KFC’s New “Double Down” Sandwich All Meat, No Bread

Image: DietsinReview

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has introduced a new “double down” sandwich that uses fried chicken fillets in place of bread buns. The Chicago Sun-Times has more:

Between the finger-lickin’ pieces of chicken are two slices of bacon, melted slices of swiss and pepper jack cheese and a dollop of “the Colonel’s sauce.” It’s been dubbed the “Double Down,” and “It’s so much 100 percent premium chicken, we didn’t have room for a bun,” according to a KFC commercial posted on YouTube.

The Colonel is test marketing these calorie bombs only in Providence, R.I., and Omaha, Neb. They’re $6.99 (not including airfare) for a value meal including fries and a drink.

The calorie count has yet to be posted on KFC’s Web site. But an independent analysis by the Vancouver Sun (yet another example of Canadians looking down on Americans) estimates the Double Down has 1,228 calories.

To put that into perspective, that’s almost 300 calories more than a Wendy’s Triple with Everything.

KFC may need to introduce a new desert to follow the “Double Down.” The “Keep it Down” should include at least three Alka-Seltzers, and possibly a Lipitor pill to boot.

  • Um…wow.

    That thing is both impressive (points for outside-the-bun creativity) and frightening (for voluminous fried fattiness).

    Any idea how the fat and calorie counts would change if the fillets were grilled (or otherwise prepared) instead of fried? (They do serve Kentucky Grilled Chicken, after all.) I’m very curious if someone’s run those numbers…

  • It is actually called the KFC Double Down Burger and it looks incredible. I am such a chicken fan and deep-fried fillets (the healthiest cut) are my favorite. I am contemplating (considering, to all you dummies out there) driving 5 hours to get one. But, I will probably just wait until they are sold in my city (or nearby). To those out there who feel it is a bad idea to bring out such a product when America is so fat, let people eat what they want. I’ll drink a glass of milk with mine, if it will shut you up.
    And why is everyone complaining that the chicken is the bun? KFC is concerned about our collective health and decided to do away with the bread. Thanks, KFC.
    And what about the guy/gal who eats a 3-piece meal? Or has a bucket for dinner with the family and eats 4 pieces, fries, gravy, coleslaw, pop and a piece of cake?

  • jason

    And with this we continue on the downward spiral. The government should start slapping a big fat tax on items like this since KFC and the others have shown no self control.

  • jodokus

    Exactly, jason. How dare they make food and then force it down people’s throats! Oh wait, they didn’t. It’s just as much the fault of the people as it is of the companies.

  • killaman34

    and this is why people are fat..places like this unload 1000+ calories into the mouths of fat people and then america wonders..”why do we have the highest rate of heat atack and morbid obesity ive worked at kfc before and i hate that place the nastiness that is there..there were rats on glueboards and roaches..people dont think of that when they are gorging themselves with abominations like this..makes me sick

  • The problem isn’t that food establishments make and sell this stuff. Food establishments make and sell this stuff for one simple reason: people want it and buy it.

    The problem is that too many people do not understand the implications of what they eat, and so eat all kinds of terribly unhealthy “foods” that do all kinds of nasty things to their bodies. The problem is a growing combination of ignorance (poor health and food education) and laziness (unwilling to think and/or expend effort to learn and eat better, eagerness to just blame Them instead of taking self-responsibility). The problem is that people *want* this stuff; companies just keep themselves alive and competitive by responding to public demand.

    Attacking and taxing companies that sell this stuff is a clumsy and ineffective (and arguably unfair) way to attack a symptom while ignoring the core problem, which is one of the education and self-responsibility of the consumer.

  • Papataal

    Argue all you want about poor food education but Dumb is Dumb, only when someone loses a loved one from a painful illness brought on by laziness, greed(eating as much junk as possible) and down right stupidity about health will people learn, in the meantime let KFC make money, at least someone is earning a living. Sorry to sound cold, but people choose to put crap into their body and they should learn to live with it.

  • Leon

    This is perfect for those like me on a low carb (Atkins) Diet.