Would You Trust a Hungry Girl?



I believe I’ve found my mentor. Her name is Hungry. Talk about finding a need and filling it well. Not only does Hungry Girl provide valuable diet and grocery shopping tips, but she’s one savvy business woman as well. Not only that, she likes ramen noodles – or at least their healthy facsimile.

Who Is Hungry Girl

Hungry Girl, aka Lisa Lillien, is not a nutritional expert, but an average woman trying to eat what she likes and still fit into her jeans. Right there she has a huge market. This is a woman self-described as ‘food obsessed’. Oh wait – did I say average? Actually Lillien is a former production executive for Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon who left her day job in 2004 get into food writing. She’s got 500,000 subscribers and a staff of 13. And oh yeah, a book full of tricks and substitutions has been climbing the paperback best-seller lists.

Who Cares?

So what? What’s so special about yet another blogger giving out her unsubstantiated opinion about what’s good to eat and what’s not? Apparently a lot of people think Hungry Girl is onto something. Her unsolicited endorsement of House Foods’ Tofu Shirataki, spaghetti-shaped noodles made of tofu and yam flour with only 40 calories per 8 oz. bag has resulted in exploding sales.

Healthy foods manufacturers seek Hungry Girl’s endorsement. Lucky for House Foods and a few select others, she’s now lending out her logo.

Who needs the FDA when we’ve got Hungry Girl?

  • Amanda

    I worry that dieters around the world are listening to Hungry Girl’s advice even though she knows nothing about health or nutrition (anything with low calories passes her bar). She recommends foods with splenda, aspartame, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and sugar alcohols, none of which are good for people’s bodies or actual health. Sure, her food ideas might be tasty and help people cut calories, but are they the right long term choices? She also seems to have sold out making her seem less authentic and just like another advertiser/marketer who doesn’t have people’s best interest in mind. Anyway, this is why I prefer the little known Yummy Diet Food site over the HG site. Just food for thought…

  • PattyCake

    Seems so much easier to eat food that grows, as close to its original state as possible, mostly plants, and not very much of that. Wash it off first.