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  • What Does Your Face Say About You?

    (This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.) What is your favorite thing about your face and what does that feature say about you? Maybe your lips are perpetually plump and pouty. Maybe it’s a great, happy smile that draws joy out of those you meet. You might have the cheekbones of a Greek goddess, or a […]

  • The Business of Making it in the NFL

    Every athlete knows the challenges and sacrifice that come with making it on a professional level. NCAA players train for years just for a chance to play in the NFL, going against unimaginable odds. Over 70,000 football player’s every year fall in line for NCAA teams knowing that it’s only the beginning. These students have […]

  • Believe it or Not, Millennials are Buying Homes… in the Suburbs

    Millennials were a generation of kids that had to grow up fast. As the largest generation ever in US history, millennials are quickly changing the face of the real estate industry. With most of them putting off key milestones like marriage and having children to focus on their careers, buying homes isn’t exactly first on […]

  • Is Mail Dead? Not So Fast.

    Assuming that email has surpassed traditional snail mail is a logical conclusion to come to- however that doesn’t necessarily make it true, 70-80% of consumer say they open almost all of their mail, and that’s including their junk mail. So what is it that keeps direct mail alive and well when everyone is so used […]