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  • 4 New Aspects of Science that Could Make Surgical Technologists Obsolete

    Share Mechanical engineering and robotic surgery hasn’t yet reached the level where it can completely replace trained and skilled doctors, surgeons and surgical technologists, but it has gotten off to a good start. There are machines and devices that have been developed in both the public and private sectors that can not only complete complex […]

  • 9 Ways Christianity Battles Science

    Share Science and Religion… here are two things that do not go together like birds of a feather, or peas in a pod, or pork chops in applesauce.  But the two have to live together one way or another seeing as the world is technologically and scientifically developing at nearly the speed of light while […]

  • 15 Accidentally Awesome Inventions

    Inventions often happen by accident when scientists, or sometimes even regular people, are looking for one thing and end up finding another. Like when Nicholas Cage tried to make a fantasy movie and instead ended up with a hilarious ironic comedy. Here are 15 of those happy accidents.