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  • LG TV rolls up like a newspaper

    LG debuts TV that rolls up like a newspaper

    LG has unveiled a TV that can be rolled up like a common newspaper. The ¬†company plans to unveil the new concept at CES, along with a new 55-inch TV that is as thin as a piece of paper and a 65-inch “extreme curve” TV that bends both inwards and outwards. LG doesn’t plan on […]

  • Disney ESPN Subscribers

    Disney Shares Down On Bad News For ESPN

    Shares of The Walt Disney Company were down in early Friday trading after its ESPN unit announced millions of subscriber losses. As of October 3, ESPN had three million fewer subscribers than a year prior, down to 92 million. While that’s still a hefty number, the drop is part of a longer term trend of […]

  • 5 Ways Infomercials Convince you to Buy Useless Crap

    ¬† Share Infomercials are the bane of every hoarder’s existence, but are dangerous to everyone. They bombard us with images of crap we really don’t need, but somehow seem to convince plenty of us non-hoarders to pay for stuff that immediately goes into storage or out at the garage sale. What sorcery is this? How […]

  • 25 Inventions That Changed the Way We Do Business

    Since the halcyon days of clubs and mammoth hides, we’ve been assigning roles, trading services, and strategizing in some capacity. In other words, doing business. Thanks to centuries of human invention, we no longer spear hunt our groceries. Instead, we buy prepackaged protein using a magnetic strip linked to multinational virtual banking systems. It’s a […]