After The Crisis: A Parody of 15 Corporate Logos

The 2008 crash is probably the most serious economic crisis we have faced after the Great Depression. Stock markets from around the world fell as much as 20% in a single week, dozens of banks either failed or were rescued by government and private instutitions, and companies started laying off employees as a consequence of the reduced demand.

We know how we entered into the crisis, but we don’t how, when, or how we will be getting out of it. Considering that issue, we decided to our little bit to help cheer everyone up by redoing the logos of some renowned companies …. after the crisis.
















Best Buy









Dow Jones






Good Year













Bonus Logo

While Apple is probably one of the more stable companies in our economy, with a robust and diverse set of high-demand products… we just couldn’t resist this one.

How to Boost Your Confidence at Work to Get Ahead


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Logo Credits:

* The revised Ford logo comes courtesy of Ironic Sans
* The nokia, 3m, badyear, ferrari, xerox, downjones logos come courtesy of Carlos Bornelli Jr

  • I like all the bites in the Apple, haha.


    Well done, nice interpretations!

  • Wow these logos are really funny I think I like the bonus apple logo the best.

  • yeah i loved the apple too!.. :)

  • nice collections! nike is cute too!

  • Pure creative genius!

    The Ferrari one says it all: The Clomping Horse.

  • Powerpointer

    Used to work at Best Buy’s corporate offices, and we always had to check to make sure no one wrote ‘Best But’, as the T is right next to the Y on the keyboard.

    We used to make fun of Circuit City, but now there is no Circuit City to make fun of. Its ok, RadioShack will always be the easiest name to trash, and they are still around, somehow.

    Oddly, this reminds me of the early rave scene, where defacing corporate logos was a key part of the sub-culture and its anti-corporate, anti-establishment, anti-evil, pro-fun, pro-youth, pro-underdog stance.

  • Davey Boyd

    fun parody … very humorous!

  • mike

    ugh lern2kern

  • linacrespo

    Es bueno reirse de las situaciones difíciles!!

  • Nice! Apple’s stocks have lost half of their value so it really deserves that logo.

  • Tom

    These are far funnier than most of them “funny photoshop” websites. Apart from the “fail” one, which may have been funny a couple years ago.

  • dynojunkee

    I do believe the yahoo one should say “Yawho?”

  • jordan

    circuit “shitty”,… anyone, anyone?

  • Good job !!

  • 2000lbs

    Ironic that Citi ditched the umbrella logo in the beginning of the year, selling it back to Travelers Insurance for millions. Even more ironic was the slogan “You’re better off under the umbrella”- Citi obviously was; since casting previous CEO Weill’s pet logo aside last spring, it’s been a fast downhill slide.

  • Great logos! These are very good logo design.

  • Rod

    Awesome, the Apple one really make sense

  • Hay que saberse reír de todo un poco, y por qué no, de Apple también xD

  • You guys are awesome, it really made me laugh.

  • Awesome. I just added this to my own romanian blog. |Hope you don’t mind. We’re really in the crysis :))

  • Danutz

    Xerox FTW!… The toner cartridge has just come to an end!… Money to replace it?… N…No money? :))

  • Really funny logos :-)

  • H

    The Xerox logo is the most subtle.. out of ink, lol

  • Windows Vista ———> Losedows Blind

  • funny

  • all the logos are interesting.
    10x for the post :)

  • Stefan Badescu

    BRAVO ! ! !

  • loved the xerox one!

  • Giuaeppe

    Fantasticcccccc… Here in Italy we really feel crisis. I hope as soon as possibile we will be able to overpass this period…

  • Life is so good dud’s don’t worry be happy…smiles..!

  • nice idea … entertaining to say the least …


  • foarte tari absolut toate :)) good job

  • Staphylo

    Very sad. The new topic of discussions. Lack of IQ.

  • Tarek Saher

    More & more brands will follow ….soooooon

  • Very nice logos:)

  • John

    Where are the broads ? no boobies :( ?

  • Me

    Very creative! Xerox rocks!

  • Joe

    Oh that’s good stuff!

  • Arthur

    hahaha, that is awsome! best of them are: crisisler, bad year. xerox :)

  • economic crisis always bring out the humor in people :P

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  • nice. I like that

  • Mike

    Haha those are great!

  • Ha ha ha! Super! The bests: FORD and APPLE. I want more.

  • gk

    crApple? Blah.

  • Alexandra

    10 points!!! Very witty:)

  • Haha, can’t stop laughing. Great job!

  • amazing! I love the 2m logo… genius!

  • sid

    These parodies are extremely stupid. thanks for wasting my time with your unclever attempt at humor. kill yourself

  • Al

    Very funny

  • pefect.

  • Great work guys – I love the Fail-One!! Thanks :-))

  • Awesome :D Ford one is just great :D

  • Brilliant! I love the Ford/Fail one.

  • ming

    xerox and please buy, funny, funny, ahaha :P

  • great!

  • Видимо, все народы мира в кризис спасаются юмором…

  • Very funny, I especially like the one for Dell.

    Just submitted this to Mixx for you guys!


  • Apple the bests :) lol

  • Серж

    Да ,прикольно )))

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  • сергей


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  • Joris

    Awsome !

  • The Best Buy logo seems characteristic of most stores at the mall these days. While Christmas shopping, I got the distinct feel that stores were begging for my money.

  • Juli

    It’s a piese of shit!

  • Colin

    Extremely funny – congratulations for the idea!

  • I

    hello from Ukraine. These are pretty fun

  • Brilliant!

  • karina.

    i dont get the 2M one =S

  • Fantastic post. I love how some of the crisis parodies build off of the brand names while others cleverly tweak the logo!

  • SmartyGuy

    Pretty nice. Dell should have been “Dole” though. (Not the pineapple, of course.)

  • Nice. You forgot Short-Circuit City though.

  • jobless

    what happened to:

    shitigroup ?

  • How appropriate & creative. I love the apple logo, and agree with you about its products. From a diehard Mac user.

  • Best Buy, yahoo and Apple, the best :)

  • Ada

    Great job! I also liked the “Sorry Ericson” logo :)

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    I like the DELL logo. very subtle

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  • Top work :) Maybe the Yahoo one should be ‘Boohoo’?

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    Its funny………but does tell us something…

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    they’re good!

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    FERRARI :))

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  • Jeret

    Ummmm 3m is gonna be pretty strong no matter what.Other logos funny,but be relevant.

  • I like the 2M logo the best. We are seeing a lot of the world’s most familar brands crumble. And the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

  • Alessandra

    Great job!..but is this the best you can do? :D Let us learn some more!!

  • Woah this is awesome :D

    That sort of relfects the times we’re in: age of crap and failing brands/products. Anyway, great logos! :-)

  • mark

    LG Life´s Tough jaja!Excelente!

  • OxentroT


  • Shiv Deep Baru

    Let us face it ratherthan commenting
    All our lives are going to be effected by it.

  • jjjjjkkk

    funny and a part sadly true

  • I didn’t see Microsoft logo. How about it? :-)

  • Horrible ;o)

  • dns

    perfect. you cheered me up

  • hy, as a German(thats also not funny at the moment) and little bit overqualified, I am happy to see your handling of the real efforts of capitalism. Nice !

  • Привет Гущин!


  • can

    Fiasco systems summerize all :-)

  • Dan

    “Fail” was by far my favorite. Thanks for giving me a smile during these grim economic times.

  • vinod

    You need to be over active to think like that. Well said bro.

  • It’s nice to have something to laugh at during this extremely stressful time. Thanks!

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    too little of authors’ fantasy, but funny enough. Especiall about 3M)))

  • No doubt BadYear is the best

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    Absolutely fabulous! Loved the “new” 2M logo!

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    I just found this via Stumble Upon – great stuff! Thanks for the laugh. I hope you do some more soon.

  • Luis Nava


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    great stuff. like the bites on the apple. bad time ahead, watch out!

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    so funny and unique!

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    Microstuffed or is that Macrostuffed?

  • Great logos! They had me laughing out loud!


  • murat


  • RAFA

    Aquí en España podríamos hacer algo similar con los Logos de unas cuantas entidades financieras, constructoras e inmobiliarias.
    Ya solo hace falta esperar a la “subprime nacional”, que existe aunque se quiera obviar, reviente y empiecen a caer lo que se nos vendía como grandes empresas.

  • Alex


  • hugle

    nice stuff. keep up good work!

  • pep

    Aqui puede publicar todas esos logotipos tan lindos un saludo

  • Thanks for the laugh the logos are great.

  • “Fail” indeed. Well played!

  • Wonderful post at this wonderful situation. Nice creativity

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    especially the “APPLE”

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    I appreciated the Yahoo! logo the best, Yahoo? Haha Nice!

  • Sad shhhit! :D

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  • Nice logos. They deserve everything they have coming.

  • Hilarious. Loved the Ford, Ferrari, and Apple logos. The little mortgage crisis comic at the end was pretty funny too. Nice work!

  • wangyunben


  • Haha, this is hilarious. I’ll link it in my blog. Unfortunately, of the companies on the list is where I’m working. But that is reality.

  • Great set of logos, man! I think the LG: Life’s Tough is my favorite.

  • Dude, those logos are pure genius.

    I got one for Blackberry. “BlackBuried” lol.

  • Gabriel

    Muy buenos…

  • :) this logos realy great. ı like apple and cisco system logos :)

  • Oh.. What a Funny Logo it is… but somewhere is mournful

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  • Very funny. :)) If this continues the companies will really change the logo :))

  • BadYear the best:)
    i think crisis soon will be over

  • Gal

    Wow! it sure takes a lot of Huzpah to portray McCain as the guilty politician for this fiasco, when it is well published fact that it was THE MESSIAH.

  • Heh. Genius post. Loved the take on Apple…

  • Hehe, this is awesome.

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  • Goods and nices logos, hahhaa. Please make more…

  • Roman

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  • Ha ha, great job!

  • Nicely done! I think my faves are Xerox & 3M. Oh, & you’re way too kind to Citi!

  • nicely done. xerox is the best. very subtle and clever.

  • -yoyo-

    i like theat ferrari nokia adn badyear :))))

  • hey there !!

    I just loved this idea and I decided to make some with brazilian companies.
    It´s in portuguese but You guys can take a look at the pictures and tell me how was me !!

    just click and have fun !

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  • mbd

    Dell should have been “Fell” (as in, what the stock price did).

  • These are very good logo design! Great job :)
    Xerox is the best!

  • Hi, very good. Ferrari is my absolute favorite.

  • Félix

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    …and some of the less obvious ones like 2m.

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  • I love it!!! I think you may need to add a few companies with the way things have been going.

  • amazing stuff, we are adding your credits on our blog.

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    Superb Blog

  • Hilarious parody logos. Your a very creative person and thanks for sharing.

  • Ian

    Haha hilarious man. Got a good laugh out of that.

  • Great symbol! These are extremely high-quality logo design.

  • Hehe, great stuff! I really like that Dell logo, as my Dell just broke. Coincidence?

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    we should get some sense of humor to face the crisis…

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    Some fresh ideas for designers as well :)

  • Never mistake activity for achievement.

  • LOL, these parodies were great. My favorites were the Dow Jones and Best Buy parodies. The mortgage cartoon was so perfect as well!

  • As a former employee of a mortgage processing company, the Sub Prime Primer Comic rang true. To funny!

  • I work in electrical distribution and so I think the 3M logo parody is hilarious. Although this past year it should be 0M.

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  • Anybody getting tired of the silly, inane comments that people make, when the only reason we are here is to get a backlink? At least I’m honest.

  • Cool logos right there. Interesting the logos are made to look funny. Indeed an original concept.

  • the original Apple logo with a single bite even they r very stable is already pretty confusing, and the artwork for their logo here takes the humour to completely new level.

  • Nice share heey :)
    I love those losos ^_^

  • I agree with Barb… This blog won’t help anyone regardless considering everyone’s link is flagged as a no follow link… haha

  • I don’t know if I even have to mention the fact that the nike symbol reminds me of Tiger Woods in a very odd way… it looks like something that is swimming. That tiger would have used. Look at it really closely and you’ll see what I mean.

  • i like the apple logo’s bitting by someone xD

  • these are awesome. nice collection. apples my fav.

  • I love it!!! I think you may need to add a few companies with the way things have been going.

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  • Hahha I love those, especially the “Fail” for Ford & Please Buy for Best Buy!

  • Really appreciate this post. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it!

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    I particularly like the Xerox take

  • I am very happy to read your articles, more useful for me especially
    I have the same thing with you. I am so very petrified of this in my lectures

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    Ferrari….. the horse was “tired”!
    Make me laugh for the day….

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    The new Apple logo reminds me of the “Take a bite out of crime campaign”

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  • These are funny. I think I like Fiasco Systems the best.

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  • Anybody getting tired of the silly, inane comments that people make, when the only reason we are here is to get a backlink? At least I’m honest…

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    These are awesome. Favorite is the Ferrari

    a few more here :

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  • Haha these are great! Even better to see these 3 years later when the companies are somewhat bouncing back.

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