How Tiger Woods is Helping the American Economy


Image: Zanetti Cartoons

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  • Too Good ….

    This is one more feather on the tiger’s Hat… :)

  • John

    Can we stop blaming Tiger Woods for absolutely everything? Golf did exist before he made the sport big and I doubt people will lose interest in the sport because of Tiger’s personal problems. He’s human – he’s fallible – as we all are. While he’s off putting back together his life – let’s remember him for what he was great at – playing golf! Bogged down from all the negativity and need some inspiration – check out this cute post: – Hurry back, Tiger!

  • John

    Let’s all remember that Tiger Woods is just a man -albeit, a man with a whole slew of personal problems. Not uncommon for someone who gets famous and super-rich, at a super-young age. Like they say… with great power, comes great responsibility. Let him figure it out and let’s leave him alone in the interim.