Utica College Online

Utica College is a regionally accredited, independent, private academic institution located in Utica, Central New York. Utica College (UC) was established by Syracuse University as a four-year institution in 1946. UC offers several degree programs through its main campus and through online learning.

Utica College Online offers a wide range of online Bachelor’s, online Master’s and online Doctoral degree programs in the fields of Health Care, Business Administration, Cyber Security, Economic Crime, and Criminal Justice. In 2011, it’s online school was ranked as one of the 25 best online colleges by a leading publication in higher education.

Online pre-professional and special programs as well as online certification programs in teacher education are also available. A full list of online programs offered through UC Online can be viewed through the Utica College website or requested from the Utica College Admissions Office. Information on Admission processes and application requirements can also be requested from Utica College’s Admission’s office.

Tuition costs for online programs are not readily available but a cost estimate can be prepared on request. More information on tuition fees, inclusions and exclusions can be obtained from Utica College’s financial Aid office. Furthermore, details on accepted financial aid options as well as aid eligibility requirements can also be requested from the Financial Aid Office.

Utica College is recognized and accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Utica College’s chemistry program is approved by the American Chemical Society and the College holds the distinction of being the first academic institution in the world to offer a Master’s degree with a major in Economic Crime Management.