Ideas to Inspire You On What to Post to Instagram

With the digital world saturated with social media sites, building a robust presence on Instagram is still one of the best ways to connect with your target audience and promote your offerings. As 90% of IG users follow at least one business profile, this shows brands can effectively connect with their existing and potential customers to strengthen relationships and build trust. However, you should have smart and enticing Instagram post ideas to keep your IG feed fresh and your followers engaged in the best way possible.

Along with the post ideas that are working for you, getting some extra inspiration to refresh your content approach on Instagram is always a good idea to provide your followers with useful, interesting, informative, and entertaining content.

This blog post contains some ideas to inspire you regarding what to post on Instagram for better reach and engagement. Below mentioned Instagram post ideas can work well for Instagram feed, reels, live and IGTV.

Product Posts that Don’t Look Like Ads

Posting high-quality product photos and videos is one of the best and easiest ways to get started and bring your IG marketing strategy to life. Sharing interesting content featuring your products or services will definitely help you promote your brand on Instagram to drive more social media sales. When capturing product photos for your Instagram feed, make sure they don’t look like advertisements and give them a natural appearance in any type of visual you create. You can also use user-generated content for this purpose.

Fun Instagram Reels

Most businesses and brands don’t use enough video content across different social media sites, but if they don’t do so on Instagram, they are missing out on opportunities to connect with the audience effectively. As Instagram is a popular channel for sharing visuals, individuals and brands must be posting interesting and entertaining video content on their IG profiles. Posting fun Instagram reels not only boosts engagement on your profile but also helps you stand out. You can post fun stuff on reels including brand stories, short videos, vlogs, etc. to keep your followers engaged effectively.

Branded Content Relationships

Instagram offers a branded content partnership feature to help creators promote branded content on their feed. You can build strong branded content relations with relevant influencers and creators in your industry to get your content in front of a broader audience. You can collaborate with them on different Instagram post ideas to get more eyeballs on your corporate message, products, or services. If there are a few followers on your brand’s Instagram profile, you can buy Instagram followers from a reputable company to grow your profile quickly without getting penalized. This also helps you build credibility to attract more prospects.

User-generated Content (UGC)

When it comes to posting on your Instagram profile, you don’t have to create all the content yourself because you can share exciting stuff created by your customers. It could be a product review, testimonial, or anything in between. Posting UGC creatively across your social media profiles including Instagram help influence user engagement and increase conversions as well. When you post something on your Instagram brand account created by some of your existing customers, it makes them feel acknowledged and appreciated. As user-generated content (like customer reviews) leverages potential customers’ buying decisions, posting UGC on your profile can help you generate more leads and sales.

Post Puzzles

Many of us are busy in daily boring routines and we want quick breaks from them. Instead of posting usual stuff on your Instagram profile, you can post puzzles to make your audience pause, stay and think a little to solve the puzzle. This is the best way to remind them of regular breaks from daily work routines and keep them engaged on your profile. When they find an interesting puzzle on your Instagram profile, they are more likely to pause, stay and engage with the puzzle.

Broadcast Instructional Live Videos

Starting a live video is a great way to build a direct connection with your audience on a more personal level. You can approach live video features in many ways and broadcasting an instructional video is the best one. You can cover a how-to guide, a tutorial or a DIY project on your live video to grab the attention of IG users and keep them engaged with your brand through Instagram. Hence, ensure you have someone with you who is ready to read the comments and questions of users on your live video. In this way, you can answer their questions in a timely manner for increased engagement.

Adorn Visuals with Wonderful Stickers

Simple photos and videos usually underperform on Instagram. You can add some fun and beautiful stickers to your visuals and graphics before posting them on your IG feed. This helps you stand out from the same traditional photos and makes your audience pause from scrolling and engage with your posts. You can use Instagram stickers for this purpose of downloading third-party sticker apps to adorn your visuals in any way you want.

Host a Giveaway

Promoting your business products or services with giveaways is a great idea to boost engagement on Instagram and drive more sales. You can host a giveaway, invite users to tag their friends, share the giveaway post, and follow your page to get some exciting stuff for free. This will create excitement and amusement about your products and help you read a wider audience without spending lots of marketing bucks.

Answer the Questions

Just go to your comment section or inbox to find some questions asked by your audience. And then respond to those questions by creating reels and new posts. This not only helps increase engagement but provides you with more Instagram post ideas while addressing queries of your customers. By doing so, you can also get more content ideas to cover the concerns of your customers and provide them with appropriate solutions to their issues or problems.

A Save-the-date Post

If there is an upcoming corporate event or you are about to go live on Instagram, you can create a save the date post to let your audience know the event details. You can use this idea for both reels and profile feed. Using a graphic designing app like Visme or Canvas is the best way to create professional looking posts for Instagram. You can find hundreds of editable templates that you can easily edit to create save the date posts within moments. When you create a save the date post, your audience can save the post so they can come back at the right time and date to get something exciting and useful from your side.

Debunk Industry Myths

There is a lot of useful information you can share with your audience, and debunking the common industry myths is one of them. So, create a quick Instagram post to debunk myths you don’t want your audience to believe. This helps your users prevent half-baked logics and myths so they can understand and believe the facts. Debunking industry myths will establish you as a thought leader and build credibility as well.

Take your Followers Behind the Scenes

Sharing behind the scene content with your audience is another best way to keep your IG feed fresh with interesting and entertaining content. You can share some video bloopers with your audience or show them how your employees work hard to deliver exceptional services or products. You can capture photos of your employees while they are performing their duties or start a live video to introduce them directly to your audience.

Give your Workforce the Spotlight

If you need to post something genuine and exciting on your Instagram profile, you can give your employees the spotlight via quick selfies with them or other sneak peaks from workstations. This is a great idea to bring people in front of your audience who work hard for your brand’s success and growth. This also helps you build an emotional connection with your audience and build trust.

Seasonal Posts

Customers love to hear from their favorite brands when there is a special event or occasion. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and create seasonal posts on Instagram to let your customers know about what they can get from you. For example, you can do some special arrangements and decorations on your business outlet during holidays and capture some beautiful moments and scenes to post on Instagram. You can also use trending hashtags related to the occasion to get your content in front of more people.

Encourage Tagging

You can create a tag-a-friend Instagram post to encourage followers to tag their friends to get some exciting stuff in return. You can do the same with contest posts to boost reach and engagement on your posts effectively. This will also help you gain genuine Instagram followers and likes to grow your profile. Tagging helps you get your content in front of more people who might be interested in the products or services you offer.


Cross-promotion with other brands and companies in your or any relevant industry could be a superb way to get your brand in front of a broader audience. Whether it is a content partnership or you just want to mention a brand in your post, it will help you build strong and fertile relationships with fellow brands. For instance, a soft drink selling company can collaborate with a snacks company to cross promote their products using different forms of content like images, videos or text posts on Instagram.

Video Tutorials

Creating video tutorials is valuable and actionable for your audience at the same time. You can post a video tutorial on your IG profile to help your audience do things effectively and resolve problems they might be facing in their lives. It can be a video to educate customers about the right use of your products or services. Or you can help them in doing other day to day stuff lie troubleshooting a computer error, or fixing a smartphone storage issue. This not only boosts engagement and reach but also builds trust and credibility to help you stand out.

Carousel Posts

As carousel posts allow you to share multiple visuals in a single post, you can share useful information or ideas with your audience creatively. Be it a step-by-step guide or a bunch of useful tips, you can cover anything in carousel posts to make users pause and scroll through the post to learn something new. Some visual designing apps provide users with ready to use and editable carousel post templates that are very easy to edit. By making necessary changes in such templates, you can post them on your Instagram profile to keep the feed fresh with informative and useful content.

Special Offers and Promotions

You can create a new Instagram post to spread the word about your special offers and sales not only to drive traffic to your store but to increase engagement on your Instagram account as well. There are so many designing apps available that help brands and businesses create professional-looking images and videos for free. You can use any of them to create a special offer ad and share it on your profile to hook your audience.  

Link to a Blog Post

Sharing the links of posts published on your business blog is another great way to keep your Insta feed fresh and drive more traffic to your blog. Except in IG posts, reels, and ads, you can also add a link to your blog in your Instagram bio to encourage people to click the link and read your informative and useful blog content.

In Conclusion

Instagram as a visual sharing platform offers a lot of potential for brands and companies to nurture relationships with their target audience. However, you must come up with exciting and creative Instagram post ideas to keep sharing interesting and entertaining content on your profile for enhanced engagement. You can consider any of the above-mentioned Instagram post ideas to bring your Instagram marketing approach to life.