Canned presentation

A canned presentation is one which presents information in a systematic and well-planned manner. Since all necessary information about the company and product are already included, there is not as much room for improvisation and spontaneity as in a personalized presentation.

As rigid as they may seem, canned presentations may come in handy if the presentation is something that will have to be repeated several times. It is possible that minor changes will be made, depending on the audience, or if updates need to be made in the future. They can also be useful for people who may feel nervous and run the risk of forgetting key points that need to be presented to prospective clients.

The first thing to consider when creating a canned presentation is the objective. Another important factor is the time allotted for the presentation. If the presenter is given a very short time for his spiel, it is crucial that all essential information be prioritized. Another necessary task is research on the people inside the audience.

To make any presentation effective, it is necessary to make it as relevant as possible to the people who will be viewing and listening to it. Canned presentations may be rigid in a sense, but presenters can make slight adjustments to make them more appropriate or well-accepted by different audiences.

Although technology can be useful, it is not necessary to make use of too many high-tech tools when creating canned presentations. After all, if this is something that will be presented again to another audience, the equipment might not always be available. In this case, it is best to focus on the message.