of you here I feel your Pain.I Live your Pain.

    We Need to take care of each other.One family at a time.Just let them know that it is on its way!
    Glimmer of Hope!Keep Looking Up!

  • I believe in miracles and I believe that anything can happen if you put your mind to it. I am a young pastor in Phoenix, Arizona and we have a church that has several youth and children intervention programs with a high success rate of redirecting these powerful new minds in a more positive path to become future business leaders in America and around the world. However, I am currently facing a financial challenge and desire to one day bring or church to a place of greater prosperity so that we can provide more then we are doing now to the communities around us and aboard. In addition, our dream is to assist with efforts in helping children dieing in Sudan, African and in other parts of the world. We have a vision that is loaded with outreach and intervention but finances is our only setback, I desire to come under the tutelage of one of these great people to better understand funding development so I can teach others beyond the church how to manage there money and how to create wealth no matter what there endeavors are in life. I believe in miracles and I believe that anything can happen if you put your mind to it. If anyone knows a person who can teach us more about finance / funding development please contact me at: bmcneal2000@aol.com / http://www.spiritandlifeworldministries.org .

  • Kim

    I’ll tell you all something! I’ll answer all your needs when my intuitive nature and innovative spirit becomes a reality in our universe and SO IT IS! Never give up & never say this is a bunch of BS. If you have the ability to imagine, be grateful at the same time,and literally feel what you imagine then it shall be. Tell your family, tell your friends waht you see and the universe will work the rest of it out for you. We create in our lives what we want and what we believe in. And,,,,it depends on just the route you have chosen to take in your life. Do you take every breath for granted and do you take care of the physical self that houses the very thing you all are denying. Your spirit! Be careful and be true to the preciousness of your lives. You dont wake up and dream of having 100,000.00. It may seem something to you but the universe understands a different kind of relationship with yourself and its deep down inside all of you. Dont ever give up and start dreaming and seeing what you want. You must feel it, speak it, and think it! It’ll come once you released that into the Universe. You will get more of the same what most of you have released into the Universe because thats where you are placing your negative thoughts and feelings therefore is your reality.

    Peace and love to you all!

  • Mohammed Nizzar

    I’ve been sending mails to almost everywhere but I receive no replies.
    I’m badly in need of $1000/ for the setting up of a small farm here in my place, India. My life is in ruins, I am jobless and handicaped. At present I am living with my brother’s paltry income. He has a big family to feed on.
    Just that amount would make a big difference in my life. Please donate graciously and wholeheartedly to:
    Mohammed Nizzar
    K.A. House,

  • Marcell Glickman


    I am in dire need of medical attention! The approximate cost is $20,000.00. I have worked all of my life; and like so many, I am challenged by the economic changes in our country. In the past, I have given donations of food, clothing and money with an open heart. Now, I am faced with a situation of need. Your help and consideration is greatly appreciated.

  • I am a single mother who usually suffers fom backache, Iam old enough for having a child who is just 7 years old. He is a very smart boy and I am worried about him because I am very old to be a mother of a small boy. I would like to ask for a charitable help to contribute to my boy´s education, by affording me a contribution which can help me to establish a small business in which I can teach my child how to work and how to organize himself for his future life. He will have the opportunity to get a better education and to find the pathway for a decent integrated life full of moral values and that can surely illustrate a good example of dignity to future generations. I will appreciate your noble contribution. thanks.

  • Jp

    I am a single disabled mom. My son and I live off of my month social security check. For the past couple of days I have been praying the our Lord will some how provide money for me to get gas to get my son to school, get some food and get him and my grandchildren something for Christmas. Ever since I have been disabled I have not been able to get him anything for Christmas or his Birthday. I hate the thought of me actually having to get on the internet and beg for money, but I have no pride left. I need help. Please understand, that I just don’t want another year to go by and not be able to get him anything once again. Two years ago, the doctors told me that there was nothing else that can be done for me. I have Sarcoidosis, the (Bernie Mac) disease. I prayed that the Lord will allow me to live at least long enough to see him through high school. So here I am. If there is anyone out there who can help me for Christmas please, please help. Thank you and God Bless you.

  • As I sit here in my bedroom tonight thinking well it never hurts to have HOPE so I am going to tell my story and BELIEVE . I am trying to start a new ministry that will touch the nations of the world . This is something God has called me to do . Also this is my hearts desire . It is called S.A.N.D. intl. Ministries . Many Many hard things have taken place in my life in the past 5 yrs. especially . I am in need of a car and some bucks to get this ministry going . I would greatly Thank anyone who could help. What a christmas it would be also if I could get my grand babies a gift . I have been out of work and not even a penny to my name .I am in debt to the wonderful christains who are allowing me in their home( Rent $ ) . God bless you ! I sure would not know what to do when I hear back from you . God richly bless you . Shelli Sines

  • Cynthia

    God is so good to each and every one of us. We must learn to trust his Word–that He will guide us and direct our steps. Many times we tend to lean on people because it is the easiet thing to do. However, each of us must believe in the One who created the heavens and the earth. Praying is not begging God to do anything. It is simply believing that He will answer our prayers and grant our requests. We must wait patiently. However, during this time we must believe that He will guide us and direct us. We must also seek to build ourselves up by being grateful for all the wonderful things in our life no matter how small or great. Once we learn to appreciate and give thanks amazing things happen. Our hearts and minds become peaceful. Energy and Joy overtakes us. Hope is renewed and we become stronger. Many times we take for granted even the sweet small things in our lives and our surroundings. We live in a Country where we are free. The birds chirp and sing. The trees sway and move graciously in the wind. The seasons change displaying
    beauty. Further, there are opportunities all around us if we would only quiet the voice of sorrow and self pity. A merry heart worketh like a medicine–laughter and joy. The secret key is to laugh and think highly of yourself no matter what the circumstance. Remember your situation could be worse. Thank God that each day you are improving no matter how you may feel. Suddenly one day you will with amazement realize that you have improved! Today was my first time on this website. There are challenges in my life where only a miracle from God will change the situation. However, I choose to live with an attitude of expectancy that something good is going to happen. I choose to be thankful because things could be much worse. I choose to be grateful and know that even though I don’t have much money, I can still give a smile, a compliment and encouragement to others. These small gestures are priceless–money can not buy the sincerity of these acts of kindness.

    For those who think they need money for Christmas gifts you are so wrong! A simple written letter of love to someone will mean much more than any material gift that you can give them. A letter of wisdom to a high school or college age person is worth more than silver. A word of encouragement, a poem, a short story written by you is precious. Something that will not grow old or become outdated, but a TREASURE–A TRUE KEEPSAKE. Baked Cookies, Pie, etc. are other good gifts. A game night with children and family hosted by you is another gift. Handwritten coupons signed by you to babysit for someone or to do something special for someone else is another great gift.
    My family and I have been doing some of these things for years and we have had lots of fun. Dollars Store gifts–Wow you can get a lot of great things there. Some of my children teachers and therapist have been excited over some of the gifts that we purchased at these stores.

    We tend to complicate life and take so much for granted. The next time you start to worry about how bad your situation is, just know that it could be worse and there is someone somewhere who is having a much harder time. BE GRATEFUL!


  • Nachalle

    I am a public school teacher. My name is Nachalle Sherman. Although I live in Manhattan, I teach in Flatbush Brooklyn. There are major concerns I have with our youths and I am sure the communities should share these same concerns because the youth are our future and their deficiencies affect us all. I am presently teaching Middle School and my students are learning how to act in a play. The play of choice is “Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters” a South African tale retold by John Steptoe. I am asking for funding for this play. Our school is Parkside Preparatory Academy located at 655 Parkside Ave. The play will be performed February 2010 11th and we are thinking of an evening performance, February 12th 2010. We need funding for materials and transportation for our students to travel to school and other communities to perform their play. I would appreciate any funding and adoption of our school to encourage our students to be better citizens of our community.

    I am also interested in creating an outdoor classroom so that our children will learn with more hands on experiences. The outdoor classroom consist of, a Green House built on the campus grounds. I hope and pray you will see the need to fund us and our school. As you know, Public Schools are not one of the favorites according to our mayor and more and more public schools are being closed down because of low test scores or poor attendance. I pray that someone would hear this cry for help and helping our youth be successful and feel encouraged to achieving much more in their lives.

    Finally, our school will be having its 25th anniversary on April 5th 2010. We need financial support to have notable people to attend our celebration of 25 years of being in existence. I appreciate anyone reading this and hopefully they will see the need in sharing their wealth to children who are less fortunate.



  • I thought I would contact one of these most generous of individuals in seeking their assistance. Unfortunately, I have yet to hear anything from this person. I trully doubt if I ever will.I suppose I cannot blame them. I am a nobody to them and they are one of the most powerful.

  • noname

    If you have had a bad memory like me you may have money being held by the state you lived in, this is worth a try, and is very real, it may be $200 to thousands ,find your states link http://www.missingmoney.com/

    god bless to all

    Give and you will receive, no mater how small,believe it.

  • Andi

    Hi, I am from Indonesia, age 42 years married with 2 children (daughter 14 and son 7 years old). Domicile in Jakarta, Indonesia. On this occasion, I would like to seek your helping hands due to my circumstances.

    I have a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from a private local university, graduated in 1993. I was working in local firm, fixed wing aircraft manufacture in Jakarta, Indonesia, until year 2000. Because of domestic economic downturn, the company has to be closed. I was searching for a job until now but unfortunately, I still could not get one. It has been a hard time of my life for not having a job for almost 10 years now.

    As for living, luckily my parents can support me until now. But, as a retired government officer, my parents are sort of funding too.

    My parents have 2 children, me and my older sister. My sister married with a pediatric. She lives in Bandung, Indonesia. My father is 75 years old and my mother is 72 years old.

    Due to my age, it is difficult for me to find a job now, I have to compete with much younger and fresh ages. I want to start a new page and stop for job hunting. I want to create a business line, so I could become an entrepreneur. In order to do that, I need your helping hands, as we know well to start a business needs funding. This is the point that I need you to help me out. Can you imagine as parenthood not having any income for almost 9 years? My kids are growing up fast now, they need a better life, better atmosphere as growing children. Not just looking to me in home everyday and getting my message Be patient kids, I am still looking for a job but still, I could not get one. Pray to God, okay? This message goes to my wife as well.

    I am tired of this waiting and waiting to get a job. It is too long waiting chapter of my life. My daughter is in 9th grade now (junior high). It is not good for her to see my miserable life.

    So, for this humiliating story of my life, I need your helping hands immediately. You may categorize your helping me out as alms or charity or donation or any kind as you wish to say. I need US$ 800.000 (Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) for setting up business and saving for my kid’s future. As for business, I will be looking something which is profitable. I will report to you my business progress; maybe I can send pictures of them.

    This letter is real, this is not a scam, fraud, or such things like that.

    Please, I need your helping hands as soon as possible.

    I thank your for your time and kind attention. Waiting for your humble reply.

    Sincerely yours,

  • Philip Darko

    I am a teacher with a very poor rural background who have by dint of hardwork, perseverance and God’s, made it to this level as a first year MPHIL.(SOIAL STUDIES) of the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana.

    My salary level is so low that I cannot afford to purchase a Desktop let alone a Laptop Computer for my academic and research work.

    Please, I need your assistance to enable me to cope with my studies and the typing of my assignments. I had it very tough with the first semester’s activities(Aug-Dec,2009)

    Please help me to enable me achieve my goal -to become a lecturer.

    Thank you


  • Bridgett Macklin

    I am searching for someone who would like to donate money to help the homeless in Jackson, Mississippi……I am currently active in operating a homeless shelter that houses 85 to 100 men and women every night and I need help with keeping the utitilites up and paid every month….I am non-profit…..

    Please help us in any kind of way:

    God’s Homeless Haven
    P. O. Box 720029
    Byram, MS 39272

    Bridgett Macklin

  • Robin

    I looking for someone to just help me and my family just eat next week, I work a fulltime job and my husband hasn’t work sense last January, we moved in with his uncle me and my daughter and husband, I am fulltime student also. But I have to pay all bills in the house that was the agreement, I am at my worst end and my credit is getting worst, I can’t pay anything on time. I pay my car note, buy food for the whole house, lights, and my health insurance is out the roof its half of my check. I am not complaining but when you all the right things in life what happens to the people like us. I just feel sorry for my child I would love for her to have a yard to have company over but this is not my house so I have no say, these people who seat and complain all I have to say try walking in my shoes, to work everyday never been in trouble me or my husband go to church every Sunday, still strive for better.


    I am looking for help paying bills and just surviving while I attend school online for an AA degree in criminal justice. I hope to continue my education till I receive am Masters in Criminology. I want to find out how the criminal mind works and how to prevent more crime. Im currently on disability and want to be able to support my family with my brains, not my broken down body. I just want to pay off a few bills, get a reliable vehicle, and be able to concentrate on my studies without worrying about having computer service, food, gas for dr. appts., and small everyday items. Please help. I would repay you as soon as I was able. Thank you

  • Musoke Sam Friday

    This is a very interested WEB and it give us a mood and dedicataion and effort but the quasition is how can the bellioners help the poor business comminity to come up because i have seen almost surporting health education, etc
    I would like or request to added on the list to get informations inmy mail box thanks

  • Stephen Abodiles

    Thanks for this WEB. Please see how these billionaire people can help straggling individuals like me. I admit I have make mistakes but I desperately need their financial help. I can be contacted through my email ad for further details. Thanks a lot again

  • Yvonne Whitson

    I need a little help to pay rent[a couple of months} while I look for a job and help with a decent running car. I do not care how old the car is or what it looks like just as long as it runs really good. I might have to go out of my town to look for employment, thats 30+ miles away. I live in the Desert and really don’t want to be stuck in the middle of no where. Please can you help me.

  • ravinder singh

    im working in uae.i lost my job.my family is in india.my 2 daughters are studying in india.ive a rented house.for managing my family and my livelyhood in dubai i need financial help unless i get a job.im in deep trouble and see nowhere to go.any GOD loving person who can help me.

  • sharon r. valentine

    i am a registered nurse in new orleans,la. i was in a very serious car accident on my way to work on 11/05/09. i was out of work for a little over a month, but had some vacation time to carry me through, until i returned to work. my hours when i returned had been cut due to economical situations. on 01-13-10, i was forced to resign due to an isuue on the unit that supposedly occured on 12-13-09. i now have a new job to start on 02-22-10, but in the meantime, i have run out of money and food. i am about to be evicted from my home,lose my car, and have my utilities turned off. i have gone to my family for help, but they too have their own stories to tell, so unable to help me. i have never been quite this bad off before. if anyone can, please help me. thank you

  • Altay

    Does anyone of you get any help?

  • ALEX


  • Dana L’Wood

    I am in no way proficient in grant writing. In fact, it’s been hard for me to ask for help in any way. I am a sixty-three year old woman who is permanently disabled. My room-mate is not much younger and is also permenently disabled. We live in a drafty, fungus ridden house. The landlord found a rotten board two year ago on the back stairs and decided he would tear the whole back porch off and build a new one. He did tear the back porch out but that’s where it ended. Perhaps it’s needle to say but living on Social Services Disability Insurance is hardly enough to eat and buy medicine but, our landlord keeps raising our rent. We can’t afford it and even if we could, we would want to move. We want to move to Santa Cruz but can’t afford the moving costs. There are many programs for seniors and disabled people there. It is a clean city seeming less populated with gangs. Both my roommate and I would love to live out the rest of our years without risk of eviction or fear of being victimized by young gangs. Please help us with moving costs and first and last rent. Together it should be about &5000.00. We would be eternally grateful and work toward doing good for others for the rest of our days. Thank You,

    Dana L’Wood and Morgan Weimer

  • Please help me and my family with a US$ 30,000.00 grant to purchase a piece of land to build a Residential house to live and farm for sustainability.


  • We require a US$ 3,500.00 grant to buy a bore hole,pump and to instal electricity. This water will help 3000 people in our community

    Naftaly Arayason

  • Maks

    My name is Maks! I am 18, I live in Kiev,Ukraine !
    I need help!
    this summer I decided to go to the USA with program WORK AND TRAVEL
    My parents do not earn much, I work too, but do not have time to earn up to that time, how to pass the money in the agency, that would go. I need $ 1800. I already have $ 300
    I want to ask you to throw off, on my Webmoney wallet :
    WMZ : Z217030712709
    WME : E306078151121

    even for a couple of $.
    just in my country, 1 $ = 8 UAH, and the salary of my parents is 5000 UAH = 625 $.

    You can call me at Skype, my ID: mshunter41
    or view my profile : vk.com/id66092196
    or write in my icq : 362664751
    or my mail : mshunter@bigmir.net


  • Alicia

    I am a 33 year old single parent of 2 boys who is in desperate need of a vehicle to try and get back and forth to work to provide for my kids, it is very hard right now for me as the economy has taken its toll on my bills and now that I do not have a car, it is just that much harder, so if there is anyone that can help me it would be much appreciated, I am not picky, I just really need some reliable transportation as I have exhausted all means,God bless anyone if they can help me, you will continue to be blessed. thank you, sincerely, much needed….

  • shahin momeni

    MY EMAIL:shahinmomeni@yahoo.com
    ACCOUNT NO: 3001/2/200/4317

  • George Co

    I just would like to approach even through by e-mail a philanthropy to provide that He or She have to lend me a money to start a business. Simple message as it goes and hope so that they we’ll give me an opportunity to be an entrepreneur to start a business. And my E-mail address is georgeco68@yahoo.com
    My name is George Co and I am from Paranaque Philippines.
    And also that I do hope that you will always give an apology to my message if and when I’ll be of a wrong grammar it is because that i am not that well versed of speaking english cause we’re not on everyday using English language.

  • George Co

    I’m asking from philanthropist to give me an opportunity to start a business, and hoping so that this message will be replied as soon as possible for me to start a business.
    I just want you to lend me for starting business and when time come that this business will prosper than that’s the time where in I can pay you back for what you gave to me.
    I hope for your reply. Please contact me at my E-mail address: georgeco68@yahoo.com

  • Laura

    All of you asking for help may find your ‘solution’, if you take the time to look at all the different things you know, and all the different things you know how to do. This knowledge can be used to generate an income, start a business, etc. – once you consider all the ways available to use that knowledge.
    Each person has a gift- it is what you DO with it that matters.
    Hanging above our table was this poem sent to my father by his favorite uncle. I read it every day as I sat there. I hope it inspires others, as it did me. It said:
    “Isn’t it strange that Princes and Kings
    And clowns that caper in sawdust rings
    And common folk, like you and me,
    Are the builders of Eternity?

    Each is given a bag of tools,
    A shapeless mass, a book of rules
    And each must make ‘ere Life is flown
    A stumbling block, or a stepping stone”
    (Attributed to ‘Anonymous’)

    So… which will YOU make?

    It is not our abilities that tell who we are- it is the choices we choose to make.
    It makes no difference if you are disabled, a single parent, or disadvantaged in any way. What matters is how much importance you place on the ‘negatives’ in your life. Do they take up more room in your life, or mind, than the positives?
    I believe that there is a solution to every problem- it is up to US to turn over every possible ‘rock’, as it were, to FIND that solution, and make that work for us.
    Often, we think that if someone just would ‘give us a hand’ or ‘loan us a hand-out’, then everything would work out. Realize that YOU are your own ‘salvation’- no one can ‘help’ you- you must help your self.
    If your idea is good, and you are passionate about it, you will find a way to make it work.
    You do not need to be free of disability, or part of a couple, or financially gifted to make a difference in your life, or the lives of others. You just have to decide to do so. And then go about creating ways to make that happen.
    Your lives consist of, and create, just what you put your attention to most. If you concentrate on ‘lack’, then that is what you will have.
    Instead of saying and thinking ‘I don’t have money to eat, or to get a place to sleep’, say and think ‘now, what skill, knowledge, ability do I have that someone else needs or can benefit from? What can I DO to earn the money so I can pay my bills?’ Do something you are interested in, that you love to do- something that you enjoy and are passionate about.
    If you like to read, go read to people who cannot(maybe they are blind, or have no skill)-maybe you can set up a program where they pay for that service. If you like to put together or fix things, offer your skill to those who cannot, and get compensated for it. If you are skilled at getting by when homeless, offer to speak at shelters, and have the shelter pay you. If you know how to do anything at all- and each of us knows how to do something!- offer to share it with others for compensation. The resources available to do that are as endless as one’s imagination.
    If you are an arts and crafts person, offer to show others by having classes at a store that sells the supplies(either have the class participants pay you, or have the store pay you). Whatever it is you have a passion for, use it to get where you want to be.
    Life is as hard as you allow it to be- it is about attitude. Yes, bad things happen- but are you going to let that beat you down, or are you going to use it to your advantage?
    There is no one out there who is going to rescue you- you have to rescue yourself. And KEEP re-rescuing yourself.
    When I got crying about how much I hated having to start over, and how much I was really sick and tired of always having to pick up the pieces and start all over again in life, my father laughed, and said “Well, you better get used to it, kiddo! That is what Life IS- starting over, and starting over again, and, yet, starting all over again!” I thought,’I don’t have it in me- I’ve no strength left, nor any desire to go through one more instance!’ But you know what? You really only have a choice- you are alive. You can either roll up, and give up, and cry about how unfair life is(which gets you no where, not to mention no one wants to be around someone like that), OR you can pick up the pieces, and get on with it- figure out what to do next. Look for solutions. If that means you have to count worms into little boxes for fishermen, do it. Whatever it takes to get you where you want to go- as long as it is ethical, and legal, and harms no one. Do what is right- for you. And for everything/everyone else. What I mean is, do not harm anything on your way- help, instead.
    Someone is waiting for your gift to be shared.
    So…Are you going to make your life a stumbling block?…or a stepping stone?

  • Brian Wilson

    Hello ! My name is Brian Wilson I have been put in a very unfortunate position , a lot of hard working ,loving father’s may not bounce back from if it has happened in their lives.
    In a previous relationship me and my mate at the time were living a normal working class life raising two children , our son B’jon Wilson and her daughter Ladeena Senni. As the relationship started going sour i at the time was able to maintain a healthy and secure life for our son. So i being a responsible ,loving,caring Dad i should and will always be, I took the bulk of my fatherly duties and saw after my son for four years as a single Dad. Well come to find out years later that my Ex had been receiving support for my son, but my son lived in my care.I have and never will be a dead beat dad so, i thought nothing of the proper court reaction,not wanting to hurt my son with what his mom would be going through if i were to press charges.Well at this time 2005 Mar24 i had been married with my current wife Ewa
    Wilson and we had 3 additions to the family ,taliah, ty, and Kyla Wilson , Kyla has been diagnose with autism and i really want to be there for her needs and be the support my family has been missing. My wife and I had been doing our best with everything that could be done for our baby girl, but the problems of the past would and still has been a thorn in our relationship.
    My children and wife are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life ,an inspiration to keep pushing strong, but there has been this continuous financial anchor that will not leave us alone. So working hard providing the best i can , i come home from my office one day, only to find my wife and children are gone. That day was the last time i have seen my wife or three small children not to mention the worst day of my life-May27 2008.
    I found out late last year that my family has left the country and she has taken them to her home land Sweden. I cried daily for 2yrs until one day my wife called me and i finally got to try and get some closer.
    I now get to speak to the children and her, but i would very much love to get the opportunity to go to Sweden and visit my family. The reason i cannot is that the fraudulent
    case has me paying arrears that i cannot afford at 25,000 i was able to get them to drop the child support in full 68,000 . Now if i could get the help to settle the arrears i would then be able to Go and visit mt wife and children .
    Even though we are not together we have talked and have forgiven one another for the mistakes we have made as a couple but would love to try and make our family whole again. The most important thing to parents is the well being of the children. If there is anyone that will help me please respond i will be forever in your debt…….
    Thank you for reading my cry for help…..
    Email dubbs573@yahoo.com – ((( in need of 25,000 to pay arrears so i may travel and see my kids that have been abducted )))

  • Larry

    We want to build a college campus complex in West Central Ohio and seek a serious, legit philanthropic partner to help with capital planning & funding for our endeavor.

  • partnership for project work.
    Dear Sir/Madam
    Am peter Ahunarh, the founder(C.E.O) in the department of health foundation which is directed by clinicians here in Ghana to provide support, education and research to help reduce the rate of Sickness causing death in the community and the country at large.

    My reason is that, TB is becoming pandemic in our community in Ghana and we need technical assistance to help us train volunteers( TB treatment supporters) to fight this problem.
    so Please i behave of the above management we are seriously seeking for help.

  • emmalene penn

    Dear Sir/Madam
    My name is emmalenepenn. I am a retired teacher. The reason I am writing is because I would like to help teachers who lost their jobs because they could not pass the Praxis Test. These teachers come to school everyday, they have five years or more received excellent on their yearly evaluations, the students are on reading or math level, and they are loved by their parents, teachers, and community. Many have lost their homes, cars, and other possessions because they could not pass a test. Some have even taught for ten years. I wrote a song entitled “Teacher’s Tears’ that if spondored, could help these teachers be salaried to save their families. Please help me help these teachers.

  • emmalene penn

    my email address is emmalenepenn@verizon.net. These teachers could only be rehired as paraprofessionals. Most of them are out of unemployment and have to take unprofessal jobs. Many of them have two or three degrees

  • Kemmie

    Do all you people really think these rich peeps are going to help..

    THIs is a joke….they dont care about pee ons like us..Come on one

  • Larry Weston

    I just want to get out of debt and live a normal life. Can anyone help me with about $25,000. Once I`m out of debt I would like to speak with some investors about a business plan I have drawn up in the HVAC industry. I need this money due to 2 bad divorces and personal debt and I cant get ahead enough to enjoy anything outside of breathing. Please help….
    Larry Weston

  • I greet you in the name of the almighty, i am by names John Kalisa aged 19 years, talented in soccer and thank GOD i was given a chance to join a football academy in the UK at an application fee of 150 pounds and also pay for my travel which will all cost me $3,000. I kindly need your support and reach my dream and also help others in need. Please philanthropists or others capable, help me. My e-mail is kobjohns@yahoo.com. Thanks and Lord bless you.


    The world is mine for the taking, but instead I let the world take over me. I pray for thoes list fortunate because even though i go thru struggles every single day of my life, I find myself blessed with having the oppertunity and life knowledge of both good & bad sides through life’s short journey. I learned first not to ask for help or excpect something for nothing. I just feel that you even taking this time to even consider me means a whole lot really. P.S. God Bless

  • Richard

    I just need a few hundred bucks to continue writing my actuarial exams.

  • Steven

    I am an ehd stage COPD patient. I had Prostate Cancer surgery Oct 3, 07, but it came back last year, just before my stroke on June 7th, 09. My wife, Caren, is diabetic and was struce with painful ulcers on the bottom of her right foot. With no medical for her, it was very hard to pay for doctors and antibiotics to treat her at home from mid 2006 to July 25, 2009, At that time I lost control of the infection and it turned to gangreen. Her entire body was toxic and resulted in the amputation of the three outside toes in Sept., 2009. That’s the month our car went down, on the 20th of Sept. We live in the Mojave Desert, the small town of Hinkley. All our “FRIENDS” have either turned their backs on us or cannot help. Nobody ever calls or visits out here. We have two wonderful friends that take me to the market in town, 15 miles away, but that’s about it, and even that is wearing very thin. Recently the ulcer came back on my wifes foot, and it’s only a matter ot time till it turns toxic and then the gangreen. She applied for SSI, which I am on at 871.00 per mo., and she has her early retirement of $ 719.00 per month. Last Friday she got heer Medi-Cal card, so her SSI has been approved. I also got a letter saying my benifits are dropped to 354.10 mo. and her’s also dropped to 354.10 mo. They cannot pay a married couple more than $ 708.20. I desperatly need $ 2,500 for a car. We don’t even need the money, just a dependable car and we don’t care what it looks like. I must get her transportation to get her medical treatment and myself to chemo visits 30 miles away. Even someone to help repair what we have. I’ll do “ANYTHING” to secure the cash, vehicle or repairs. I cannot bear to lose her like this. After that, I plan to start a website for signatures and donations to abolish the Social Security Marriage Penalty for so many aging and elderly folks who are going thru the same.
    Stephen G. Melton
    22777 Riverview Rd.
    Hinkley, Cal 92347-9711
    (760) 253-1204 (Fax also)
    I’m asking, somebody please help We are losing faith fast. We’ve helped so many others. They say it comes back to you, but right now, we just can’t see it and see no way out. Thank You for your time to anyong who bothers to read this.

  • Sina Nasiri

    Hi dears,
    i got really hopeful when I saw this web page, I am college student from Iran (living in Iran). I study MA in English but unfortunately i can’t afford my tuition any more and i am engaged with a girl i love. But financial matters don’t allow me to be feeling good. i should leave my studying cos i have no money, I should leave my love cos i have no money to buy home, i have no car to work to earn, i can’t apply for some jobs because of my body condition (my face and skin need surgery for the sake of bad acne), in Iran if u have no money u are a loser, sometimes i cry in secret to relief myself but situation is the same. i don’t want to commit any guilt to satisfy myself, i can say no body about my problems even my love who accepted my appearance but can’t stand against her parents. My family has no good condition to support me, may be God wants to test me but i am really too weak to it. i know God wants someone be rich someone be poor, but i have heart too, i want continue my education, i don’t want lose my love since her parents say if u can’t marry leave our girl alone, please if u can help me suppose that u are helping one of your family members. i don’t know what to do, getting job for one hasn’t academic confirmation is impossible in Iran. Here u should be educated or be rich but i have none of them. I can get one but money doesn’t allow. My whole tuition is about 20,000 dollars, and 80,000 dollars will be enough to buy a 50 meters apartment. But i am sure i can never earn this and always regret why i was born in poor family. If u can help me i will be very gratitude in all my life cos u change my whole life. As there is a verse of Iranian poet on the door of United Nations organization ((all human relate to one body, if the time annoys one organ of the body the rest can’t be bear)). if u want to help me and i prefer to say yourself cos God gives u more than the things that u give the others, please inform me by my email which is: sinak1365@yahoo.com
    please change my whole life
    with best wishes

  • Steven

    Comment to Kemmie: Yes, I know you are probably right. Normally I wouldn’t ask for help from anyone for anything. I’ve always done for us by myself with no help from anyone and never would ask, especially like this, but sometimes things get so hopeless you just have to give it a shot if the situation is urgent enough. My wifes life is that urgent. It makes you lose faith in mankind; I’ve helped so many others, and still do, yet at times like this it seems the whole world turns it’s back. You try to have “faith”, but then the real life definition of “faith” sets in; “The ability for one to believe in that of which can only be imagined.” For us, Kemmie, we’re just dreamin! Faith is simply imagination.
    Yes Laura, some of these folks just want, yet there are some with very real needs. Yes, they can get out of it by themselves somehow in time, but time and circumstances just are’nt on their side. Obviously you’ve never been in a situation serious enough. But even so, we (my wife and I) still help as much as we can. We have no money, but we still have a spare bedroom for someone who really wants to try, and, NOBODY LEAVES THIS HOUSE HUNGRY!
    We gave help to a young man once, Ryan. Sleeping in his car, no job; life seemed hopeless. We gave him a bedroom and within three months he had a job and was moving out into his own apt.. He came by this last August to see us, nice car, had money, married and very happy. His wife came to us just this last Jan 17th at his request. He wanted us to know the difference we helped make in his life. That morning he had been in an accident and died late that morning with his wife at his side. She drove a long way just to tell us that. No, I never got my ranch either, but I enjoy thinking of him early in the morning while I’m drinking my coffee, looking out the window while the sun comes up over the beautiful desert; especially in the spring when the desert floor turns to brown, green, yellow and purple.
    I guess maybe most of the folks on here don’t know what dear Steveelynn is talking about, but I do. Although I know nobody will help, and I know what the outcome of mour situation will be, but I still have the spare room for whoever needs it.

  • Darlene

    I posted here before .not because I expected anything but the point.I was trying to make is that these philanthropists have gotten so wealthy that they now only help those who can give them the biggest tax breaks for doing so.2 years ago I was healthy,had a job and an apartment and life was looking up.Then disaster struck my health nose dived,I can now no longer walk,I live in a mobile home with no running water,knowing I will be homeless any day now,I have no money to pay rent. before living in this place without heat or water I lived in a broken car,so I am grateful for at least having this temporary roof.I did for a month help a family who was in their car by sharing this roof with them. they have since moved on.my only subsistence is monthly food stamps for which I am grateful.I don’t expect help but am willing to share what little I have with others who may need it.


    I hear a crys for help in every comment made, because of our economy becoming a shead of ongoing tears. It has divastated our self confidence, securities, and structured budget, that we depend on each & everyday. I see many struggling famlies including myself, trying to get through this rough maze that our goverment has created, but I refuse to depend on someone else, rich or not to pull me out of my most difficult situation. I can only pray that if God grants me assistance for anything it is not!!! to give up on myself & let myself go into depression, because I feel sorry for myself it is so easy to do. Honestly who wouldn’t want someone to pull them out of debt or throw a couple hundred thier way just because they needed it, if life was that easy, there would be no point in sacrafice. I am not asking for a hand out I’m asking for assistance within these people who write before you today our whole economy, if you are rich as you say you are and you really want to help just look at America’s big cry for help in voices! movement! economy! and put our world back togther as, best as we can. Beleive it or not we can make a better diffrence in asking for all instead of just thinking for ourselves.

  • Laura

    Don’t mean to sound harsh,Steven- but I “obviously” HAVE been in a situation “serious enough”- and more than once, to be sure. I have never forgotten those few who have been generous in such times- and, oddly enough, they were always total strangers.
    I, also, have always had ‘extra room and food’ for whoever needs it, and stop to give rides to whoever needs to get somewhere- I often take them wherever they need to go, and put my own plans on hold meanwhile. And there have been plenty of times that these ‘needy’ people have taken advantage of my generosity, ripped me off,etc. Others, were kind and called later to let me know how they were doing. It’s a mixed bag, and one never knows if one is ‘actually’ helping or if one is going to be played for a sucker in the long run. It hasn’t stopped me from sharing what I have.
    To assume that I may not be aware that there are people with ‘real’ needs out there is short-sighted, at the least. My point is- what are THEY DOING to resolve the need? Often, people with ‘real needs’ get emotionally caught up in the situation, and feel so hopeless that they CAN NOT see a solution (myself included).
    My point was that it comes down to oneself- we are the ones who ‘save’ ourselves- yes, sometimes there are kind people who are willing and/or able to offer us assistance or an ear,food, or a room,etc. but the SOLUTION comes down to HOW WE LOOK AT THE SITUATION- how WE DEAL WITH IT.
    The ancient adage of “Heal Thyself” still is applicable- People need to understand that it is their own mind- the way they think- the way they speak- the way they look at life- what and how they believe that ‘create’ the situation they find themselves in, and it will, likewise, be the same that ‘gets them out of their pickle'(even if it is a life threatening pickle).
    The situations that life presents are not arbitrarily thrown at us by some outside force or factor- we have created them, whether we can see that or not.It is the thoughts we have- on the inside;those ones we never share with others,even- that are very powerful in ‘setting up’ the situations we later find ourselves in. Our bodies, and our lives follow exactly whatever we ‘put out there’- whether or not we see that, or understand that does not negate what ‘happens’;whether that is done consciously or unconsciously. We are the ‘stage-master'(designer) AND the ‘actor’ in our lives.
    Just LISTEN to what people say- how they think about any given senario- It comes down to how we program ourselves, and how we accept the programming others try to impose upon us, and what our ‘natural tendencies’ tend to be.
    For example:One will say to someone else,”Have you had the flu?”;the other will say,”Not yet”. Think about that…”YET”-the mind begins to set up the body to receive the flu- and then the body accepts it. Another example, which happened to my own father: My grandmother was extremely diabetic, and had to give herself insulin shots daily. Every time she did, and my father witnessed that, he’d say, “God, I hope I NEVER get diabetes!I would NOT want to deal with that”. 23 years later, even though NO ONE on his side of the family ever had diabetes, he “got it”. When I pointed out to him ‘how’ that happened- that he had been programming himself for years to GET it[because the mind does not comprehend or accept negative words- so what the mind ‘hears’ is “I hope I get diabetes!”- the mind completely omits the words ‘never’,’not’,etc.)and the body can ONLY respond to what the mind tells it.
    The only way to ‘cure’ the problem IS to change the way one thinks about it- to repeatedly say, think, and believe ‘I am totally healthy!’- with absolute conviction and CERTAINTY- no doubt, no question. Doubt is the biggest single undermining factor we sabotage ourselves, and our lives with. We SAY,”I can do that!”, yet if there is one little smidgeon of doubt in the mind- even if UNspoken- that doubt will completely negate any possible chance of success. Doubt can be overwhelmingly difficult to squash- yet it can be done.
    We wonder why we get hit with so many negative senarios in life- one has to really look at what we constantly subject ourselves to. Just look at our language- our dictionaries, for example. One that I own has 23 out of 26 words on just the first page that have negative meanings. If we are constantly bombarded with negative programming- tv,radio,people’s conversations, the very language and words that we hear and read and see, etc., (and we’ve all been subjected to ideas/standards,etc. by our peers,teachers,parents,etc.), our lives follow exactly within those perimeters. Our lives and all of its components form, over time, what we believe- how we believe- what we think- how we think. We can re-set all of that. It first helps to recognize what we have come to believe, and how that may have happened.
    When I was told I had acute and chronic Hep C, and had “months to live”, my initial response was,”BS!For every disease there IS a cure!”- the meds they gave me made me sicker- so I quit taking them. I found a way to ‘get well’.That was over 10 yrs. ago- viral count 0. “Impossible” cures happen to people who accept the idea that cures ARE possible.
    The same holds true of our situations- If one is always thinking or saying,”I’m not lucky”,”Things like that only happen to others”,”There’s no solution”,”‘God’felt I needed to get this cancer”,”I always have that happen. No matter how hard I try, something comes along and messes everything up”,etc. they are, in turn, making their own ill fate,as it were. And, Stop ‘trying’- there is no such thing as ‘try’- you either do or you don’t do.
    It does little to ‘appreciate’ the beauty around us, if we can’t or don’t accept the beauty WITHIN us- We hold an AWESOME power to ‘create’ whatever we most strongly believe in(on the inside of ourselves)- be that for good or ill. It can, therefore, work FOR or against you, depending on what you hold as truth inside of you.
    The burdens we are slammed with are of our own making. We can ‘see’ this, once we realize how we think.
    How we deal with those misfortunes is a matter of perspective.
    There’s two kids that go to a center of psychology, They are put in separate rooms filled with horse dung. A little while later, the Dr. went to check on each of them. In the first room, the kid was sitting in a corner, crying, and crying. The Dr. asked “Whatever is the matter that you are so upset?” The boy answered,”I’m locked in this room full of crap, and it’s all dirty and smelly!I can’t get out!” The Dr. went to the second room, and found this kid leaping and jumping around in the dung joyfully, laughing and whooping it up, throwing the dung about everywhere. The Dr. said to him,”What are you doing?” That boy answered,”Hey, with all this dung in here, there’s BOUND to be a horse in here SOMEWHERE!”
    FIND the solution- it is there as surely as is the ‘problem’. You are the best ‘savior’ to whatever you are dealt. Then, figure out why you are always dealing yourself bad cards, as it were. When you realize you are the card dealer, and the player, changes begin to happen. You finally start dealing yourself a better hand- and believing it is possible to have a better hand. Sometimes, our belief systems are so deeply embedded, it can be a real challenge to dig them up and take an honest look at them. Once we do, we can change them- we can ‘accept to bless ourselves’, and ‘accept blessings’ from others. If we always believe on the inside that ‘.(s).hit happens’, then it will continue to ‘happen’. If on the other hand, we truly accept- on the inside- that miracles happen, then miracles will happen.
    People are always saying,”I didn’t ask for this to happen”- upon closer inspection, they find, indeed, that they did. If they have doubts about their health, and are ‘afraid’- on the inside- of getting cancer, then they will get it. If they believe – on the inside- that they are totally healthy, and vibrant- then the body responds in kind to those thoughts- and they stay healthy.
    If they think,”It can’t get any worse!”, sure enough, it will get worse. If they think,”It can’t get any better than this!”, it will. If they think,”How much bad luck can a person have in one lifetime?!”, you will soon see things taking an even worse turn. If you think,”I wonder what great blessings will come my way today?”, you’ll get blessed.
    Our minds are incredible- and can make your life amazing- or devastating. YOU pick the path.
    The problem isn’t so much the nasty cards we deal ourselves, it is that we allow ourselves to get swallowed up into a hopeless state- and then we ARE without hope. We then cannot see a way to solve the problem.
    Miraculous things can happen when one is down and out- if Steveelynn wants a ranch, where has she looked to get one?Has she checked out all the ranchers in that desired area?Maybe one of them has some ‘extra’ acreage, and believes in what she wants to do- maybe someone can offer her a ‘deal’ on getting her project going on.Sitting at the table, drinking coffee, appreciating the beauty around isn’t going to make it ‘happen’- Dreaming is just the first stage. And while you’re ‘dreaming’, make sure you have all your details in order!
    Long ago, I was living in dire poverty, and when my husband bailed for younger ‘game’, I was so annoyed, I said to my friend,”The NEXT place I live is going to have wall-to-wall carpeting, a microwave, a king-sized bed, a dish-washer, and I’m going to have a car to drive instead of this broken down piece of crap!And someone who cares.” Three months later, I looked around, and discovered I DID have wall-to-wall carpeting(in a trailer- I could have asked for an elegant home!It was all matted down and a screaming orange color- I could have had a nice plush in a nice mellow color);I DID have a microwave(something was definitely weird with it, as one could put metal in it, and it still worked!Probably leaked microwaves all over the place);I DID have a king-sized bed(that I shared with a ‘thrasher’!Woke up with bruises, and not a lot of sleep);I DID have a dish-washer(it didn’t work);and I DID have a car to drive(a beat-to-death, raspy looking gas guzzler with the ‘leather’ top in rags), and I DID have someone who cared(whose hygiene amd personal habits left a LOT to be desired!).
    Be careful about what you ask for- because that is EXACTLY what you will get- not a penny more, nor a penny less.
    If you think you “need”- you will. If you say “we have no money”- you will have no money. Yes, you THINK you are ‘just stating a fact’- what you ARE doing is ‘creating’ a ‘fact’.
    If you say, and believe, and think,”I have more money than I know what to do with!”- you will. It doesn’t matter that you may not know HOW that can possibly happen, or from WHERE this money may come from…all that matters is that you ACCEPT the possibility.
    I am writing all this because I have lived all of this- been deathly sick, been homeless, been without money, been without food, been all alone in dealing with horrible situations. It took me years to ‘see’ what was going on- how we ‘create’ our lives(good or bad). We are our own ‘creators’. We are our own salvation. (that is not to say I am without gratitude for our gifts- nor that I do not acknowledge a ‘higher’force[call that God,Allah,Higher Consciousnes,whatever].I am gratful, and I do believe there is a higher ‘power’). And I think that ‘faith’ is more than mere imagination- it is a belief in something ‘bigger’ than ourselves-it is the ability to accept that miracles CAN and do happen. Actively looking for them, and expecting them is a confirmation of faith.
    Have faith in the possibility of the best possible senario, and then go seek it out, and embrace it into you life.
    REGARDLESS of who tells you ‘it is impossible’, or’foolish’, or ‘ridiculous’- or tells you that you are ‘dreaming’. Believe it. Know in you heart and in your mind that it IS possible, and it will soon present itself- then, embrace it with infinite joy.
    It is all fine and good to give to others- just remember to give to your Self, as well(I’m not talking about going out and buying yourself something). Allow your Self to be blessed. Allow others to bless you. Give blessings to others- and give blessings to your Self.
    Allow your Self to be well. Allow your Self to be prosperous. Allow your Self to be free of problems.
    No one is ‘out to get you and your family’- No one- no outside factor- laid all these things at your door. It came because at one moment’s (often fearful)thought, you created it- whether or not you can remember doing so.
    So create a better senario- Don’t wait for some gift from the well-to-do- or from God- or from whom or whatever.
    You can (and DO)change the picture every moment-
    Change it for the better-
    Never mind any ‘outside’ influences.
    “SEEK and ye shall find”;”As a man THINKETH, so SHALL IT BE”;”When the MIND is filled with ‘spirit’,the “Spirit’ fills the material cup to overflow” “If you can believe it, you can achieve it”, etc. Sages throughout the ages have given us all the key to make our lives what we will- how (and IF)you USE the key is up to you. Stop looking outside(asking others), and look to your Self. You will find what you are looking for- be that healing monetary issues, or healing the body and mind.
    “And each is given a bag of tools,
    a shapeless mass, a book of rules.
    And each must make, ‘ere Life is flown
    A stumbling block, or a stepping stone”.
    Blessings to All

  • Laura

    Whoever these ‘rich’ folks are – and how or if the use their money – is entirely up to them. It is, after all, theirs- Sure one can always think of good things to do with other people’s money(to benefit ourselves or to alieviate problems for the whole world)- On the other hand, if you wore their shoes, would you want people telling you what you ‘ought to do’ with your money? I think not. Would you want to be constantly badgered by hordes of ‘unfortunate’ people that are in dire circumstances? I think not.It would get tiresome, even for those who have compassion.
    It is sad that there are more people hard-timing it than there are ‘fortunate ones’, indeed. That is because most are so busy working and being consumed with their immediate situation that they have little time to see the forest from the trees. Little time to look and see how these things come about.
    Granted, there are those wealthy people who were given wealth, yet they were given it because someone thought that they could put it to good use. The wealthy have all the same ‘problems’ as the unwealthy, plus some. They still have to deal with Life’s everyday affairs AND they have no shortage of other people trying, in some way, to take away their wealth.
    So what if they do use tax shelters to protect what they have? That would seem prudent to anyone(including you, I reckon)if one had lots of money, and they wanted to make sure that they were able to keep utilizing it(and not give the ‘gov’t offices more than necessary). Even if one were totally altruistic, they wouldn’t want to give away the goose that lays the golden eggs; They’d want to keep that goose safe and sound and content, so that the goose would lay more eggs. Sure, one can give it all away- but to what purpose? Wouldn’t it be wiser to give portions away, and still be able to generate more, enabling one to continue giving?
    As far as any ‘gov’t’ creating a rough maze…in the US “WE, the people” ARE the Gov’t.- WE are supposed to SELF govern our nation- If we have failed to do that, then WE have created the problem. The gov’t is not an entity- it IS a collection of people(you and me), and it cannot, without us, create anything. It is our own lack of involvement and/or governing ability that ‘creates’ whatever our situation is on that level.
    You may say,”I didn’t vote for so-and-so”, or “I didn’t approve of this or that”, but unless you are taking the reins of the horse by the hand, you cannot blame the wagon for going off the road.
    Something worth considering:If we did not have strife in our lives, what would our lives be like? Inert.
    Strife is what pushes us to do something- it also pushes us to define what is important in our lives. Without it, we would basically do little, as we would have no desire, nor need to do anything.
    It all boils down to us- no matter how much we’d like to blame others, or look for solutions, or pray for some etheral entity to save us.
    God didn’t dole out your problem- He(if you believe the scripture)created man and gave him free will[to do with his life whatever he wanted to, good or bad]. Your parents didn’t give you anything other than the means to be brought into the world- whatever you believed that they told you was your choice to believe or dis-believe. Your mind can even alter genes- so you can’t even blame your genes on ‘giving’ you some dread disease.
    If you would succeed in Life, understand and use your mind, and understand motion.
    Everything you do, think, say, feel, imagine and believe has a consequence- good or bad. Choose your road. Choose your life.
    You cannot choose the road or life path of another- you can only assist in making obvious to them what may be a better option- you cannot make them choose. This is what is meant by “He who cannot help himself, cannot help others”.
    Stop concentrating on your ‘needs’- direct your energy toward NOT needing. If you always think you are lacking, you will always BE lacking. Likewise, if you always think you are having(positive things), you will always be having (positive) enter your life.
    You make your own Karma -by how you think, feel, imagine, believe and do.
    When I had my major ‘accident’, the Drs. all said my nerve damage was irrepairable- that nerves do not heal or grow back. They told me I would be in a wheelchair within 2 yrs. I refused to believe that. I believe that EVERY miniscule fiber of one’s body is designed to heal itself. I was without feeling in my arms and legs for 5 yrs. while I concentrated on repairing the nerve damage. Afterwards, one Dr. said,”It’s a good thing you didn’t listen to what they told you- you are completely healed, much to their astonishment. You proved them all wrong! You have even surprised me”.
    Act in your own best interest- even if you are dead broke and homeless. Even if you have a life-threatening or devastating disease.
    No one else is going to look out for your best interest as well as you- EVER. No one else is in a position to know what is best for you- NO one.
    God may have created the world, and man- but man creates what his life is comprised of. If we are God’s children, then we have the inherent ability to create.
    If one does not believe in God, that is their choice- Believe in your SELF, either way.
    Believe in your ability to find a solution to every problem.
    Believe in ‘possibility’.
    You get great things happening in your life by wanting/desiring great things, by creating/imagining great things, by believing/knowing great things ARE possible, and by FEELING/experiencing exactly how you would feel if they actually happened- by having those feelings that you feel when they DO happen (before they actually do happen).
    You want to have the money to do the things that you want to do, or pay the things you want to pay? Go ‘create’ your wealth- allow yourself to be blessed.
    You want to get rid of whatever health problems you may have? Heal yourself- allow yourself to be blessed.
    You want to help the world and make it better?Heal your mind, create greatness- allow yourself to be blessed.
    You want peace and prosperity? Be peaceful and prosperous- allow yourself to be blessed.
    Allow yourself to be- and do. And allow others to be and do as they will. We don’t ‘need’ a hand-up, or a hand-out- We only have to use the tools we were given to change whatever we wish to change.
    We only have to understand how to use our tools to our best advantage, and decide what it is we are creating with our(and in)lives- and how what we do, think, believe, feel and imagine will affect others.
    Miracles happen every day because of energy we put ‘out there’. (So does all the other stuff)
    What you experience in your life has nothing to do with whether you are ‘deserving’, ‘worthy’, ‘kind’, ‘good’,etc. It simply is made up of YOUR thoughts, beliefs, feelings (fears, anxieties, inhibitions, dreams, hopes, etc)- and what you DO with those is entirely up to you- how you create and accept your ‘lot in life’ is up to you. Others can affect the way you think or believe, yet, ultimately, it is YOU who decides whether or not to accept being influenced.
    Be ‘mindful’ of what you do, think, believe, feel, and imagine. It is, after all, your life….

  • Darlene

    Need you be so harsh?Great for you that you proved the Dr.’s wrong! you aren’t the first to do so nor will you be the last!I see a lot of people here are offering to “share “with others even when all they have to offer is a sandwich ,someone may well be hungry that is posting here and need the sandwich that is offered.You on the other hand are judging people and assuming everyone is looking for a handout.I am not looking for a handout ,I would help anyone who needed it with what little I have to give ,whether it be a space on my roll away bed or a meal. or a spot to come out of the wind or weather.At The end of the day no one will CARE how YOU took care of LAURA what will be remembered is the CARING shown and GIVEN to OTHERS even When the Gift was merely a SANDWICH and a KIND word.

  • Laura

    Harsh? Excuse me- just putting out some information on HOW to transform the energy so that people are NOT in a ‘needing’ place….The only reason I pointed out my own particular ‘battles’ was to emphasize that it CAN be done- regardless of one’s ‘situation. I cannot draw from the experience of others, only that of my own experience.
    I was attempting to show how it can be done, and was not stating any of it to be ‘tooting my own horn’. I realize I surely am not the first, not the last to accomplish such feats that others deem ‘impossible’.
    At the end of the day, no one thinks of what anyone else has done- what is remembered is how THEY lived their own life. They aren’t thinking of some sandwich, or some kind word someone said to them- People are generally thinking about whether they lived a good life, whether they regretted not doing some thing, whether they would have done things differently or not. Some are thinking about ‘if I had only had more time’, or ‘if I had only done this or that’- Some are thinking about all the things they didn’t get done that they wanted to get done. Some are even thinking about how ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’ life has been. Some are even wishing to die- some are wishing they weren’t dying. They aren’t lying there thinking about some strangers sandwich that was given to them with their dying breath. For example:You’ll be thinking about how YOU took care of YOU, and how you took care of OTHERS.(not to say You, personally, will- that will be up to you, of course- it is an EXAMPLE). Whether YOU were a hindrance or a service to others. You’ll be thinking about how well you lived YOUR life- you won’t necessarily be thinking about how well others thought of you, or whether or not you were appreciated for all your service and kindness.You won’t be running down memory lane remembering who did what FOR you- you will be thinking more about what YOU did for others and for your self and whether or not you are happy with that or not with the things that you did.
    Don’t get me wrong- giving love is what Life is all about- It is what makes Life worthwhile- It is the ‘stuff’ that Life is, this love we give freely to others(or don’t as the case may be).
    I see a lot of people offering to share “what little they have”, right after they discuss how badly off they are- talking about what they WOULD do if they were in a better position. I’m simply writing about a means available to GET in a better position(for those who may choose to utilize it).
    And I am most certainly not ASSUMING anything about anyone- if you ask for help from a rich philanthropist, you are asking for help. Period. If one is stating “if I had…”this or that, they may be looking for a way to obtain ‘this or that’. If a person is expressing their dire circumstances, are they asking for help? Perhaps. I’m certainly not assuming every post here is ‘crying for help’- and I can certainly empathize with what they are going through. That is WHY I posted in the first place- to put out an option that can change one’s life. IF they WANT it changed. That is their choice- it is the choice of ALL of us. If pointing out a way for changing one’s ‘fate’ is “harsh”, then I am sorry you feel that way. It was intended as a kindness- Each person is entitled to perceive and believe as they chose to- and it is human tendency to disregard the rest of what they have chosen not to accept or consider.
    Fact is, there are a lot of posts attached to this article (that states the good things these ‘rich’ folks are doing)that are discussing their ‘ill’ lot in life, and how a bit of help from these folks might/would change their position. They are asking for these philanthropists to help them(even if it is so they can, in turn, help others). We CAN change our own lot in life – no matter how ‘urgently’ the help is ‘needed’- we ‘need urgent help’ because we have not exercised the tools to NOT need it. We have concentrated on the need, rather than opening a channel to receive miracles instanteously. THAT is what I am saying. And I am NOT judging anyone. Just offering a means to change one’s situation. Do with it as you will.

  • Darlene

    I actually got the information I was seeking from this to better my situation enough to once again HELP others ,no it Did not Come from a wealthy philanthropist nor did it come in the form of MONEY ,it came in the form of Information.LAURA you claim all people only think about themselves in the end.THAT is SO NOT TRUE!The LEGACY I wish to leave behind is not one of hey let me only think about ME!What I want people To remember and carry FORWARD is THAT THERE IS great joy in GIVING of ONESELF to others even if all THEY have to GIVE is a MEAL to someone WHO is in NEED!

  • Steven

    Well, it seems I stand to be corrected, and rightfully so I guess. I see myself as kind of childish now. I’ve always provided and taken care of my wife, able to take of any situation, find the solution. Now I can’t. Maybe I’m trying to change lifes plan, of which there is no way to do. “SO STEVIE FOUND A PROBLEM HE CAN”T SOLVE AND HE’S MAD AT THE WORLD BECAUSE NOBODY WILL HELP!” I guess it’s time for a reality check for this cowboy. Maybe this is how life is supposed to be at this point. The best I can do is stay strong and keep trying for her. I apologize and I thank Laura and Darlene for pointing this out to me. Maybe I found the help I need after all. Thank you both. Darlene, if things are really that bad for you, that spare room is still open.

  • Darlene

    I was not trying to Correct you along the road of ILL health and landing in a wheelchair,and being kicked to the broken car to live in a Friend of mine has brain cancer and His Only SON is stricken with aids happened to be at his fathers the night I was frantically searching for a place to put my perishable groceries,He extended his HAND in Friendship and Love and Took me in for a couple of days while I was at hi home I Discovered THIS young man like you HAD went from being self sufficient to having to JUMP through the SSI hoops and LIVING in CA LIKE We do he DOES NOT qualify for FOOD STAMPS so I gave him all THE PERISHABLE FOOD I had in return I received much needed INFO. THE GOVERNMENT Continues to deny me BENEFITS like YOU THEY have an uncanny way of finding LOOPHOLES in which to penalize the unsuspecting person with.FOR YOU it’s THE MARRIAGE PENALTY for ME its THE AGE penalty I am UNDER 50 and they somehow equate being a cashier in a grocery store prior to becoming disabled with being a SECRETARY.I am able to get FOOD STAMPS but that is all and I share what I have with others in NEED much the WAY you have.I Commend You for giving of YOURSELF because in he end THE Legacy you have given to others has far greater VALUE than money.

  • Laura

    Darlene- I am certainly not making any “claim that all people only think about themselves in the end”. Re-read what I actually wrote- It is not a matter of “thinking about ME”- it is a matter of reflecting on the actual experience…what people express at the moment of death was simply an example- and in that moment, many think about what they did or did not DO with their life- plain and simple.
    And I don’t recall any particular post that mentions what kind of ‘legacy’ anyone wished to leave, or even a mention of IF they wanted to leave any such legacy.
    I was simply referring to the state of mind- and used the example of the experience of death itself- and the many thoughts many people actually do express right before they take their last breath.
    I cannot fathom how you manage to read into sentences what you believe those sentences are stating, and come up with an entirely different concept other than the one presented. You seem to jump to conclusions that you, yourself, are inferring from what is written by misinterpreting what is stated.
    I am not writing any of this to ‘argue’ any point, nor am I writing any of this to negate that it is a good thing to give to others- If it wasn’t a good thing to do- for whatever reason- I am sure I would have not personally devoted many years to giving. I am sure most giving people also feel that way- we give BECAUSE it is good to do so- not because we are looking for some magic karmic return OR because “there is great joy in giving of oneself”- we are giving because we believe it is the right thing to do and simply treating others as we would want to be treated. We believe in sharing love; what good is love if you do not share it? I believe we are all in this together, and if we do NOT help each other, what does that say about who we are?
    So, please, stop ‘assuming’.
    It is not about ME. It is not about YOU.
    It IS about how we can alter our lives for the better, thus enabling us to improve the ‘whole’.
    Yes, I used the example of dying, and will reiterate:
    On one’s death bed, one generally isn’t thinking of what they would like OTHERS to remember – they are generally reflecting on what they are experiencing at that precise moment.(Have you actually ever really worked for several years in a rest home where people die on a daily basis, and actually sat with them and listened to what they express in their last moments? Some are so full of the belief that some magical place awaits them where everything is rosy, and some of them are scared of the experience- some just want release- others fight against the dark unknown. I’ve never heard mention of ‘hey, I remember this time someone gave me a sandwich when I was hungry…”as they are drawing their last breath. Sorry. If you have not physically been there to hold the hand of some dying person who has no family, you may never really understand what they do express with their dying breath- they hope they’ve done good things;they regret not having done things,etc.etc.)So if that is what you mean about people being self-consumed, maybe that is one way of looking at that- It certainly is not how I, personally, look at that. I look at it that they are reflecting on the experience of dying. You, obviously, are free to look at it any way you choose to.
    I am all FOR leaving ‘stepping stones’, rather than stumbling blocks.
    If you go back and read these people’s posts, there are many here who are asking for help- many who think money is going to make a difference in their life. They want their circumstances changed- some because they want their family to get the help they require, some who want to finish school, or have an automobile, or a place to live, or to be able to pay their bills. Some want to be better able to help others. Some want to help others maintain hope, and are not asking for anything.Some are trying to show people they can appreciate their blessings, even when things are not to their liking.Some are envious of people who have money. Some are blaming gov’t and circumstances for their situation.
    All I am writing here is that there are solutions that we can employ- there are tools we can learn to use- to change our situation. And I attempted to explain how we manage to get these circumstances into our lives- for good or bad.
    If you, Darlene, have gleaned anything other than that out of what I have written, than that is simply your interpretation- and, as far as I can see, you most likely missed the point I was attempting to express. Nothing I wrote is to imply a “me,me,me” point of view, but rather to express that Change in one’s circumstances begins withIN the person(not from outside the person), and we all have the option to change our circumstances, even if we do not clearly see how to do so, and even if others think it is impossible to do so. Our lives are made up of what we believe as ‘truth’;we can not and do not act outside of our beliefs- our lives show us what we believe to be true(whether it is true or not is immaterial), and we act accordingly. Once we realize this, we can utilize those same tools to change our lives into whatever we’d like- AND affect all those lives of others we encounter(which we do anyway, whether we see that or not). It empowers us to do so in a more positive way. We, as individuals, make our ‘stumbling blocks’, and/or our ‘stepping stones’.
    Give a man a sandwich, and he will be hungry again tomorrow….give a man the knowledge to create his own sandwich, and he will be better able to feed himself AND others.
    Ask yourself which will serve the whole better in the long run…
    I am not suggesting to you that you should stop giving out your sandwich- I AM suggesting that helping that person learn to create the means for him to be able to make many sandwiches will be creating a stepping stone….(he can always eat your sandwich while he is learning to create more of his own sandwiches…)
    It is ALL about being compassionate towards others- giving- and we can best do that by learning to create abundance and health and happiness within our own lives, and by sharing that. THAT is creating a stepping stone….and we create it to assist others who are in ‘need’ of removing the ‘stumbling blocks’ that they have run into(or created, as the case may be).
    If others cannot help by expressing how to create a stepping stone, the person stumbling will continually run into the stumbling blocks until he DOES figure out how to make the ‘needed’ stepping stone…
    and he certainly cannot express how to make that stepping stone to anyone else until he has figured it out himself.
    So, Darlene, if you think that what I have written is about “hey, let me only think about ME”, instead of “hey, there is a way to change these circumstances, and be better able to help others”, then I have not made my point obvious to you.

    PS: Just for those who may be wondering, even though my first name is Laura, I am not the same person who posted the above “Comment by laura court on November 14th, 2009 at 2:44 pm”.That person may share the same first name,however, my last name is not ‘court’. She apparently has a son for whom she asked for a contribution ‘to educate’-(my first post was the one started on Apr 5, which included the Poem- perhaps it was silly of me to bother to post anything at all- I guess I was under the impression that some of those people [because so many of those who posted here were requests for help] actually might have been looking for a way to change their circumstances…perhaps they were only looking for money, though- and not actually looking for a way to make their own money, or improve their own health, or secure housing, or have a bit of hope for their future and the future of their dreams and aspirations, etc. Sorry if I offended anyone by attempting to explain that we are in charge of changing our lives- no one else can help change your life, especially by giving out a ‘band-aid’ to stay a flood of misery. The change comes from withIN us all. I certainly did not post anything here to ‘correct’ anyone- merely to offer a way to enable those who are looking for solutions to bring those solutions to them. I do not believe “Maybe this is how life is supposed to be at this point” because we are in charge of how our lives are at any given moment- Steven, you cannot change how things go for your wife, unfortunately, but she can.You can only change things for you(which can help her!)And Darlene, perhaps ‘waiting’ for a decision about the SSI you applied for is not your only option…(after all, if you should happen to get turned down again[which I hope does not happen since you believe that is your ‘solution’], where will that road then take you?) I am simply attempting you all to look at all the options- the solutions are withIN you, not from some outside source. You will, of course, believe what you want, and disregard the rest. That is what we humans do… May you all be blessed with open hearts and open minds,good health and abundance of all that is good.

  • Yvonne

    I am a younger widow. My husband has been gone for 2years. He was only 45. It cost me $10,000 to bury him. I was able to do ok, until my widows benefits stopped when our son turned 16. I feel like I am drowning. I am robbing Peter to pay Paul. I had to take a loan to bury him. I have been trying to pay off that and other debts ever since. I am now fearful I will lose our condominium. Its not much, but its all we have. I use a debt consolidation company, but they increased the amount needed to come out of my bank account for payment. I am currently on a program with my mortgage co., its a extra loan through them to bring my housepayments current. I then through them, began a program to pay half my housepayment every two weeks, but the 3rd party they use sent my first bi-weekly mortgage payment to the company late. Now I am being told I am one month behind on my payments and I get threatening letters from them. I have gotten beind in everything. I am roughly $25,000 to $30,000 in debt. I know there are those that are worse off than me and I feel like such a failure, but I dont know what else to do. I hope someone will be able to help me. Thank you for your attention and consideration. Sincerely Yvonne

  • Amos Gbanlewon

    I live in Liberia,I am a Liberian,married with two children.I desperately in need of financial assistance from any God fearing person, that will enable to build a three bed rooms house for my family and I.Due to low income,I’m unable to build on my piece of land But I know God will touch somebody and that person will move by the sperit of God to render me this assistance. The amount that I need to build this house is fifteen thousand United states Dollars (15,000.00).

  • Mike

    To whom it may concern:

    I would love to pay off my bills and know for the first time in my life what it is like to live one day without having to worry about money to start off I will tell you a bit about my self I am 24 years of age I am from Ontario Canada I have two older brothers and one younger I was kicked out of my house at the age of 14 so I lived on the streets for a few years when I was a young teenager then I fell into the drugs and drinking for a few years then I found out my girlfriend and I were going to have a baby so I quit doing drugs and drinking ( I still to this day have never turned back to that lifestyle 6 years clean ) then my first son was born then less then two years after that are second son was born and then this is when the fairy tale ends and the horror I now call my life starts not long after my second son I found out my girlfriend cheated on me with my cusin and then we worked through that as best we could then three months after that I have to do easter alone with are 2 children because she went out drinking the night before and never came home a day or two later my best friend stops me on the street to tell me that night she went to his place and he slept with her then 9 months later a 3rd child is born looks nothing like me or the other boy’s but STRONGLY looks like my now former best friend so I raise him as my own I am a roofer so I work vary hard for what little money I do get paid but I will and do struggle to support all three children and I don’t mind doing it for the third child because my former best friend has two children and dose not take care of them so at least with me he is takin care of but since all that me and the mother have worked through all of it and things started to look better but then I come to find that she has cheated on me again more then once with another cusin and my older brother I live in low income housing but pay market rent bcause it was the only way I could get a place right away for my family my rent is over due every month the bills are stacking up more and more every single day my hydro was cut off last week I did find the money from family to get it back on but now I owe them I work so hard for pennies it seems I am so sore and worn out at the end of the day I can’t even injoy the little time I do get to spend with my boys we are running out of food faster then I can keep it in the house and I just don’t know what do do or where to turn and I have to do all of this while in pain every day because remember I tolled you I was into the drugs as a teen well my teeth got the blunt end of that deal I have had to have most of them pulled out because I can’t afford to fix them I only have a few front one’s left have you ever tried to chew your food using only your front teeth it’s not easy and I even have 4 of them that are broke and hurt everyday but I can’t get them pulled out yet because it is $80.00 per tooth and I don’t have no dental care plan and I will not take what little money I am juggling to pay bills and feed and care for my children to take away my own pain and I don’t really like asking for hand outs or even help most of the time I just don’t know what to do I just really needed to vent I guess even if it is just to this web page because I am a quiet easy going guy that never tells ANYONE how I feel I am not askin for money or some miracle because I have 3 of them already who’s eye’s I find peace in every day I just really need advice I don’t mind doing the work my self to get more money I just don’t know how without working two jobs and never getting to see my beautiful children truly I have no fear of a hard days work to better are lives they say hard work pay’s off in the end I just hope the hard work pays off before my life is the thing that ends…….

    Respectfully Yours


  • Letitia Jarvis

    I worry very much about my future. The reality is that no one is going to help me. It is very noble for really wealthy people to give funds to charity. However, l believe there are individuals who would benefit more from a real financial start that would take them out of the poverty trap. I amm wary about how some charities deal with donations.

  • Darlene

    Letitia,sadly you are correct there is no one who is going to help anyone these days,especially not the wealthy that can afford to help .I too question how these so called “charities” deal with the donations because those most in need are not receiving help.The Very Ill,The homeless,The senior with no utilities,the out of work family with no food for the children are not receiving any aid from any where these days.I read a story about a family with 4 children that had applied months ago for food stamps and there is no money in the food stamp budget to give this family help. so half the time the family has no food for the kids.I asked my social services worker about the story and she shook her head and confirmed that unless you were already on food stamps last year, or had special nutritional needs that new cases were not being accepted. I have emphysema and my husband is a diabetic, so both of us have special nutritional needs and we were on food stamps a year ago or we would add no food to being homeless , the food banks are empty here and there is no where for people to turn. I am losing my housing at the end of the week but at least I do have food.so yes I too wonder where these donations are going because those who sincerely need help are not seeing any.

  • Jeff

    This is a wonderful thing, these wealthy people are doing,helping the less fortunate.They blesings must be plentyful.I hope to be able to give back on this scale one day;but now i need help.I just got an eviction notice and have no money and no where to go.I was injured in an accident in March, 2009,as a result i had to have an operation in January 2010. I just got back to work and two weeks ago another accident, this has left me in a very bad position. My family and i are about to be homeless. PLEASE HELP. I want to start a business to feed the hungry.I believe the more i give the more i will be bless.

  • Julie

    You know what, I commented on this site, back around Christmas time, because I needed help really bad. Never once got a response. I wonder? Is anyone who is in any position to help anyone even reading these posts? I mean, I don’t know. But I know, that if I was in the position to help those in need, I certainly would. The word says to give and it shall be given unto you, but these rich, only help big agencies. I don’t understand what’s wrong with helping someone personally who is in need.

  • Darlene

    I have been met with slammed doors and worse yet I will now be homeless completely in a wheelchair with emphysema.Why? the “agencies and charities turn a deaf ear when you ask for a program or temporary work to help yourself.I have just 2 or 4 days to come up with the deposit to turn on my water or code enforcement will turn us out into the streets. with all the “so called philanthropists” one would think there would be a program that would help with a way to obtain the minimum amount the city will accept to turn on the water $107.50. my husband is working at the only job he could find making $2.65 per hour part time so we earn around 100 dollars per month. the city wants 215 dollars deposit to turn on the water. but we figure if we can scrounge up half of that .we can recycle to help put the remaining 107.50 to gether in the 2 weeks they give you. there are no “programs ” or people willing to help.yet these same people will send millions to Haiti or other nations needing help.No one will fund even an aspirin tablet for us as a loan.yet all are willing to give “advice” so I am not surprised you have not received help. we havent either but we have received lots of harsh words here and “advice”, If I had anything to give even now I would help. I can offer you prayer.

  • Julie

    Darlene, I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I wish that there was something that I could do. You know, I’m on disability myself, never have enough food to get through the month. My son, who is in high school, just told me the other day how kids in school would laugh at him, because his clothes were raggedy. When I asked for help, I just wanted to get my son and grandchildren something for Christmas. I’m never able to get them anything for Christmas, Birthdays or any of the holidays. We never have a holiday meal, can’t afford it. I haven’t bought myself any clothes or anything for years,but to have my son laughed at hearts to the core. But you are right, these people can help other countries other people, but never even lends an ear to those of us here in this country suffering. This country has aide, but there are strict guidelines as to who can get assistance from our government. I’m right at the poverty level, but not qualified to get a thing. But I do stay on my knees, and that’s all that’s gotten me through so many situations. I just pray that something will turn for you and me real soon. Please stay in touch, I will keep you in my prayers. I am a Prophet and do have the deepest faith in the Lord. If it wasn’t for my faith, I would be out in the streets myself. May Gods Blessings be with you.

  • Darlene

    Julie, I understand,I too spend a lot of time in prayer.my husband and I are currently well below the poverty line with an annual income of $1,300 dollars .however we are grateful to have even that small amount of money.The philanthropists portrayed here likely never read this page and even if they did you can bet no help will be forthcoming from any of them.I admit it does bug me when I see a person post here that if one of the philanthropists would just “give them thousands of dollars to either a) come to the United States as an immigrant or b) start some never before heard of type of business; life would be hunky-dory” to me those are not truly needy individuals but rather people who just want a bulging bank account at someone Else’s expense.Those people perhaps do need to re-evaluate a need versus a want ,a need to me is decent clothing for children,adequate food,housing and basic utilities and basic medical care . a want is luxury cars,fancy housing,$ 300 jeans with designer labels like versace.Travel to a vacation spot is a want not a need.I pray for just the bare bones basics like running water.A child does need toys they are not a luxury they are actually assist a child with learning and muscle coordination and motor skills development.I assume of course you are talking about your basic toys such as building blocks,a doll or a game or puzzle.and by clothing I assume you are speaking of clothing from stores such as wal mart not Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.the food you speak of is basic nutrition .I honestly don’t see anything luxurious in your desires but rather those basic desires of any Mother or Grandmother.I will pray for you .I only wish I could do more.

  • Christian Emmanuel

    My name is Christian Emmanuel.

    I suffered poliomyelitis when I was 13 years, hence I am a physically challenged person. I am 45 years today. My main reason of writing to you is to appeal for your help so that I participate in all church activities and some special job assigned me by the church.
    iam appeal to you,I sincerely believe if God lays it in your heart to read through my mail and learn about my plight, surely, you will see the need to help me,

    At moment I am the Church treasurer and this position I have held for over 20 I became born-again. My pastor, Pastor Gabriel Simeon, can easily be contacted on 234-802-603-8144 to testify to my story.
    All these years I have managed myself and all the activities in the church by riding on a locally made tri-motor-cycle, which I bought on hire purchase. Now, this physically challenged tri-motor-cycle is completely worn out and needs replacement.
    I do not have enouth money to purchase another, hence, I am appealing to you to come to my aid and help me, no amount is too small for me,it will help me to purchase one that can enable me move about as well as go to church without problems. I need your help in this direction. I have really suffered and felt the pains of my condition.
    I must tell you that each time that I need to go on somewhere i have to ask someone to push the tri-motor-cycle forward and then help me to start the motorcycle.
    Again, I believe you know the predicament of a true physically challenged person and why some help should be extended to him or her? Perhaps, my letter will let you understand my case better. All I am asking is for you to help me with little money to add up to the one the other good man of God have giveing to me where,so that I wont have to depend on somebody to push and start the tri-cycle for each time I have need to go out on Church activities, such evangelism that covers several kilometers to win back perishing souls.

    My schedule of Church activities cover as follows:

    Mondays – Bible Study/Teaching
    Wednesdays Prayer Meetings
    Fridays – Youth Discipleship
    Saturdays Evangelism
    Sundays – Fellowship

    On the average and on weekly basis, I cover well over 450 kilometers, that is about 1800 kilometers a month. For the past 20 years I became born-again, I have cycled 43,200 kilometers under my physically challenged condition. Sometimes, I am required to be at our Church Headquarters, especially during long term crusades, which most times is over six per year
    May the good Lord continue to bless you people more abundantly.

    Yours-in-Christ Jesus
    Christian Emmanuel (234-803-899-2299)
    Bible Way Church
    Umoko-Dike Autonomous Community
    Okwelle, Onuimo LGA

  • Daphne

    I am a single parent who has been unemployed since December 2009. I am about to be evicted. I am not a beggar, I am a hard working female who takes pleasure in providing for her household. I’ve been on countless interviews and have filled out numerous applications to no avail. I pray that someone who has the means can assist this household. It will not be in vain. It is heartbreaking to say no to my child who doesn’t understand the gravity of this situation. I am in need of $3,200.00. I know that is quite steep, but I prayerfully believe that there is someone with the heart of Christ who can grant this request to me and my daughter. God bless you.

  • Darlene

    I can empathize with your need for employment.but it has been my experience that the people posting here are not being given any assistance as the philanthropists apparently don’t read this. a second problem is that a lot of people like you are not asking for just a couple of dollars but rather are asking for 1,000 or more dollars.I am in dire need of prayer as i see that as a more long term solution to my need. in 2 days time I will be living on the streets in a wheelchair ,code enforcement red tagged my house as uninhabitable and the landlords response was to raise the rent and evict me. not a real surprise given the trend lately .even so I am sure there are people worse off than me at least I don’t have to worry about a small child .my children are grown with their own families. I cant imagine how difficult it would be to live on the streets in a wheelchair with a child to take care of.I also have emphysema.

  • Abigail

    To everyone who has been writing here looking for help,

    Philanthropists don’t give money out to people – they give it to organizations, and the organizations provide assistance. I see a lot of people here with problems that I know CAN get help from organizations!

    Look online for nonprofits in your area that provide help for problems like yours. (Darlene, there is housing assistance available practically everywhere in the country, and people with disabilities qualify for additional services.) If you can’t find help that way, try your local United Way. They don’t provide money to individuals, either, but they may be able to point you to some organizations that can help you.

  • Darlene

    My husband does volunteer work for United way as a senior companion. so before stating there are services available perhaps you need a wake up call to realize that charities and organizations rely on grants and donations. where do you suppose these funds come from? They come from individuals and the companies that match their employees donations.I n my area people are not working therefore they are not donating and the funding for the year has been used up.There is no place for me to go.I have already been through every avenue lack of funding means lack of services.

  • kresia
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    Due to the way they are mining their products many people are trying to teach them because they don’t know the world market even some mandates and buyers rep have come and carried their products on credits and they have never come back to pay their money. So right now i want to get them serious people who can help them to sell their products following the market. At the moment they have GOLD DUST/BARS and ROUGH/UNCUT DIAMONDS in large quantities for sale at cheap price.

    They need people like you, people over there to help them develop their goal, so that they can help our community, because people sicks and dies because no money. They have the products but they are very poor here because of the way the government and some people are treating them, they want serious buyers to be their eyes and mouths,they are ready to give you goods if you are serious and ready to open a local mining company with them to work together and help them and you in mutual benefit or help them buy their products so that they can at least buy mining equipments such as, bulldozers, tractors, excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, motor graders, dump trucks, crushing equipment, and etc as we need to enhance our mining productivity. We will give you good price far below the word market price.

    Hope to hearing from you soon.

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