Modern Life?


  • RJ

    Drea.. ROFL :)

  • Pedro

    Loved it, but…I ALWAYS take my laptop with me when I go to the toilet!

  • lol, nice one ;-)

  • Wie sagt man so schön: Traurig aber lustig ^^

  • Laurent

    Yeah excellent :)
    until I realize it might be the everyday’s live of a disabled man in a wheelchair.

  • This is awesome. Why don’t you try working while standing from time to time?

  • mark

    So, he is lefthanded?

  • very true….

  • That’s right:D I like that.

  • OMG, is this really my life? ;-)

  • CaseyMcSmith

    The toilet is totally missing the laptop. (Exactly what I’m doing riiiight now!)

  • Please put a mirror to the bath wall which points on the PC screen ;-)

  • meks

    Yes, iPhone while on the pot.

  • No supper!

  • Danny

    For “the toilet” he should have a laptop on his lap.

  • so true… except i got an ipad for the toilet :)
    nice one !

  • Did anyone else notice that he’s using the mouse with his left hand? (oh, apparently mark did.. high five, mark!)



  • sad but true :D

  • Analog33k

    OMG… Is this the life i’m living right now ???

  • LOL…this is so true..the only time im off the laptop is when i go to bed or take a shit

  • Kairi

    I think he became lefthanded due to much of his “dating” activity