25 Hottest Women of Business

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For many, the word “businessperson” connotes men in white shirts and stranglehold neckties. That stereotype may have held true in the 1950s, but since then, the appearance factor of the business world has evolved substantially.

Take women. Hot women have always populated the business world in some shape or form.

We tasked ourselves with compiling a list of the hottest businesswomen we could think of, for your viewing pleasure. These women are accomplished both in the business and the looks departments.

Get acquainted with these hotties, outside of the cube — and outside of the pantsuit.

25. Sarah Austin

Business Accomplishments: Founder of a popular online TV show called Pop17 and tech news producer.

Sarah Austin founded Pop17, a daily broadcast of micro-celebrity interviews and culture. Her former roles include UC Berkeley DJ and tech news producer, professional party crasher, and actress. Now a New York social powerhouse, Austin shows her adequate assets in various venues on a regular basis.

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  • Actually, in the 1950s the word was “businessman,” as women in the workforce was considered an oddity.

  • DC

    Correction: While Jade Raymond did produce The Sims in 02, she does not work for Electronic Arts and “Assassin’s Creed” is an Ubisoft game, where she currently works.

  • someguy

    Jade Raymond works for ubisoft not EA might want to check what games she has worked on too (Hint: assassin creed yes Sims no that was will wright)

  • anon

    this list is pretty much terrible. producer on a videogame? myspace girls? terrible.

  • Neal Kingcade

    What I find insulting and flat out unfair is with all the business women within the scope of your search, all you could find are WHITE women. Step outside, and look around, the world is made up of a lot more than blonde females. Jeez!!

  • Jess

    Speaking of stereotypes, the hot businesswoman is one. Why no the most accomplished businesswomen, or the smartest? Hell, no one would read that. Throw some titties and skin up there and BAM! instamt equality with men in business world. Classy.

  • oj

    where are the 25 hottest men of business? Bernie Madoff doesn’t count.

  • David

    Jess & oj – STFU and iron my shirt.

  • Mata Muerte

    Bernie Madoff will be one of the hottest businessmen when he’s burning in Hell.

  • ian

    I certainly think you could have done better. The girl at our front desk puts half of these women to shame.

  • Jacob

    By women of business, I was thinking women who are highly involved in core business functions (like your #19).

  • maria

    I feel so sorry for you . what a weird comparison hottest?????????????????? does business need the hot women or smart, educated women?

  • Melody Swan

    Why are only young women hot?

  • Yea, expecially not in the top 10! She looks pretty pudgy and not that well aged.

  • Rob Morgan

    Well, you are a male chauvinist pig… and if some real (different hair color, body shape, talents, qualifications, experiences, wards, accolades) ‘Hottest Woman of Business’ happened along your way (highly unlikely), she would find your general condescending attitude, motivation and perception of women to be unappealing! A genuine ‘Hottest Woman of Business’ would sum you up as a liability, not an asset! The fact that you compiled this macho bullshit list to please your penis and testes tells us that you are Richard Cranium, a serial premature ejaculator, have a beer gut and do not know what to do with yourself when interacting with a ‘Hottest Woman of Business’… As the Trump would say, ‘You’re fired!’.

  • self promoting myspace girls? really? what a loser article

  • DPB

    That picture of Jade Raymond is not Jade its Jessica Chobot.

  • Steve

    Pretty pathetic. You really did a disservice to your website with this one.

  • Mindy

    I like sushmita shen,She is very pretty looking face and clamorous