Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.

  • Defogging Cloud Computing: An Interview With Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain

    Image: Google Man/Wikimedia Cloud computing, like a thunderhead, is abuzz with energy. From Apple’s iCloud to Best Buy’s new cloud music service, companies are scrambling to up the ante on their cloud offerings. Despite all the hype, it’s not common knowledge what the cloud actually is. We all know that the cloud is exciting, but […]

  • Interview With Byron King, Planetary Extraction Polymath

    This is a blog post by Drea Knufken. Image: TJ Blackwell/Wikimedia The earth is a hot commodity. If you’re an investor worth your salt, you want to be tracking earth-based commodities. And if you’re not an expert–or you haven’t scheduled yourself a year of unemployment to become one–you’ll want to take investment tips from someone […]

  • 25 Best Places to Network

    Image: Screaming Monkey/Flickr Networking is a skill. It’s not just about elevator pitches and icebreakers, however. Place matters. How else are you going to meet the right person at the right time? The best places to network let you meet people under positive auspices. You share a common cause. You’re there because you want to […]

  • 25 Ways to Run Your Business Like Warren Buffett

    Image: Paul Sapiano/Flickr Berkshire Hathaway’s annual “Woodstock of Capitalism,” its shareholder meeting, happens on April 30 this year. Warren Buffett’s baby is by far America’s most beloved conglomerate. What’s behind the fame? Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger are investing prodigies, but so are, say, Carlos Slim and Donald Trump, and you don’t see their […]

  • 25 Least Trustworthy Brands of the Past Decade

    Image: Alex E. Proimos/Flickr What makes you stop trusting a company? Was talking to their customer service people akin to having a conversation with a brick wall? Do your bills more closely resemble Pandora’s Box than something you can actually pay? When you try to resolve things with the company, do they suddenly become slippery? […]

  • 25 Most Trustworthy Brands

    Image: Valerie Everett/Flickr What makes you trust someone? For one, they do what they say they’re going to do. They help you out when you need it most. They don’t do anything to make you distrust them, like charge you for borrowing their DVDs or stealing your stuff. Trusting brands works the same way. When […]

  • 50 Ways to Crowdsource Everything

    This is a blog post by Drea Knufken. Image: Wayne Large/Flickr Want something done quickly and well? Sic the swarm on it. Crowdsourcing, which involves a community of anonymous people completing a given task, has become an attractive labor model. Everyone’s seeking it out, from solopreneurs needing transcriptions to Fortune 500 companies looking for answers […]

  • 25 Major Company Screwups

    From left-handed undies to the Pontiac Aztek, some products invoke only one question: What were they thinking? The company screwups below aren’t just limited to WTF-caliber product ideas. These companies let rats infest their premises, made a customer pee in a bag, and held a fundraiser in a place best reserved for Mafia deals. Read […]

  • This Week’s Weird Jobs

    I’m shocked. People actually get paid to write comments on blogs. Then again, they also get paid to write about marijuana and get spanked. What, really, qualifies as “weird” anymore? 1. Denver: Marketing Blog Commenter Needed If you enjoy reading and learning about marketing, especially Internet related marketing, this may be the internship for you. […]

  • 25 Corporations That Pay Less Taxes Than You Do

    Image: Aldo Gonzalez/Flickr It’s tax man time. Around the country every April, private citizens and most business owners scrape together 25% or more of their income and send it off to the IRS. So how is it that giant multinationals, purportedly taxed at around 35%, manage to pay close to nothing—or, in GE’s case this […]

  • Why the American Dream Hasn’t Gone to Hell

    Image: Herb Knufken/PBase What are we supposed to do with the American Dream? You know, the one where you work hard at a friendly, faceless corporation, have a McMansion with a white picket fence and 2.5 kids, and vacation on the Kona Coast every year?