Anti-Airbnb Group: Sharing Economy Only Makes Money For Real Estate Moguls

Anti AirBnB Group Ad

An anti-Airbnb group has released a new advertisement that refutes the idea that the short-term rental service assists the regular Joe.

ShareBetter has released a new advertisement on television locally in the New York area and nation-wide online in anticipation of reaching as many cities as possible where the “illegal hotels” are looking to expand.

The ad alleges that more than 40% of revenue goes to real estate moguls; however, of course, like any other statistic cited this number is a tad bit more complex than it appears.

Airbnb has refuted allegations by stating it is against illegal hotels as it continues to promote giving those who chose to rent out their homes a safer platform to do so; Airbnb criticized ShareBetter as being funded by the hotel lobby.

The percentage given in the ad was calculated in October of last year by the New York Attorney General’s office.

Airbnb removed several “bad actor” listings, which were noted as illegal in retort to the Attorney General’s investigation.

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In response to the anti Airbnb ad that was posted spokesperson Christopher Nulty said,”This ad is dishonest and the hotel industry lobbyists who paid for it should know better by now,” he also added, “This is a story of personal empowerment and benefits to the city; no amount of advertising will convince New Yorkers to choose hotel industry moguls over regular people.”

ShareBetter is an association of elected officials and community activist who have endorsed themselves as being committed to expanding affordable housing and upholding safe living conditions in neighborhoods across the country.

“[Airbnb] enables real estate moguls to get richer while at the same time it takes affordable housing away from everyone else,” New York State Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal said in an emailed statement. “We’re standing up to illegal hotels, because ‘sharing’ is not always caring.”

Airbnb is valued at $5 billion more than the largest hotel chain, Marriott, with a current company valuation of approximately $25 billion.

Written by Diamond Perry


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