Exposing Top Secret America

This is a guest post by Wall St. Cheat Sheet Editor-in-Chief Damien Hoffman.

Last month, the Washington Post did some excellent journalism about the expanding new industry Top Secret America. This new industry is unprecedented in American history and raises some critical questions about who reigns over our nation’s security and deepest secrets.

Which services are too important to outsource? Which services are “inherently government functions“?

At the moment, there’s a bull market in the private contracting of national intelligence. Here are some of the basic stats:

  • arjan

    DEZ, Drug Enforcement adminiZtration???

  • S

    No one cares about exposing Top Secret America because there’s money to make. Money is religion.

  • jim

    Wow, the numbers look so impressive. However, I’ll bet they’re considering every military recruiter’s office as a “work location”

  • IT_GUy

    Looks like a pretty small organization.

  • john

    Why is this one of the most digged articles; aside from the fact that this is pure proganda without any explanation or further detail is pure stupidity. No it is not illegal for the government to contract jobs; it’s used to save money and you imply some sort of conspiracy or impending doomsday result without saying why. Stupid Stupid Stupid.