Scary (But True) Facts About Wal-Mart

Even though home owners are still struggling with fallen home prices, pesky home loans, and consumer spending isn’t where we’d like it to be, that hasn’t stopped Wal-Mart from reclaiming the top spot on the Fortune 500 list. Here’s a look at some startling facts about the unstoppable retailer.

[Source: Home Loans]


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  • Beverly

    Think maybe the owners – CEO of Walmart should run for president and the rest for all the other government offices. Seems they do better with WalMart than our government does for the COUNTRY (USA). Really shocked at two aspects of the company – the donations/gifts they give to deserved charities/people and the wages they pay their employees (government needs some of this type discipline). However, I believe in what the Bible says in looking after each other, especially the needy & elderly (your brothers). Seems anyone/any company who makes this kind of $$ and depsnds on the American public to become so wealthy, should return a portion of that to those who put the company in this status!