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  • This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    If you’re a cheeky male Irish clone who sleeps less than 7 hours a night, habitually sells expensive lobby cards, has a housewife-melting smile, and knows National Lampoon movies like the back of your hand, you could get rich off this week’s jobs. 1. Delhi: Need a clone for Shaadi.com I need someone to clone […]

  • This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s weird and wonderful gigs appear to be veering towards the medieval, with meat packers, hay stackers, dog tenders, and sea captains making the cut. The egg donor, automotive tester, and hacker positions, however, bely the fact that it’s 2008, not 1488… 1. Alaska: Meat Packers I need meat packers/camp helpers for the fall […]

  • 8 of the World’s Most Bizarre Jobs (June 23-27)

    (Image credit: NCTimes.com) Are these jobs crazy, or are the people writing the ads crazy? You decide: 1. Alaska: I Need a Tiger Strong Office Manager No whimps need apply. If you really want to work, take charge and care about your job and the company that you work, I need to talk with you. […]