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  • Manny Pacquiao dropped by Nike over comments about LGBT

    Nike has dropped Manny Pacquiao for his anti-gay ‘animal’ comments

    Nike has dropped Manny Pacquiao after the famed boxer said gay people are “worse than animals.” In a statement, Nike said it found Pacquiao’s comments “abhorrent.” “Nike strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting and standing up for the rights of the LGBT community,” the statement read. “We no longer […]

  • The Ringer

    Bill Simmons unveils ‘The Ringer’

    Bill Simmons’ new Grantland venture will be called The Ringer. Simmons announced the new sports website and a launch timeline on Wednesday morning. He also revealed that many ex-Grantland staffers will be part of the project. The Ringer will be “the exclusive home to all of Simmons’ written material,” according to his spokesman, while HBO […]

  • DraftKings valuation plummeting

    DraftKings Investor: Company’s value has dropped by 60%

    Media conglomerate Fox, an investor in DraftKings, says the company’s value has dropped by 60%. In a filing on Tuesday Fox disclosed that it was reducing the value of its $160 million investment in DraftKings by $95 million. Fox says recent transactions involving DraftKings, convinced the company that “a portion of its investment in DraftKings was impaired.” […]

  • Peyton Manning - Super Bowl 50 Budweiser Endorsement

    Peyton Manning’s Budweiser plug after Super Bowl 50 might be ‘the most valuable endorsement in history’

    After Peyton Manning won Super Bowl 50 (and likely ended his career), he told more than 100 million TV viewers that he was going to go out and “drink a lot of Budweiser.” That might possibly be the most valuable celebrity endorsement in history. Almost immediately following Manning’s endorsement Budweiser’s head of marketing, Lisa Weser, […]

  • Steph Curry and Under Armour Shares

    Stephen Curry sends Under Armour shares soaring

    Golden State Warriors MVP Steph Curry is arguably the best player in the NBA right now and his sudden celebrity has sent shares of Under Armour soaring. Under Armour’s Curry line of basketball sneakers led by the Curry name now account for 15% of the company’s overall revenue. The Curry One sneaker debuted last February […]

  • Novak Djokovic

    Novak Djokovic was offered $200,000 to fix a tennis match

    Tennis star Novak Djokovic says he was once approached with a $200,000 (£140,000) bribe to fix a match. Djokovic says he was approached eight years ago though he vehemently defended his sport against accusers who allege match-fixing is widespread. Djokovic has come to the defense of professional tennis after The BBC conducted a long investigation in partnership with Buzzfeed […]

  • The Business of Making it in the NFL

    Every athlete knows the challenges and sacrifice that come with making it on a professional level. NCAA players train for years just for a chance to play in the NFL, going against unimaginable odds. Over 70,000 football player’s every year fall in line for NCAA teams knowing that it’s only the beginning. These students have […]