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  • Russian Soccer Match Fighting

    Russia issued a suspended disqualification from Euro 2016 over ‘fan hooliganism’

    Russia’s Euro 2016 football team has been handed a “suspended disqualification” notice for fan hooliganism. The notice was given out after a match in Marseilles on Friday in which numerous arrests and injuries were reported. UEFA said the disqualification would go ahead if similar incidents occur at any of Russia’s remaining matches. Along with the […]

  • Maria Sharapova

    Nike doesn’t care about Maria Sharapova’s two-year drug ban

    Nike is standing by tennis star Maria Sharapova despite a positive drug test that has led the tennis star to a two-year suspension. Nike had previously put its relationship with the athlete on hold but stood by her after the International Tennis Federation found that she “did not intentionally break its rules.” “Maria has always […]

  • Golden State Warriors

    The Golden State Warriors just made cable TV history for TNT

    Game 7 of the NBA’s Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder brought TNT an overnight rating of 11.2. The matchup between Steph Curry’s Warriors and Kevin Durant’s Thunder was cable’s highest rated NBA telecast of all time. The game peaked with 13.8 overnight rating from 11:15 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. […]

  • The 17 Most Expensive MLB Beer Prices By Team

    Beer and Baseball go hand in hand perfectly on a warm Summer evening. As stadiums have become more expensive, sadly so has the price of beer. Prices have become so extreme that one beer at Fenway could cost $15.50 if you have crafty taste. That’s a pretty penny for Red Sox fans. Overall, the average […]

  • 30000 dollar courtside tickets

    Tickets for the Warriors-Thunder Game 7 match are selling for $30,000 each

    Courtside seats for tonight’s Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder game 7 playoff match are selling for nearly $30,000 a piece through secondary reseller websites. StubHub currently has two VIP courtside tickets to Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals available at $29,680 apiece. Ticketmaster is also selling several seats for $25,938 each. ESPN’s Darren Rovell, […]

  • The 15 Most Expensive Sports Stadiums In The United States

    Sports stadiums have become more than just a simple place to drink beer and watch a game. Fans expect an experience at a game that is impossible to replicate at home or a bar. Getting fresh air just isn’t enough for the modern fan. Because of the increasing demand to make the stadium experience special, […]

  • The 15 Craziest Contract Incentives In Sports History

    As sports contracts have ballooned over the years, teams have had to find ways to pay their stars less without those stars knowing it. One way professional sports teams have done this is through contract incentives. Contract incentives are simply performance bonuses or in-season goals the athlete must complete in order to get their full […]

  • Stephen Curry injury in the NBA playoffs

    Stephen Curry is 70% at best as elimination looms large

    Stephen Curry is only playing at 70% health and that could spell trouble for the Golden State Warriors as they face elimination on Thursday night. The Oklahoma City Thunder is leading 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals. The Thunder cruised to an easy 118-94 Game 4 win and took a commanding 3-1 series lead on […]

  • 15 Biggest Dead Money Salaries In MLB

    Dead money is a fascinating concept in Major League Baseball. Think back to the scene in Moneyball where Billy Bean explains to a disgruntled David Justice that the Yankees are paying half his salary. To play in Oakland. That is called dead money; when teams pay players to play somewhere else. Sometimes that money is determined […]