The word blog is short for web log. A blog is a kind of web site, with a few distinct characteristics.

One such distinction is the fact that a blog is usually maintained by one individual (or in many cases today, a group of individuals) who writes entries on a regular basis – much like one would write on a journal. The entries, called blog posts, are usually displayed in reverse chronological order; that is, the most recent post is displayed first. Navigational tools, such as the archives section and the tag cloud, are used by readers to read older entries.

In the recent years, blogs have become one of the most popular venues for people to communicate. There are many kinds of blogs, of which the personal blog could very well be the most used. This kind of blog is usually written by one person and covers a wide array of topics – anything and everything that the blogger wants to write about.

Another kind of blog that has become widely popular is the business blog. This kind of blog is associated with another entity – a business entity. More and more companies–large and small– are turning to blogging in order to reach out to more people.

Business blogging works in many ways. Business owners may decide to maintain a blog in order to attract new clients. They may also use a blog to keep in more constant and personal contact with existing customers. The reason behind this is that blogs offer more interaction between readers and the business owner through the comments feature of blogs. Blogs also helps a business build its brand.