The word sticky is an adjective used to describe the ability of something to adhere to a surface. In marketing terms, it describes something that is easy to remember. The more sticky something is, the greater is the chance of having people remember that thing after encountering it for the first time. This makes stickiness a very important factor in every marketing campaign.

Some of the things that are known to make a product or brand more sticky include:

Uniqueness – A unique but still useful product will definitely be sticky but for products that are more generic uniqueness is achieved by a stand out packaging.

Simplicity – Though giving out complete information is good but a prominent logo, short one line motto, and a number to call will work better than a leaflet with a long list of product offerings written in really small letters if you just want to catch people’s eyes.

Jingle – A catchy tune is a great way to get people to remember any product. Just make sure that the tune includes something about the product or people will end up remembering the tune and wondering what the product was about.

Co-branding – Riding on the success of a big brand can really help a lot when launching a new product or revitalizing the image of an old one.

In internet marketing web site stickiness is important to ensure that first time visitors will be converted to repeat visitors. Website stickiness is achieved by having a great landing page (both in terms of layout and content) as well as easy navigability.