British Pub Unveils £1 “Credit Crunch Lunch”

Dear American pub owners everywhere,

Please, please take a hint from the report below (Ananova):

One resourceful pub landlord has decided to tackle the credit crisis by pricing all the meals on his menu at just £1 – and it’s working.

…customers are flooding in and trade is flourishing, says Tony Rabbits who runs the Four Crosses in Cannock, Staffordshire.

“Three or four months ago we were really struggling, we thought we would have to give it up,” he told Sky News Online.

“Back then we typically had 15 people in for lunch – today I’ve had 300. Tonight there’ll be about 350 people in, whereas four months ago it was 20.


Brilliant! A bonafide soup kitchen, with beer available at the regular price. If someone here does this, I’m in.

  • What a heartening story. All we read over here is that the traditional British pub is fast disappearing, either closing due to the economic recession/smoking ban or being taken over by large pub chains.

    The pub has been with us for over 2000 years – it was one of the things the Romans brought with them when they invaded us in AD43. For an institution to survive so long, it has to move with the times and adapt to circumstances, a thing pubs have always done until now. News reports would suggest that current conditions are more than the industry can cope with so it’s brilliant to read about a landlord with such an innovative marketing strategy.

    Fingers crossed for the Four Crosses in the future.

    Elaine Saunders
    Author – A Book About Pub Names

  • This really is a great story; I love how they’ve turned an impending disaster into an innovative new idea that’s breathed new life into their establishment. Great job!