5 Reasons I Endorse Barack Obama For President

As a small business owner who voted for George W. Bush in the previous two elections, I am endorsing Barack Obama for President.

Unlike Joe The Plumber, who has no small business, I actually own and operate a small business that currently employs 12 Americans. And it makes me proud to know that I am sharing my success (i.e. spreading the wealth) with my employees.

My employees are Americans who buy increasingly expensive groceries and gas. Americans who pursue the American dream on a daily basis, yet have seen their hopes and dreams slip away under an irresponsible Bush administration.

But unlike Joe The Plumber, who doesn’t own a small business and wouldn’t benefit under McCain’s tax plan, I endorse Barack Obama’s economic plan with vigor and enthusiasm. Here’s why:

1. Productivity is the bedrock of our economy

Barack Obama understands that government can have a positive influence on the productivity of our nation. Under Obama’s tax plan, small businesses would be given tax breaks for creating new jobs with their profits, rather than hoarding their money in off-shore accounts.

Under McCain’s tax plan, which is the equivalent of a blind-shot, businesses who take jobs oversees are equally rewarded as those who create jobs here in America.

This is a fundamental difference.

2. Trickle down economics is leaky

What advocates of trickle down economics won’t tell you is that on the way down, most of the wealth leaks out. CEOs spend wildly on corporate retreats and sex romps while their employees salaries stay flat to declining over the decade.

John McCain wants to give unqualified tax breaks to big companies and their CEOs rather than providing guidance to re-ignite our economy.

Barack Obama wants to create economic mandates for fueling our economy by providing tax cuts to companies that help our economy.

What’s better: tax cuts spent by CEOs at health spas and employees in China or tax cuts used by small businesses to hire new employees, develop new technology, and build a new energy infrastructure?

3. People in a floundering economy need positive vision

John McCain is stuck in the past regarding economics. He falsely believes that a blind-shot tax cut, the same tax cut that has failed miserably under George W. Bush, will save our financial systems and economic health. He’s wrong.

Barack Obama has given us both a short and long term vision for how we direct this country out of our economic downturn and into a state of economic prosperity and global dominance once again. It is a vision that is clear and decisive. One that recognizes the capabilities of this great nation in the same vein as JFK when he called on our country’s space agency to reach the moon. He is not afraid to reach for the sky, and to carry the nation into glory once again.

John McCain, for all his honor, is a gloomy prospect. He does not inspire people to greatness. Barack Obama does.

4. We can do better on health care

There is nothing more important than health. Health is what enables the American Dream. Health is what allows for economic prosperity. Without health, a person’s ability to thrive is severely undermined.

The current state of our health care system is in rough shape. I do not believe that John McCain recognizes this, because I do not believe that John McCain has ever encountered, face to face, a struggle with the health care system. My evidence: McCain’s plan does not come to terms with the nature of our nation’s poor health coverage.

Barack Obama has demonstrated that he is aware of the deep problems within the health insurance industry. Since you can’t solve the problem unless you understand the problem, this disparity between Obama and McCain is a big deal. But Obama doesn’t just know the problem, he has a plan that takes steps in the right direction towards systematically dealing with the problem.

5. A global economy requires global leadership

George W. Bush took our nation from being a global leader to being a global bully. Besides Africa, which George Bush deserves strong credit for, we have lost tremendous ground in every other continent on Earth. This has come to a head with the current global financial crisis as nation after nation is calling for the world to abandon economic policies that place the United States at the center.

I want America to be the center of the world’s economy. But to get there again, we need a leader who the world will respect and take leadership from. John McCain is not this person. Barack Obama is.

  • I applaud the mostly positive tone of your endorsement. By positive, I do not mean pie-in-the-sky optimistic, but rather that you focus mainly what each candidate would do or proposes to do, rather than why each candidate should be sentenced to life in prison (the tone of most opinions I hear).

    I don’t love everything about either candidate, but I think it’s worth repeating that we may have the strongest, best two-candidate race that we have had in many, many years — certainly in my memory. For the first time in my voting years, I can confidently and proudly say that if the candidate I favor happens to lose the race, I will still feel that my president will likely be a decent president with reasonable policies. I hope more people from both sides of the aisle will take a closer look at the candidate they oppose and realize the same.

  • So you helped give us Bush and the Bush economy of massive unsustainable debt and artificial unsustainable low interest rates, and now your going do your part in giving us Barack Obama and a massively socialized economy?

    What does any of this have to do with sound business practices?

  • Ryan

    Jim, exactly. They are both fine men who would make fine presidents. The main reason I endorse Obama is because of the circumstances we find ourselves in. I can envision circumstances where I would be endorsing McCain instead. But we vote for a President who is best suited for dealing with the issues facing our nation now. Not some hypothetical scenario.

  • Kirk

    Just curious, but in looking back at Obama’s three year record in the Senate, what makes you think he will do anything you mention in your five reasons? He has had three years to propose, sponsor, or co-sponsor any legislation he so chooses. If he has not lead in the manner you suggest above what makes you think he is capable of leading in that manner in the future? Past behavior is always the best predictor of future performance.

  • Curt

    Ryan, You seem like you’ve settled on Obama for some specific reasons so lets run through a few points. First, your “spreading the wealth” comment I assume is a reference to Obama’s comments to Joe the Plumber, and yes you are “spreading the wealth” but it’s your wealth and you spread it, not the government. I too am a small business owner and I too “spread my wealth” and I know that I do a much better and more “fair” (that was for Biden) job of spreading that wealth than the the Federal Government ever could. I know it’s cliche, but name one program that the Feds or any state or local governemnt runs better (for the sake of arguement let’s just take “better” to mean “more efficiently and with better results”) than a private company could. I work with state and local governments every day and the horribly inefficient polocies and procedures would make every single small business owner out there mad as hell if they could see the waste that takes place. So “spread your wealth” the best way you know how to the people that you want to spread it to. I would also like to point out that the people that you are “spreading your wealth” to, are working for it and healping you earn it, unlike many of those who would be receiving our wealth from Obama. Second, Obama’s tax breaks for new jobs is a tax $3000 tax credit for creating a job. I don’t create jobs for $3000, how about you? I don’t create jobs at all. In reality my clients create the jobs that I provide to those working for me. This tax credit is a scam and if you seriously gave it some thought you’d see that it’s not going to create one single job, but people are buying into the rhetoric because they don’t have a fundamental understanding of what it means to run a business and how your taxes are affected by that business. Third, big company CEO’s can do what ever they want with their tax cut. Let the market decide if that’s ok or not. Your comments are not factually based on economic theory they are simply emotional responses to what you see as inappropriate behavior, and many times rightly so. Be intellectually and emotionally honest and get past your hang ups on that one. Big companies do more for our overall economy than you may want to admit. The small businesses like mine and probably yours make a difference in our communities and maybe even our state or region but the big companies do have a place in our world like it or not. Fourth, positive vision…Jerimiah Wright, Lewis Farrakhan, Willima Ayers, ACORN please tell me where you see the positive in all that. And what is this blind-shot tax cut you keep talking about? I am “positive” that again you have done no homework on this issue and you are speaking from emotion. The Bush tax cuts have nothing to do with the current financial situation. Our current crisis started way back with Carter but we don’t have the space here to deal with this one. It’s government intervention that caused this problem to escalate to the point that it has. Health Care, yet again you are so pitifully vague in your comment I’m not sure what you are endorsing about Obama or criticizing about McCain. If you want socialized medicine move to Canada, and when you have a tumor in your head and need a MRI and have to wait for months for the test and then months for the procedure we’ll see how much you like Obama’s plan. This is not hyperbole, just ask a Canadian who’s old enough to know. There are definite issues in healthcare but, again, havig the government take control is not the answer. My God do you people really want to live in a country where the government decides everything?! Last comment if the world approves of our leader then we ought to be scared as hell. I want a leader that the rest of the world is a little scared of, a little suprised by, a little encouraged by, a little inspired by, not one that they are up in arms excited about because finally America will be lead by a weakling that they can manipulate because he is so concerned about his image and political correctness and he doesn’t have the moral character or guts to stand up and do the “right thing” when neccessary because he is so used to acting on what is politically expedient for him not best for the people he’s leading. I’m glad you are engaged in politics, I’m glad that you are voting, but I think that some critical thinking needs to be done around some of your points.

  • Jessica

    Curt, I think you need to do more research other than getting your facts from Fox News. Obviously, Obama gaffed on his repsonse to Joe the Plummer’s question during the debate. And the McCain campaign couldn’t be happier that he used the term “spread the wealth” because now they can classify him as a socialist. WRONG! He’s not a socialist, and just because he is a liberal we don’t have to be scared. It really bothers me to hear that people in this country are so selfish that they can’t even help out others, i.e. health care for everyone! And yes, I have, along with many others, considered going to Canada for any medical needs because it’s affordable and you aren’t getting raped by ridiulous medical expenses (and that includes those who DO have insurance too). So I completely agree with Ryan and I believe he is aware of the facts as well. Also, you cannot wonder why emotions take place in this election because people are scared, not of selecting Obama as president, but because of all the anger the McCain campaign has stirred up with his supporters. Even if Obama does win, there’s a huge possiblity that violence will occur after he is elected. The McCain/Palin campaign has divided this country. We don’t need a divided country anymore, that’s where Obama impresses people around the world because he talks about uniting everyone. Please stop associating this man with terrorists, that’s not even funny. As for the rest of the world…they aren’t seeing Obama as weak, they are seeing him as a peacemaker. In case you haven’t been paying attention lately, they don’t really like us in other countries as much as we would like them to. Obama gives us the hope that maybe we will have a better reputation with other countries. He also is ahead of his time, another quality that is crucial in moving forward and progressing. And yes, I would much rather live in a country where we have more regulation, to get us out of the crap we are in now. Maybe our Laissez-Faire tactics are working so well anymore. I’m defending Ryan, so Curt maybe you should try to comprehend where we, along with a majority of Americans, are coming from. WE GET IT!


  • Curt

    Jessica, I don’t watch Fox News or any other cable news for that matter, I don’t even have cable. I commented on the “spread the wealth” comment because Ryan used it in his article in reference to Obama’s comment. Obama’s comment was not a gaffe, he reveiled his true intentions. By the way, I never used the word “socialist” in my “spread the wealth” comments. Why are you arguing a point that I didn’t make? I’m also not sure why you are insinuating that I am selfish. Nothing I said would indicate that. I’m a giver, I give my time and my money to charity to those in need, much more than any liberal that I have run into lately. Speaking of selfish, check Obama and Biden’s charitable giving compared to their income and tell me who looks selfish. I’m not sure what medical needs you are going to Canada for but good luck on that one. The big issue there is not so much the overall care provided in Canadian health care as compared to our health care but the cost of running a nationalized system. Implementing something like that right now would cripple the US. What are you talking about “the anger that the McCain campaign has stirred up”?! The McCain supporters were angry without being “stirred up” because they believe Obama is bad news and don’t want him elected. By the way, Obama has connected himself with angry people from the beginning of his career. Jerimiah Wright is angrier than any McCain supporter you can find. What do you mean when you talk about the “huge possiblity that violence will occur”? I would like some clarification on that? I am not associating him with terrorists, he associated himself with terrorists. I don’t really care how much other countries like us. We’ve done more for the rest of this world than they have for us and we usually just get crapped on in return. Our reputation with other countries should stand on what we’ve done in the past, liberating, assisting, coming to the rescue. You are way too concerned with people liking us, and that is a weak position to take in world politics. What about Obama is ahead of his time? Please clarify. We don’t have a Laissez-Faire system, whoever taught you that? Our governement has over-regulated our industries to the point that we keep data on how much it costs to comply with government regulations. And our current crisis is because of government, or should I say politicians, involvement in regulation. Please clarify the couple of points that I asked you to.

  • DRob

    I would recommend reading this WSJ article about each candidates actually plans for small businesses –


  • steve

    Forget what the candidates say. Just look at the numbers and decide yourself.

    Obama small business policies.

    6% of payroll fine if your business doesn’t provide health care.

    Obama tax credit for small business creating new jobs, $3,000

    Obama doubling of the capital gains tax to 46%

    Is he going to help small business with the risk they take every day they open their doors?

    Small business by gov’t definition is a company with 500 employee’s or above. 95% of small business are under 20 employee’s and those with a couple will be crippled by his plan.

    No emotions needed in this evaluation if you are a small business owner. That is why I like to let the fact talk to me, not the candidates. McCain has his own problems, but being a Small Business owner, these are the problems I face.

  • tina

    Your right every one should vote for barack obama but also shouldn’t because if you vote for Barack Obama he’s going to stop the war in Iraq. If you vote for him the people in Iraq will blow us all up.So you all shouldn’t vote this year!

  • Lisa

    Spreading the wealth? How is employing 12 people spreading the wealth? Those people are trading their skills and knowledge in exchange for their wage. That’s not spreading the wealth.

    Spreading the wealth is taking my earned money and giving it to people who haven’t earned money.

    Sounds like you’re just a peach to work for if you think so little of your employees and their skills.