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  • 25 Most Promising Green Businesses

    Going green was big news for a while, then the collapsing economy put a cloud over the movement. Nonetheless, a derth of reporting doesn’t mean that the scientists, entrepreneurs, and business brains behind the burgeoning industry have slowed down. If anything, their products are growing in maturity and potential. We waded through hundreds of eco-oriented […]

  • 75 Best Business Blogs of 2010

    The Internet is ablaze with blogs. We sifted through the web’s innumerable offerings to give you this year’s list of the 75 best business blogs. Our topics range from accounting to work-life balance. We selected them based on timely, useful content; regularity of updates and quality of information. We categorized them by topic to help […]

  • 25 People and Industries That Profit From Fear

    Are you worried about the economy tumbling into oblivion? Scared that some stranger will break into your home? Paranoid about losing your youthful good looks? Don’t worry. You can buy your peace of mind. Whether it’s a pill, a locking system, or legislation, someone has the perfect solution. Just make sure you pay up to […]

  • The 75 Best Business Blogs of 2009

    This is a blog post by Drea Knufken. What defined business in 2009? Bankers and bailouts, for one. The proliferation of social media. A radical shift in the ways we find and accept jobs. A redefinition of the real estate, credit, and media markets. In a word, 2009 was full of fluctuations. And nobody covered, […]

  • Daimler Buys Stake in Tesla Motors

    Daimler today bought an almost 10% stake in US electric car company Tesla Motors. The LA Times has more: In January, Daimler selected Tesla to provide batteries and chargers for the German company’s Smart EV electric car. The investment in Tesla “enables the partners to collaborate even more closely on the development of battery systems, […]

  • 25 Things President Obama Should (At Least Try To) Change

    The powers of Presidents are often over-exaggerated. They are not, as many people seem to believe, king of the country. Our 3 branch separation of powers places firm limits on what the President can unilaterally do or change. This means that even if a President wants to change something, he may not have the “political […]

  • Business Resources

    So much of the success or failure of your business rides on the choices you make, but in this world of information overload, making the right choice can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together these resource guides that offer tips and recommendations to help you make smart business decisions. The Best Business Books & […]